Homemaking Help for the Busy Mom

Mothering and homemaking isn’t easy for any of us. Check out this package of resources created just to help you

Are your days filled with overwhelmed exhaustion?

Do your clean clothes live in laundry baskets?

Have your meals been lacking in the nutrient department?

Not to mention, you never imagined you’d be that parent (you know, the one who yells at your kids – ouch).

Mothering and homemaking isn’t easy for any of us.

That’s why I have to tell you about a package of resources that was created to make homemaking easier and smoother.

It’s called The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it’s put together for moms, by moms. 

The bundle has 106 products (including 21 eCourses, 50 eBooks, 14 printables and more!) to help you:

  • Implement a self-care routine
  • Bring order to your home (even with kids)
  • Control your temper so you’re more patient with your kids
  • Rekindle romance with your spouse
  • And a whole lot more!

Here are a few of the categories of resources you will get:

Worried you won’t know where to start with all the products in the bundle? 

Don’t be! Inside the bundle you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide to help you find the categories you want to take action with right away.

The combined value of the resources in the bundle is over $1980, but you get EVERYTHING for 97% off!

Check it out here

In addition to this fabulous package of resources, you will also receive these awesome bonuses...

Plus, if you grab your copy before Friday, you get an upgrade to the eReader version FREE ($10 value)!

Time Left to Get the eReader Upgrade:



If you want to learn how to make homemaking a little easier so you can have a lot more time with your family, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is just what you need.



    P.S. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle disappears on Monday, May 1 at 11:59 PM EST! Get yours now!


6 Simple Ways to Make Your Your Children Smile

Do your children see you smile? There is nothing more delightful to our kids than to see their parents experience Joy! And there is nothing more sweet than to see our children experience the same. Here are some ideas to light up their faces and connect to their hearts.

Over the last 16 years of being a mother, one thing is for sure: There is nothing like seeing your children smile. For me, there is something inherently satisfying when you see your precious gift from God grinning from ear to ear. Do you agree?

When I was a young mother I made it my mission to make my babies smile every day. Sixteen years later I am still doing this and creating "smiling" moments for each child every day. Even as my oldest is now 16, I make it a point to do things that make her smile. And she loves it. Today I am sharing with you six simple ways to make your children smile.

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Your Children Smile

1. Tell them something you love about their personality, the quirkier, the better. While this is something that most of us likely do every day, I've noticed how much this simple act of kindness makes each of our three precious children smile. It makes them feel great to know that mom appreciates the way God made them, even their quirky side.

2. Tickle them. Even the "threat" of being tickled makes each one of our children smile. Sometimes I don't even need to make contact with them to get them to laugh hysterically. Of course, be careful to stop when they ask :)

3. Compliment them on a job well done. Think of a recent job they have done around the house or a particular school assignment they've done or a good choice recently made and compliment them on it. This always makes my children smile when we I take the time to notice them.

4. Play the staring game. Ha! Yes! The staring game. In our home this is a challenge that can be brought on at any time when someone looks at you in the eyes. The game begins the moment your eyes lock and ends with the first person to smile. Of course it's usually the kids first. But every now and then it's me. Either way, they smile.

5. Talk about a funny incident from the past. If your family is anything like ours, you have a lot of silly stories to share. Bring up a funny story from the past that you can laugh about together. This will not only make your child smile but give them something to laugh about as well.

6. Watch a funny show or movie together. I love sitting next to my children and just watching them smile during a funny show. Their innocence and beauty shines through each time and blesses this momma's heart.

Making our children smile is not only good for their spirit, but it does good for the mom heart as well. Taking the time out each day to make it a point to share a moment with each of your children to make them smile is a wonderful way to bless them and bond with them. This is also something that my husband and I do with one another as well! Make it a point to do something to make your child smile today!

Smiling With You,
Carlie K.



Carlie Kercheval

Carlie Kercheval is a happily married work-at-home homeschooling mom of 3. Carlie is the founder of Today's Frugal Mom™ and Fulfilling Your Vows™. She is also the co-author of the best-selling Learning to Speak Life™ Family Bible Study Guide. When she is not busy enjoying her family and the great outdoors, you can typically find her cozied up somewhere under a blanket with a good book. You can connect with her on Instagram.

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Helping Kids Survive When Mom is Sick

Have you ever had to parent from the couch or while you shivered under the covers? When mom is sick, everything shifts. Here are some ideas to help your kids hold dow the fort for however long you need extra help!

We were set for the perfect date night!    My mom was coming over to babysitour three young children so we could go to dinner and have a night alone at her house!  So basically we were swapping houses for the night!  

We were excited!  I mean a WHOLE night to ourselves was a priceless gift and who were we to deny that offer?  So we put the date in our calendar and planned our night!

After enjoying a movie and dinner we headed back to mom's place.  We started to unload the van of the bags and things we brought over to have our night alone and as I was coming out of her door to get another bag my ankle twisted on a small step oustside her door! 

At the time I was wearing a pair of sandals that were quite heavy, they were the ones with thick bottoms.  I heard my ankle break, right then and there.  I had hurt my ankle before but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was broken! 

My husband grabbed a chair that was on the porch for me to sit on and my body started shaking, it was a tough moment and I knew our date night was indeed over!  We ended up in the emergency room most of the night and once we did get out I was so out of it from a shot they had given me for pain that we called it a night!

What was I going to do with three young children and a broken ankle?  I had no one who could help me.  My mother in law who always helped me out had just passed away the year before.  My mom and friends all worked full time and I lived off the beaten track of all my homeschool friends.

My husband and I came up with a written list that would help me get through my day.  Sometimes mom is down.  It could be illness, a broken bone, bed rest during a difficult pregnancy,  or maybe she isjust extremely weary! 

Here are some things that can help!

Get the older kids to help- Well, I will have to say my kids were so sweet trying their best to take care of mommy while she was hurt.  "Can we bring you pillows" , " Can I get your walker"  Phone? 

They were so loving and it helped so much!  My husband sat my oldest down and explained that mommy would need extra help in the coming days and he(my son)  would be such a huge help to me!  It made him feel grown up and he loved coming to the rescue.  I wouldn't have made it without him! 

If you have tweens or teens in the house, it is even better because they truly can run a household if they need to!

Special pitchers - Many of you already have these in your house but at the time we didn't.  We brought some pitchersthat have the spout on them so the kids can just put their cups under and fill their glasses with water. 

Even my youngest can do these, and I didn't want my 9 yr old dealing with our glass pitchers all the time by himself, afraid if they broke he could cut himself or make a mess that could be dangerous to the younger children.

Pre-Made Lunches - My husband pre-made some cheese sandwiches and my 9 yr old just heated them up in the microwave, voila, grilled cheese (kids loved them)!  You can also make up lunches like you would if your kids were going to school, a paper sack with a sandwich, fruit, and chips!  

A lunchable, or something easy to grab out of the fridge like pre- made peanut butter and jelly can work too!  If you only have a baby or toddlers you may need a packed cooler near by!

Books, Toys, or School Materials - We are homeschoolers so all the kids gathered up our school books and supplies and put them in a big bucket next to the couch, we are doing school that way with me on the couch, its not ideal but it works and its kind of exciting for the kids to do it different. 

Maybe you don't homeschool but you do have young children at home.  It is great to have reading books to read to them, small toys and fun things to look at together.

Special Basket or Tray -I had a little tray that had my phone, remote control, teachers guide, books I wanted to read, water, and of course my laptop.

I also keep sanitizing soap so I don't have to stand at the sink too long, that  way I could always wash my hands quickly when I needed to!

Snack Baskets - My husband left snacks on the counter tops at easy reach so when the kids needed one they can bring it to me to open for them.  

You can make baskets with pre-made snacks in sandwich bags in them.  Something crunchy, something sweet, and so on.  You can also have fruit in the fridge for easy reach!

Diaper Changing Area - If you have really young children, have a diaper changing area near you with a baskets of diapers, wipes, sanitizing soap, and rash creme.  Have your husband or children keep it stocked!

My husband worked hard to take care of us!  The house was a mess but meals were made (loved ones have even brought some over) the kids were dressed and some school was getting done.

There will be times in life where we just have to get the necessities done and that is ok!!  Don't stress during those times! 

I don't believe God gave me a broken ankle but I do believe he used the trial to slow me down!  I was overwhelmed and needed to rest!  I actually look back at that time and remember sweet memories of just great quality time with my kids. 

I had no where to go so I had to rest, got lots of snuggle and read aloud time in, and just felt extremely loved and grateful for this family that I have!

What are some things you do in your home to help when mom is down?


Angela Richter,  Together with Family

Angela Richter

Angela Richter is a wife to her best friend of 20 years and mother to three! She is the author of Together with Family where she writes about finding ways to connect with your family on a deeper level! She is passionate about intentional parenting and marriage and loves to share practical ways to make family life better! She loves anything regarding homeschooling, writing, reading great books and scrapbooking! She lives in the Northern part of the Bluegrass state and is a Kentucky girl through and through! You can find her on facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

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Bi-Weekly Whole Food Meal Plan for April 23-May 6

Flecked with crunchy poppy seeds and bursting with sweet lemony goodness, these delightful Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins are so good no one will guess they're gluten-free!

Flecked with crunchy poppy seeds and bursting with sweet lemony goodness, these delightful Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins are so good no one will guess they're gluten-free!

It's so much easier to eat healthier when you take a moment to meal plan. That's why we're here to help! As part of our ministry, we're happy to provide free whole food meal plans with links to each of the delicious recipes featured.

Once you click on the graphic below, you can easily save this healthy, gluten-free, whole food menu to your computer for easy access. Then, simply click on the links within the meal plan pdf to gain instant access to each of the recipes. (Please note: Many mobile devices and tablets are not able to open links within a pdf document. So be sure to save the meal plan to your computer first.)

April 23-May 6 GF Whole Food Meal Plan

To print the meal plan provided below, simply click on the graphic or click here and it will open a pdf into a new window for easier saving and printing. Remember, many mobile devices and tablets are not able to open links within a pdf. So save the meal plan to your computer first.

In addition to the free gluten-free meal plan above, we're pleased to provide you with a free meal planning template perfect for creating your own custom meal plans:
• Meal plan template PDF 

To learn more about meal planning, please check out my FREE Video Course: Mastering Meal Planning. My hope is that this will be a great resource and encouragement for you whether you’re just getting started with meal planning, or are a seasoned expert.

Always a treat to share healthy meals with you! Let’s give thanks to the Lord for providing us the opportunity to nourish our families in this way!

Wishing you and your family a blessed spring!
Joyfully Serving HIM, Kelly at The Nourishing Home

Kelly Smith

Kelly loves the Lord, her family, and sharing her passion for gluten-free, grain-free cooking and meal planning with others. She is a full-time homemaker who loves spending time with her awesome hubby and two sweet boys. Kelly's whole food, gluten-free journey began six years ago when she was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disorder. Since then, the Lord has blessed her with an amazing recovery - a testament to His grace and the health benefits of eating whole foods. Kelly shares her knowledge and love for whole food cooking at The Nourishing Home.

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