The Messiness of Self-Perception and Expectations

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been called “pretty”. I’ve been called beautiful a few times, even “hot” once or twice, much to my astonishment. But pretty isn’t something I’ve much associated with myself and it’s not a word I’ve heard...
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The Thing About Thought Leadership

Stop worshipping every vapid, regurgitated set of thoughts that comes out of the mouth of so called “thought leaders” and lead your own damned thinking.

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Unvarnished Things

I’ve hated my writing for a while. Over time it was sucking the soul from me, so I walked away for a while. Now I think I’ve figured out what was missing, how to fix it, and what’s next.

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It’s Time For a New Path.

After 9 years of writing about digital marketing and social media on my blog, I’m passing the baton to the brilliant minds of our industry and exploring a new path.

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Social Media, Politics and Discomfort

The unprecedented nature of our current climate in America makes me not only believe it’s okay to sit with some discomfort in your social media feeds right now, but it’s essential. Here’s why I’m okay with politics in my stream.

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WHOOT! I’m Joining Hootsuite!

I’m so excited to be joining social relationship platform Hootsuite as their Senior Director, Industry Leadership.

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On Finding the Strength of Your Voice

I believe that each of us has something unique and valuable to contribute to the world, but that it can only be heard if we find the clarity and the courage to express it in a way that encourages others to listen.

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Looking for My Next Amazing Job!

I’m looking for my next amazing role with a great company. Is it yours? I’ve got 20 years of marketing experience with over a decade in digital transformation, and I’m ready to come knock the cover off the ball for YOU.

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