Jun 4, 2019

yet another naples update

This is only my sixth post for 2019, and half of the six posts I've done have been pics of the condo renovation in Naples. I mean, it's June. I really need to step up my game on the blog! 

My main excuse is instagram. I post on my instagram stories what I used to write blogposts about. 
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I had planned to do a post on my patio and garden, but after the hail storm, my yard looks like a disaster. All the hydrangea bushes look like asparagus stalks. I think we will just cut them down and call it the summer of the hail storm. I don't even want to think about it.

I do have some good posts coming up! And even a new and improved look for the blog! So stay with me!

Meanwhile, in Naples...

The dust skirt was finished in the Master bedroom and I really love it...

And the pillows...

Why is it so hard for me to resist bed pillows?

Wallpaper going up this summer in both bathrooms... I can't wait to get wallpaper behind this tub!

Here's the wallpaper for this bathroom:

I was originally going to do the wallpaper below, but waited until we got moved in, and I'm glad I did. I guess I'm just not as brave as I thought I was. I adore this wallpaper and think it could be amazing, but in the end, I decided to keep it more neutral.

Imagine the wallpaper options behind this chair and behind the tub above. Can. Not. Wait. 

This bench and a matching pillow were added to the mix. 
I adore this lavender Quadrille fabric!

I need a light fixture for the kitchen...

We tried to lose that weird column on the island, but it is absolutely necessary as it houses plumbing that cannot be relocated. So I just hung some intaglios and called it a day... Pick your battles.

Sorry, more bedroom pics... I'm just so excited about the bedding :)

The duvet could use some ironing, but it is a vacation home after all.

Ok, I believe I've gotten every possible angle of the bedding.

My most favorite Ira Yeager painting...

Next on the to do list: Bedding for the guest room...

Look at this wallpaper we found from Schumacher!

It's going in the guest bathroom and looks so sweet with these headboards!

You guys, this was such a fun project! It's so different than my house in Omaha. It was really fun to work with pastel colors and beachy vibes.

Happy Summer!

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