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All articles from the print magazine, plus all web-exclusive articles.

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Everything posted by our bloggers on TheNation.com.

RSS The Breakdown

On our weekly podcast, Washington editor Christopher Hayes demystifies the story behind one issue that's all over the headlines. Is offshore drilling ever safe? How can the Fed boost the economy? Will financial reform prevent future bailouts? All this and more every week on The Breakdown.

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Top stories on TheNation.com.

RSS Foreign Policy

Robert Dreyfuss and Jeremy Scahill on foreign policy, national security, the military-industrial complex, and wars (declared and not).

RSS Media

Greg Mitchell's opinion and analysis on the entire media spectrum-MSM, blogosphere, cable news and alt media-all day long.

RSS Nation Voices

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Eric Alterman, and Katha Pollitt: all blogging, all in one place.

RSS Politics

Domestic politics, economics, and activism with John Nichols, Peter Rothberg and The Nation's Notion bloggers.


Politics, current affairs and riffs and reflections on the news.
Breaking news and analysis of politics, the economy and activism.
Politics, feminism, culture, books and daily life.
Nation editor-at-large and host of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes.
Politics, culture, ideology and sex, not necessarily in that order.
Well-chosen words on music, movies and politics, with the occasional special guest.
 Race, gender, politics, religion and our struggles.
Action and dysfunction in the Beltway swamp. E-mail tips to george@thenation.com. 
The fragile and faltering state of American democracy.
DC dispatches. E-mail tips to zoe@thenation.com.
All the blackness that’s fit to print. And some that isn’t. 
Where sports and politics collide.
Exploring the world of work, from the border to the barricades.
 Short takes on politics, culture and life.
 On American politics and policy.
Third-rail politics: Analysis at the intersection of gender, health and race.
“Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.”
National security, media and the business of war.
Squawks from hawks: Money, politics and Middle East diplomacy.
Politics, media and the politics of media.
Thoughts on world politics from someone who’s been there.
Undiplomatic wrangling.
Investigating the intersection of politics, lobbying and public policy at RepublicReport.org.
Analysis of foreign affairs and policy that emphasizes global cooperation and grassroots participation.
Where feminism and economics intersect.
Lady business with equal parts lady and business.
Community editor at The Nation.
Guided tours through the archive of America’s oldest weekly. Got a question? rkreitner@thenation.com.
Radical multimedia. Send tips to frank@thenation.com.
Politics and culture, news and views from Europe.
Dispatches from this modern world.
Campus-oriented news, first-person reports from student activists and journalists about their campus.
Opposing war, racism, sexism, climate change, economic injustice and high-stakes testing.
Politics and pop, past and present.
From abortion rights to social justice, and lots in between.
 British politics and culture with an American accent.
TV and radio appearances by Nation writers and editors, big Nation announcements.
Your Guide to Meaningful Action
News of America’s misadventures in foreign policy and defense.
Unfiltered takes on politics, ideas and culture from Nation editors and contributors.
Media, politics and culture.
Dispatches on wars, the military-industrial complex and national security.
 Washington: a city of denials, spin, and political calculations. The Nation's former DC editor David Corn spent 2002-2007 blogging on the policies, personalities and lies that spew out of the nation's capital. The complete archive appears below. Corn is now the DC editor at Mother Jones.
Alerts, announcements and information from The Nation.
 Politics, wonkery and everything in between.
 Dispatches on prisons, sentencing, civil rights, race and activism.
 Education, health, women's issues and politics.
Digesting the news about women and men, policy and politics.
Guest blogging until September 11, 2011.
Law, politics, new media and beats, rhymes and life.
Middle East politics and American foreign policy.
The online diary of a mad law professor.
 The 2012 election, Republican politics and conservative media.
Budget wars, activism, uprising, dissent and general rabble-rousing.
Budget wars, activism, uprising, dissent and general rabble-rousing.
Poverty in America: people, politics and policy.
Notes on environmental issues and energy policy.
Good politics through strong collaborative movements, reproductive freedom and justice for all.
Where progressives come to debate.
Breaking news, politics, culture and—not least—humor.
Kosman and Picciotto on their Nation puzzle, cryptic crosswords, wordplay and puzzles in general.
The 2012 primary, political ads, and the political psychology behind it all.
Feminism, sexuality & social justice. With a sense of humor.
In-depth coverage of voter suppression efforts nationwide, in partnership with Colorlines.com.
Where race and gender meet, where politics and pop culture collide.
On rights and wrongs in constitutional law, criminal justice and national security.
Sex and politics, in the streets and everywhere else.
Thinking from the intersection of race, culture and politics. Also, talking smartly about stupid things.
Satire = a foundation of fact + a house frame of pain + a paint coat of stupid.
Where politics, culture and history Collide
Culture and the arts in America, sliced and diced.
Crossing the Middle East's red lines.
Labor in the Walmart economy.
Where the past isn’t even past.
Racial justice, Native rights and immigration. 
Recession-era realtalk from a Deep South roadtrip.
Sexuality and gender: What’s law got to do with it?
Politics, pop culture, and the politics of pop culture.
The climate movement, culture and politics.
Wide-angle, deep-focus coverage of the Bradley Manning court-martial.
Making sense of weird weather, rising waters and all things climate change.
New words from writers of color.
Thoughts on arts, culture, medicine, politics—to name just a few.
Immigration and labor.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first 100 days—a partnership between The Nation and City Limits.
Stories that matter. Tips: shsieh@thenation.com.
Governor Chris Christie, the Tea Party and the GOP’s 2016 civil war. Click here to submit tips.
A wintry mix of activism, terrorism and the Olympics.
Exploring what economic inequality is doing to us, what's causing it and how we can stop it.
Old problems in new media.
Dispatches from the Kentucky circus. Contact at jsonka@leoweekly.com
Today in Nation history.

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