This is a Great Experience for the World

Posted by Sven-Olof Husmark


September 27th through 29th marks the customer experience event of the year. Great Experience 2016 is Qmatic’s annual client and partner event where we explore the most creative current and emerging ideas for the Age of the Customer. More than 300 participants from across 50 countries will come together in beautiful Barcelona, Spain to discuss technology, market opportunities and solutions for producing a seamless, personal customer journey that spans online and face-to-face interactions. 

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Why Speed and Clarity are Vital to Great Patient Care

Posted by Sven-Olof Husmark


It’s been said that we suffer from a “perennial time-scarcity problem.” We’re busy at work. We’re busy at home. And among working parents – who have to care for their own health and the wellness of their children, time poverty present a real threat to health and wellbeing. It’s no surprise that consumers are demanding products and services faster. And across most segments, organizations are trying to keep up with this ever-increasing pace.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Posted by Jeff Green


recently posted a podcast and article called “What are you waiting for?” The piece theorizes that standing in
lines is a “sloppy — and frustrating — way for supply and demand to meet.” It offers some provocative thinking about why people wait in lines and the value of doing so.

Shortly after it posted, I was meeting with an executive from one of our key clients in the Motor Vehicle space. He asked if I had seen the article and if I had any thoughts on it. Qmatic is the leading customer journey management technology solution provider in the world so of course, I did. Much of what drives innovation at Qmatic comes directly from our insights about managing physical experiences that involve lines.

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6 Ways Consolidation Creates Savings and Success for Government Agencies

Posted by Sven-Olof Husmark


Around the world, municipal agencies are trying to manage high service expectations from constituents. They are striving to do more – for more – with limited resources. And they are taking steps to ensure their efforts are meaningful and transparent.

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Why Your Secret to Happiness is a - Self-Service Kiosk

Posted by Sven-Olof Husmark


A recent study entitled “Valuing Time Over Money Is Associated With Greater Happiness” confirms what we have long suspected. First, when it comes down to it, people value time more than money. Second, they assign a high financial value to their time. And third, those who prioritize time over money tend to be happier. [1]

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The 5 Parts of Omnichannel Banking that You Need to Keep Your Customers

Posted by Sven-Olof Husmark


There are few industries in which customer expectations are shaping the future as they are in banking. Customers know they can expect personalized offerings, they want options for when/where/how they want to complete their transactions, and they know they have options. Banks are working harder than ever to keep up with this savvy audience. They know that changing banks is easy and that lifelong customer relationships are rare.

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