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  • Oh yes you can!
    Baseball bats. Picture frames. Chairs. There's no reason things made of wood need to be wood-colored, especially when they aren't quite as nice and woodsy as when you got them. Dye is a great alternative to stain and paint; it's nontoxic, doesn't chip and lets the natural grain of the wood shine through.
    Rit Dye
  • DIY with color!
    When we say everything is a canvas for color, we mean it, right down to the light switches in your home. Nylon dyes smoothly and evenly with Rit, letting you turn even the most banal piece of hardware into a work of art.
    Rit Dye
  • Dyecycle it!
    Some people recycle, we dyecycle; and paper, with its porous nature, is a great conduit for dye, quickly soaking up color. With a few folds, snips and dips, you can make everything from greeting cards to centerpieces blooming with coffee filter flowers.