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The Truth Television http://thetruthtelevision.com "We're Truth, We're Television" Fri, 20 Apr 2018 03:56:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.5 WARRIORS (Cameo By Steph Curry) – Bizzle Feat. K. Allico http://thetruthtelevision.com/warriors-cameo-by-steph-curry-bizzle-feat-k-allico/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/warriors-cameo-by-steph-curry-bizzle-feat-k-allico/#respond Fri, 20 Apr 2018 03:56:40 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2568 Born with a God given talent for music in general, the Los Angeles raised M.C. Bizzle (born Mark J. Felder) wrote his first rap verse at no older than 8 years old and also started writing R&B around that same time. He, now at 26 years old, has 18 years under his belt as a […]

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T-Bone – Ain’t Ashamed (Official Video) http://thetruthtelevision.com/t-bone-aint-ashamed/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/t-bone-aint-ashamed/#respond Sat, 24 Mar 2018 15:59:03 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2562 Riding through my hood bumping that Gospel music everyday turn it way up loud and let the world know that we ain’t Ashamed huh, huh, give em praise huh, huh, give em praise huh, huh just give em praise let em know we ain’t Ashamed.     Verse 1 Yea, guess who’s back Pony tail […]

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Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie Review http://thetruthtelevision.com/paul-apostle-of-christ-movie-review/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/paul-apostle-of-christ-movie-review/#respond Sat, 24 Mar 2018 15:48:22 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2558 PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST is a profound, inspiring movie experience about Paul’s last days in a Roman prison as Luke comes to visit Paul and bring some money to a hidden group of Roman Christians suffering under Nero’s persecution.     PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST is a profound, inspiring movie experience about Paul’s last days […]

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Hillary Jane | Will Smith – Christian Perspective http://thetruthtelevision.com/hillary-jane-will-smith-christian-perspective/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/hillary-jane-will-smith-christian-perspective/#respond Fri, 23 Feb 2018 03:29:03 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2552 Will Smith has been on fire on the internet lately. I loved his Fault Vs. Responsibility video he made… I wanted to add some truth to it. This one is for my fellow Christians.     Hey, It’s HJ! I make fun and informative vlogs a few times a week! If you see something you […]

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BLACK PANTHER Movie Review http://thetruthtelevision.com/black-panther-movie-review/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/black-panther-movie-review/#respond Fri, 16 Feb 2018 04:21:43 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2548 BLACK PANTHER is a standalone superhero movie about the iconic Marvel Comics hero, who must defend his mysterious, technologically advanced African kingdom and the world from a threat coming from inside his own royal family. BLACK PANTHER is exciting and ultimately redemptive, with tremendous special effects and fabulous production designs, and less foul language than […]

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Roy Tosh – (Never 2 Late) http://thetruthtelevision.com/roy-tosh-never-2-late/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/roy-tosh-never-2-late/#respond Fri, 16 Feb 2018 04:14:41 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2545 After almost losing his dad, the reality of not being promised tomorrow hit hard. This challenged Roy to make the most of the time he has today, and give everything he’s got to what God has called him to. Check out RMG Amplify Artist, Roy Tosh in his video for his single Never 2 Late!   […]

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T-Bone // CHUURCH // http://thetruthtelevision.com/t-bone-chuurch/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/t-bone-chuurch/#respond Sun, 04 Feb 2018 01:53:09 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2540 T-Bone, one of the pioneers in Christian Hip Hop and Rap, has a track record of 25 years in the Christian Music industry. Among other recognitions his albums have received three Grammy nominations and ten Dove Awards. T-Bone tiene una sólida carrera de más de 25 años en la música cristiana en inglés, siendo uno […]

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“Paul, Apostle of Christ” Official Trailer http://thetruthtelevision.com/paul-apostle-christ-official-trailer/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/paul-apostle-christ-official-trailer/#respond Fri, 02 Feb 2018 04:02:03 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2537 Paul, Apostle of Christ is the story of two men. Luke, as a friend and physician, risks his life every time he ventures into the city of Rome to visit Paul, who is held captive in Nero’s darkest, bleakest prison cell. Before Paul’s death sentence can be enacted, Luke resolves to write another book, one […]

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Forever My Girl (Official Trailer) http://thetruthtelevision.com/forever-girl-official-trailer/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/forever-girl-official-trailer/#respond Sat, 27 Jan 2018 21:26:02 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2528 Forever My Girl tells the story of country music super-star Liam Page (Alex Roe) who left his bride, Josie (Jessica Rothe), at the altar choosing fame and fortune instead. However, Liam never got over Josie, his one true love, nor did he ever forget his Southern roots in the small community where he was born […]

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Dee-1 – Hood Villains / My People Need Me http://thetruthtelevision.com/dee-1-hood-villains-people-need/ http://thetruthtelevision.com/dee-1-hood-villains-people-need/#respond Sat, 27 Jan 2018 21:12:24 +0000 http://thetruthtelevision.com/?p=2524 New Orleans native David Augustine, aka Dee-1, didn’t start rapping until he was enrolled at Louisiana State University, but he proved to be a quick study. He released his first two mixtapes during the mid-2000s. The year he graduated from LSU and began teaching mathematics at a middle school, he released his third mixtape. In […]

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