Where To Download The Best Free Website Themes For WordPress Websites In 2018

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WordPress is the most-used content management system (CMS) and for good reason – it provides a strong platform for businesses to build their online presence on and offers plenty of scalability, personalization and business growth opportunities.

Even better, these features (and so much more) are housed in one simple platform, empowers brands and employees to manage many aspects of their business in one place. This ultimately improves productivity while maintaining a beautiful website design.

While many businesses may opt for a custom website design from a top web designer, other brands opt to design a professional website with the help of a WordPress theme.

What Are WordPress Web Themes?

Essentially, a WordPress website theme is a pre-coded layout and template that will structure your website’s outward-facing appearance.

Businesses who host their website on WordPress – even with the help of an agency – will often streamline the design process by utilizing a WordPress theme. Companies can utilize custom, paid or free themes.

Where To Download Free WordPress Website Themes

It’s hard to deny the benefits of a free WordPress web theme. What’s better, free WordPress themes come with a whole host of user-friendly benefits that growing brands can benefit from.

Free WordPress Themes Just Free Themes

1. Just Free Themes

Just Free Themes showcases top WordPress themes. They are ranked by user reviews and showcase each theme’s overall aesthetics, site speed, a direct download link and more. In addition, the site also hosts lists of great WordPress plugins and possible hosting services.

Best Free WordPress Themes 2018 ATHEMES


This site lists the best free WordPress website theme templates. Each theme has an in-depth explanation. Plus, users can demo the theme right then and there before downloading directly. What’s better? ATHEMES also showcases premium paid WordPress themes for businesses looking to upgrade.

Theme Grill Popular Free WP Themes

3. Theme Grill

Theme Grill showcases the most popular and visually pleasing WordPress themes – both free and paid. The list is frequently updated, and Theme Grill outlines each theme’s major features as well as the type of business it would benefit most.

Best Free WordPress Web Design Themes ColorLib

4. ColorLib

Colorlib showcases the best WordPress website themes. However, unlike other sites, they outline just how popular, new or trending a theme is. This helps growing businesses stay on top of the latest web design trends and ahead of the competition.

Free Reponsive WordPress Themes RaRa Theme

5. RaRa Theme

RaRa Theme’s easy-to-use filtering system empowers visitors to search for WordPress themes based on style, price, industry, functionality and more. Free WordPress website layouts are clearly marked. Plus, the site outlines each themes technical and aesthetic details clearly.

Theme Forest Envato Market Free WordPress Themes

6. Envato Market

Also known as Theme Forest, Envato Market is one of the most comprehensive resources for WP themes. It allows users to search for themes and other essential website design elements, such as plugins, e-commerce functionalities, graphics files and more.

By creating a comprehensive source, growing businesses and agencies will be able to create a fully customized site on one of their free WordPress themes.

Top WordPress Web Theme Template Monster

7. Template Monster

Template Monster prides itself on providing the top responsive WordPress web themes. Each option is WPML ready and built on an open source framework called Cherry. As with many web theme sources, users can also search for paid premium themes, which come with an added layer of technical support.

WordPress Best Web Themes 2018

8. WordPress

When in doubt, go straight to the source! WordPress has a comprehensive list of the best web design themes and templates.

Because you’re gaining this information directly from the hosting service itself, you’ll also receive a comprehensive guide to every theme. This will ensure you truly understand the pros and cons of every free and premium WordPress web theme.

The Benefits Of WordPress Web Themes & Templates

Using a website theme to design your professional site is a great way to create a website that consumers enjoy using. In fact, the best WordPress themes have plenty of business-building benefits.

1. Front-End Web Design

Notably, WordPress themes provide fast and easy design. Although the overall layout is pre-determined, brands can typically rearrange the outward facing design and personalize elements based on what the business needs. What’s better, you can change your theme at any time with no functionality disruptions.

2. Built-In Features

When companies host and design a WordPress website – even with a free theme – they will receive a bevy of features in return. Businesses can expect to find excellent user-centric elements such as intuitive navigation, social media integrations, built-in content marketing platforms and more – all of which can improve SEO and your online presence.

3. Customizations

Although premium and custom WordPress themes do typically have more comprehensive customization options, free WordPress themes can be customized as well. Top partner agencies can help you determine the best plugins and integrations that will grow your business. Then, these web developers can effectively modify the code to bring that functionality to life!

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Why Companies Utilize WordPress Web Theme Templates

By streamlining the front-end design through a WordPress theme, great web designers and developers can dedicate their time to creating functional features.

This focus will ensure that businesses can acquire the strategic features and elements that foster a great user experience, increase website traffic, improve search engine optimization, and grow revenue.

How Can You Get Your Own WordPress Website?

Although businesses can create their own WordPress website and implement a theme, highly professional websites are better served by an expert web design company with strong expertise in WordPress.

After all, WordPress website themes can be personalized and integrated with existing platforms and programs. Top web designers and developers are able to seamlessly integrate a new website with existing business practices. By utilizing a great website design and development agency, companies can improve their online platforms and increase revenue.

To find a WordPress website design agency, head to DesignRush’s Agency Listing section. Users can search for the best companies by reviews, clients, rates, portfolio and more.