Axonix - the programmatic RTB mobile advertising ad exchange

You bring the app or mobile site. We'll bring the ads.

We'll bring the ads.

Whether your app or mobile content is free, freemium or paid-for, well-targeted advertising can maximise your ad revenue opportunity.

Axonix is a specialist, real-time bidding mobile ad exchange. We have thousands of advertisers globally competing to buy your ad spaces. There's an auction for every impression, guaranteeing you the best price. It's highly efficient and fully transparent.

4 Years

Our ad exchange technology has led the market since 2009

4 Years

We serve billions of ads each month, across 150+ countries

Wand Circle

Easy SDK or tag integration, with full controls on how your inventory is traded

100+ Partners

We're integrated with over 100 demand partners globally to secure the best pricing for you

iPhone Circle

Compatible with all mobile ad formats across iOS, Android & mobile web

100+ Partners

We're backed by Telefonica, one of the world's biggest mobile businesses

You've got mobile ad space.
We've got thousands of advertisers who want to buy it.

We're fully integrated with most of the world's top ad networks and demand-side platforms, creating a competitive ad auction that maximizes your revenues.

We serve billions of ads every month across more than 150+ countries. And our multi-layered targeting options help to ensure your customers only see ads that are relevant to them.

You set your sales rules.
We get you the best possible price.

We put you in total control. Our publisher console and customizable analytics engine let you optimize everything in real-time.

Choose who can buy your ads. Set minimum prices. Create rules for geography, format, device, content and time of day. Full transparency lets you review what we sell, to whom, at what price.

We even enable you to allocate some of your inventory to other exchanges, should you want to. Of course, if we're delivering the best prices, why would you?

You receive all revenues in one neat monthly payment. And because we keep our transaction fees low, you get maximum value.

The lightest SDK for your app.
Built on our heavyweight engine.

Our software development kit is lightweight and streamlined. Designed to keep the load low for your users. But it's built on heavyweight technology.

This five year heritage means we can sell more ads, at higher prices, than anyone else. Our platform was the world's first real-time enabled, specialist mobile ad exchange.

In April 2014, Axonix acquired the tech that had powered the market-leading ad exchange, Mobclix, since 2009.

Our team of optimisation specialists is on hand to get you started and help boost your revenues.

Led by Industry Experts.
Driven by commitment to you.

Simon Birkenhead

Simon Birkenhead


A leading figure in the digital ad industry for almost 20 years. Before Axonix, Simon held global roles at Telefonica and Google.

Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey

Chief Commercial Officer

A decade in programmatic advertising. He previously led worldwide sales for Mobclix, Velti, OpenX and AdLink.

What makes us different?

Specialist in mobile ads since 2009 - Mobile is very different to online advertising and we have the experience to get you the best results.

Real-time auction - Our platform can handle a billion ads a day, running each auction in just 200ms.

We support open allocation - You can allocate inventory to other sales channels if they perform better for you, without changing the SDK.

Extensive publisher controls - Set floor prices, content restrictions or other sales rules you define.

Full transparency - See what ads are selling, at what prices, to whom so you can optimize your inventory to maximize your revenues.

Global demand - We expose your ad inventory to buyers across the globe, creating a competitive auction with the highest prices.

Better ad targeting - Data overlays improve the relevancy of ads, attracting higher prices and improving the user experience.

Small size SDK - Easy to install, minimizing the memory load of your apps.

Support team based in Europe - We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Hebrew and Ukrainian.

Telefonica Blackstone

We're part of the Telefonica group of companies - the home of O2, Movistar, Vivo and GiffGaff. We have additional backing from Blackstone's GSO Capital Partners.

You can be confident you're working with a trusted, long-term partner who is perfectly placed to deliver the best results for you.

Start maximising the revenue you make on every ad you serve.