5 Summer Activities that May Endanger Your Hearing

Visible Sounds

endanger our hearingDid you know that some of the summer activities endanger our hearing capabilities? Here the 5 activities that can damage your hearing.

Enjoying music at a local park

Many local parks usually hold music events organized for the visitors to enjoy their summer days. They can be live performances by local musicians or just music for entertainment purposes. Obviously, music is played in high volumes which can affect your hearing if the ears are exposed to the noise for a prolonged period of time. This is not just for the people attending the music event but also the musicians themselves. Therefore, it is advisable to use earplugs when you are at concerts.

There are many types of earplugs in the market to choose from depending on quality and cost. However, you can give your ears a break if you don’t have hearing protection devices. After like an hour, move away from the noisy place so that your ears can refresh and restore some of the internal complex functionalities. Don’t forget ears are highly sophisticated and once seriously damaged, it is extremely difficult to repair even through medical procedures.

Participating in a shooting competition

Visible Sounds This is an interesting outdoor activity during summer. However, it should be done with a lot of caution because the shooting bang sounds are very destructive to ear drums. The sound exceeds the recommended intensity that can be accommodated by the ears. But you may not notice if your ears are already overworking to sustain the high sounds. So, you need to use shooting earplugs while in the field even if you are not participating.

Some people overlook the issue of using hearing protection devices. Hearing loss may occur instantly after a single shot or just after many shots. You can even stay for years without noticing hearing loss, but over time you start losing hearing abilities. Don’t wait until this time comes. Wear shooting earplugs to keep your ears protected as early as possible.

Taking road trips while playing loud music

This is fun, especially to young men and women who are in the teenage age. They will play loud music in the car or van so that they can nice up the day, which okay to them. As much as you want to make the day memorable, it is good to protect your hearing. If you cannot play low music, ensure you have earplugs to keep your ears healthy and safe from those destructive sounds. The car stereo systems are very strong, especially the modern car systems. They will produce unbearable upbeats which can cause serious hearing loss. If you came home after a road trip and already you hear a ringing sound in your ears that is one of the signs of hearing loss. Therefore, next time ensure you have a hearing protection device.

Attending a live concert

loud music affect hearingMany people will not want to miss live music concerts during summer. But, you need to wear hearing protective devices to ensure your ears stay safe while in the social hall or theater. Some people like booking spaces just near the speakers to enjoy music to the fullest. It is alright, but it is safer if you are wearing hearing protection such as earplugs.

It is not a must to wear earplugs. Also, earmuffs offer maximum protection to ears. You can also search the internet to see the available hearing protection options and choose what is suitable for your ears. If you haven’t bought your earplugs and you are at a noisy concert, it will be wise to give your ears a break. Don’t expose your ears to that excessive noise all night long. That noise can damage your ears, and no medical treatment to restore already damaged hearing ability.

Rifle hunting

One of the important things to ponder when going out to hunt with a gun is that you have some sort of hearing protection for your ears during a shooting incident. The last thing every gun hunter would want is to suffer from hearing loss or develop aggravating ringing sounds in the ears. Whether earplugs or earmuffs, ensure you have them in your backpack as you step out of the house.

Active Sports – How to Start Tennis

How to Start Tennis

How to Start TennisTennis is one of the popular outdoor sports with a little cost required to get started. You are just going to enjoy meeting new friends and play the game with different sexes. The first thing you need to know is the tennis apparel, keeping in mind that there are men’s and women’s clothing. Alright, you cannot become a pro just in one trial. Subsequent attempts will grow your skills and eventually become a competitive tennis player.

This article will highlight a few tips that can help you understand how to start and learn playing tennis.

Watch others as they play

Watching other tennis players as they play is one of the ways to learn the game. Those matches on the TV can give you some basic understanding. You need to keep noting aspects such as score keeping, player positioning, game plans, and game rules. Tennis rules are easy to master even after watching two to three matches. Apart from watching live matches, you can as well watch past games on YouTube and other media channels. There are also instructional videos that can help you master a few things as you plan to practice in the field later.

Take tennis lessons

tennis playersTennis is a simple game that many people love watching and playing. There are several tennis lessons you can take in private training centers. You will also meet other learners who can give you morale as you practice together. However, you don’t need to over rely on the lessons. You can also organize individual practice during your free time. The best thing is to start practicing forehands and backhands by hitting against a wall. If you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or neighbor how he or she started it.

Keep your practice consistent

After the first individual practice, don’t stay too long before having another practice. Don’t ignore the fact that practice makes perfect. The more you practice often, the more you will learn to play. Sometimes, you might feel discouraged when you see your friends doing it better than you. This should not worry you because they were once like you. Keep on practicing and you will be a star soon. But first of all, practice how to hold the racquet firmly.

Train your hands

playing tennisFor instance, use your dominant hand on forehand hits. Let the other hand hit the backhand, but you can also use both hands to get an adequate support of the racquet. As you maintain the ball from flying over the wall, try your best to hit the ball off of the bounce for a number of times. Tennis is not too challenging to learn as you will be surprised how fast you are mastering the game. After several practices, look for a paid pro to have a real taste of the game.

Take group lessons

These are important when you feel necessary. They can be found in public recreational facilities, usually free of charge. If you normally visit private facilities, you will meet other groups there and train together. However, private recreational facilities ask for payments. If your friends are interested in learning tennis, request them to form a group so that you can be practicing together.

Consider a private lesson

This can be helpful if you find it difficult to learn on your own. Although you will pay the professional, he or she will help you learn the basics as soon as possible. However, ensure you attend the lessons frequently so that you don’t forget what you learned in the previous session. Also, take the time to look for someone who will make all the learning sessions fun and lively.

Since you have been practicing on playing singles, you now need to learn how to play doubles with your friends. This is the time to understand what happens when you are near the net. You just need to understand that tennis is a sport played following your own techniques. Anyone can play it as long as he or she can develop techniques to counter the opponent. Don’t be afraid of large sized players because body size doesn’t translate to winning! To win a tennis match, you require certain playing approaches and accuracy when hitting the ball.

Latest 10 Technologies for Hunting Enthusiasts

Hunting Enthusiasts pictures

Hunting EnthusiastsThe basic approaches to hunting are almost gone as hunters are now employing advanced methods to make the activity more fun and less hectic. Technology is doing a great job as far as sports hunting is concerned. Apart from the powerful automatic rifles that are also used in military actions, there are other new products that can spice up a hunting experience.

So, here are 10 technology trends that hunting enthusiasts should keep following;

Digital tactical cameras

The availability of new digital trail cameras is one of the most popular technology trends every hunter should not miss. If you are a hunting fanatic, you need to add a digital tactical camera into your arsenals. These devices allow hunters to get useful information about an area and the animal behaviors. The hunting world is no longer the same because the cameras can capture videos and images while the hunter is streaming the information right from a smartphone, computer, or a tablet. Some of the cameras have flash-less night vision capabilities to take videos and images without alerting the animals.

Scent control products

Due to the need for keeping a hunting area uninterrupted as possible, there are scent control products in the market nowadays. These also include the hunting gear, sprays, and apparel specifically designed for ‘hiding’ human scent from being noticed by the animals. The chemical technology is already taking care of different sprays and hunting attire scents that are targeting different animals that are popularly hunted.

Improved GPS units

There are already 3D maps for helping hunters to navigate through the forests.  These maps are created by specific smartphones so that a hunter can understand the surrounding environment easily. Interestingly, there is no learning curve because people nowadays know how to use smart devices.

Advanced bow technology

hunting bowsHunting bows are no longer considered as traditional hunting weapons. The modern bows are well designed putting in mind the need to meet different hunting experiences. Hunting itself is an art, and that’s why the modern bows reflect real artistic weapons. They are more accurate and easy to use.

Improved optics

Whether a hunter uses a rifle gun or a short gun, there are intelligent optics for all guns. The scopes come together with improved binoculars, as well as rangefinders that have made the technology in hunting to take a new shape. The optics can tell a hunter how far the target is, while the tracking points on firearms can track a moving object up to around 1,000 yards away.

Improved digital game calls

There are new smartphone programs that act as soundboards for a range of game calls. The applications can be used conveniently by hunters just as box call or mouth call versions. However, the further improvement is expected as the app developers take on speaker technology upgrading.

Mobile apps and smart devices

Hunting Enthusiasts picturesThe advancement in mobile technology has made almost everything possible because hunting apps are everywhere nowadays. These are geared towards enhancing the hunting experience. Every hunter can now download the app on his or her mobile device. So, you can get updates about certain hunting opportunities depending on your current location.

Locator call devices

Hunting some animals is always a hectic task. For instance, birds such as turkeys are not easy to locate given their sensitive eyes and ears to notice a hunter from a far distance. The introduction of more advanced locator call devices enables turkey hunters to attract the birds as near as possible by use of signals.

Improved binoculars

The traditional hunting binoculars have been replaced by high-tech models that can view animals from many yards away. They are typically for extensive exploration without physically visiting an area. So, a hunter can view a deer clearly while it is several meters away. This also eliminates the daunting task of walking all over the field searching for the target animals.

Tactical flashlights

The latest tactical flashlight was launched a few months ago. It is said to be the brightest flashlight ever. Though it is meant for military, hunters can also use it to scare away dangerous animals at night. They can also be useful when finding small items in the woods such as earplugs that just fall off.

AR-15: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

ar 15

ar-15 rifleIf you are planning to become a licensed gun holder, I will recommend the AR-15 rifle. It is a semi-automatic rifle with lots of advantages to offer including its customizability, easy-to-use, and highly accurate. Additionally, AR-15 scope installation is always straightforward. These factors probably are the reasons why strong army soldiers use AR-15 rifles when deployed to dangerous missions.

However, there is a drawback you need to know about this rifle. It jams, and this can be very frustrating when you are responding to an enemy or when preparing to shoot. Despite the fact that the rifle might jam at any time, there is a way to keep it reliable throughout. The perfect technique to improve your rifle’s reliability is through keeping it clean.

So, here are the tips to help you achieve that;

Ensure you clean dust, dirt, and debris

Dust, dirt, and debris will interfere with the mechanical system of an AR-15 rifle. It is sophisticatedly designed and sensitive, meaning that even the smallest dust particles can lead to jams in the rifle’s mechanism. The ease of back and forward movement of the bolt is highly affected by any debris. If you realize unfamiliar slow movement of the bolt, disassemble the unit and wipe the dust or dirt with a soft cloth or cotton swabs. You can as well detach the bolt carrier group from the upper receiver so that you can clean the upper receiver and the bolt carrier group independently.

Clean carbon build-up in the barrel

ar 15When carbon builds up in the AR-15 rifle’s action, jams are likely to occur. You could have been cleaning the barrel regularly, but the action is always more sensitive to carbon buildup. So, focus your carbon cleaning task on the star chamber, the bolt, and the bolt carrier itself.  The recommended solvent includes the gun cleaner and CLP, though you can also use the military gun cleaners such as Hoppes. If you don’t have these cleaners, you can use kerosene or diesel fuel to get rid of carbon buildup. Those stuck particles on the bolt can be properly removed by scraping the surface with a knife or any other gun pick particularly for scraping carbon off.

Avoid mixing different ammo types

This could be a common mistake given the slight difference between some ammo. For instance, a brass cased .223 and steel cased .223 rounds appear almost similar physically. The two types of rounds differ in the material casing; the steel round is normally covered with polymer. When you fire a steel round, the polymer melts and sticks on the rifle’s action. Though this cannot be a problem when other steel rounds are used subsequently, using a brass round in your next shot can cause jam problem because the polymer sticks to brass casings. The solution to prevent the jams, clean the action thoroughly before using different ammunition.

Keep the action lubricated when using for a longer shooting period

longer shooting with ar 15Your rifle’s action needs lubrication at least once if you are going to use it for a longer shooting period. You can use the CLP or any other lubricant suitable for guns. Applying some lubrication into the rifle’s action and the bolt is helpful, however, remember to move the bolt back and forth for a thorough lubricant coating. Allow the rifle to rest for several minutes before you start shooting. Keeping the AR-15 rifle’s action dry throughout a long shooting period can cause it to jam.

Check the magazine performance

Even though jam issues are associated with dirty and dusty rifle’s action, the magazine can also be a source of the problem if you have cleaned the rifle thoroughly and still, jams are occurring. Test the magazine’s performance by cycling several rounds in order to examine how the magazine feeds the action with bullets. If you have an extra magazine, try to see if the jam is persistent. If the magazine is the cause of the jamming issue, try sanding the magazine’s area near the bullet’s tip to make it a bit smoother. If this doesn’t work, you can make an arrangement of buying a new magazine.

In conclusion, it is important to keep your gun cleaning kit with the essential tools such as cotton swabs, toothpick (gun pick), a cloth rag, knife, a gun cleaner, and lubricant. This will also allow you to clean your gun often without waiting until you notice jams.

Fierce Controversy over Fox Conventional Hunting with Toycutter Team

fox hunting with toy cutter

Fox Conventional HuntingThe unconcluded debate about fox hunting ban has been making many Toycutter members feel like screaming. This was evidenced during a recent foxhunting activity where wildlife advocates and activists were in attendance only to raise issues about the ban. For several past years, foxhunting has been a fun outdoor activity in the club and already there is a team expected to be competing in multinational tournaments. Being an established thing that is highly liked by many members, the ban seems not doing any favor to the Toycutter team.

The hunting world has been advancing in various aspects as far as overall hunting is concerned. For instance, given the recent introduction of red dot sights to enhance shooting preciseness, many foxhunting enthusiasts are eying to replace the traditional scopes with these new devices. However, the big question is whether they are going to make their fantasies a reality. With the foxhunting ban debate still on the negotiating table, it is a big blow to them and that’s why many of the hunters are out there to do what it takes to have it trashed.

As a member of the Toycutter foxhunting team, I don’t see anything worth debating. I wonder whether most of those fox advocates are realistic about what they claim. They seem not to use their ‘skulls’ properly, and therefore their heads deserve bangs against a wall. I think this will shake their brains and reason together with us. Every hunter who has been in this activity for years, he or she can agree with me that this ban is against our rights of having fun as long as it’s not against human life.

Fox HuntingSurprisingly, one of the fox hunting opposition members has been in hunting for the last 16 years. I remember watching his videos he used to record while hunting and then post them on his blog, which he has already scrapped. Just after he decided to quit the activity, he is now out here to change things out of his selfish interests. For his information, I grew up without interests in hunting animals in the jungle. My favorite outdoor activity was to shoot birds with my air gun and watch as they vanish into clouds of feathers before hitting the ground. Until recently when I realized my potential in fox hunting, and I joined the Toycutter hunting team.

As I write this post, killing foxes for pleasure is not terrible or peculiar at all. It is no different from deer hunting even though many say they do it for wild meat. Whatever the reason, a state license is issued to every hunter regardless of what he or she wants to hunt. In Toycutter, we are already operating legally with valid fox hunting licenses. Those foxhunting opposers don’t want to see us on horses with red jackets chasing foxes down the fields! I must nail it at the head… They need to hold back their grievances and put themselves in our shoes – Yes, ‘we’ the fox hunters with interest!

My strong message is to inform them that no one cares whether a fox is killed or not. After all, these animals are ever consuming sheep and goats around. So far, there is no even a single predator to foxes. This means fox population will continue rising if hunting is banned, meaning the more our livestock will continue to be preyed. Therefore, hunting them will help in controlling their numbers to a manageable level. Furthermore, a dead fox is a poison to other animals in the jungle!

If you want to hunt foxes, that’s should be your business. Go on and find the fun in it. I think the debate should end at this point!

fox hunting with toy cutterWait… Before I just finish my opinion, everyone should know that banning foxhunting is a mess which is pierced with inconsistencies, dishonesty, idiocy, spite, and prejudice. The law is not good because it’s confusing and only concerned about a single animal line – foxes. If it could be a law to protect all animals, I could coil my tail and run away from the issue. And therefore this gives me a solid reason to argue against the foxhunting ban.

The ban is one of the worst instances of the majority’s tyranny to change the course of how people live and do things. Why go on to change things that you don’t do or understand? This was peculiar when I saw tens of visitors to our club chanting anti-foxhunting slogans as they match from one corner to another.

Baseball is Becoming More Popular in Toycutter


baseballNot only the golf and basketball games are common at Toycutter Club, but also baseball is growing its roots with many fans turning up for games during weekends. The game is actually for men and women, including the young men. A baseball game is particularly for fun as it involves an honest challenge to all players, and many fans enjoy watching right from the start to the end of a match. If you are one of the fans, no matter an existing fan or a new fan, you are welcome to the club any time there is a baseball match.

As many people think, baseball is no longer for a few selected individuals with masculine bodies and heavily weighted. Anyone can play it regardless of weight and height, as long as you can run and spring-up. However, you are not bound to do everything like a pro! If you can throw an air ball while fielding around and hit in a different manner, baseball is definitely your game of choice.

As I pinpointed earlier, baseball is an honest game that reflects fairness by including all players no matter their race. At Toycutter Club, this is taken with a lot of seriousness through giving all members an equal chance to register in the baseball club. You will find many African, Asian, Latino, and white men players. One of our goals as far as the baseball game is concerned is to grow a strong interracial team that can even start participating in multinational leagues.

There are a few things you need to know about the baseball game, especially if you are a newbie in this sector. Of course, you might have heard about baseball bats. But, there are baseball apparel and other equipment you need to understand too.

baseball equipments

Baseball bats

This is the most popular equipment many people know, and obviously, it is a core requirement during a baseball game. Baseball game involves hitting an air ball with the bat. There are different types of bats, classified for young men and adults. The adult bats are heavier with larger barrels compared to bats for young men. According to baseball experts, a larger barrel makes it easy for the player to hit perfectly.

Baseball gloves

This is one of the vital baseball apparel, which comes in a range of types. A catcher needs to have the gloves to prevent hand injuries.  If you go shopping for baseball gloves, you can choose based on your budget and needs. There are diverse designs, materials, colors, and sizes to choose from. However, you need to know that there are gloves for young men and adults. Depending on your needs, look for high-quality gloves that fit comfortably.

Batting helmet

The helmet is a protective gear. The high quality and safer types are made of strong plastic and an interior padding included to increase comfort. There are many batting helmets which come in different prices and colors. Based on what color you want, you can find a nice helmet to use in the coming baseball match in the Toycutter club.


There are different types of baseballs to suit different weather conditions. At the Toycutter, the club’s store contains different baseballs including for wet seasons. These are covered with a plastic material, but you can as well choose the popular rubberized baseballs. The rubberized ones are usually wrapped with a strong yarn and a leather material included on top. Baseballs are meant for throwing, and therefore your new baseball should have a standard weight of 5.5 ounces.

Leg guards and chest pads

For the catchers, leg guards are essential because you will strike the ground with your knees often. These are as important as helmets because they protect your body from injuries. Another vital gear is the chest pad for preventing too much impact on the chest whenever a ball hits you. The leg guards and chest pads come in different prices and sizes. So, you can choose what suits your playing needs and budget.

In conclusion, the baseball game is currently one of the popular outdoor activities in the Toycutter club. Being a sport with lots of fun and freedom, both youths and adults can find pleasurable moments to pass their time in a healthier manner. If you are a baseball player, you need the right gear based on your playing position on the ground.

Analyze Your Running Gait before You Hit the Course

best running shoesFinding the best running shoes is one of the biggest difficulties faced by various athletes. If you are an athlete looking to improve your mileage, you need to understand what it entails to have the right running shoes. However, the initial things to ponder is the running gait and gait cycle. This involves how you run so that you can choose the correct shoes. It also helps to know the pronation patterns, which explains your foot’s inward roll while the foot heel hits the ground.

Here are the 3 ways to check and analyze your running gait.


You need to understand when your foot strikes the ground. It is commonly known as initial contact phase of the running gait whereby your knee should flex just before hitting the ground as the foot pronates, meaning both the leg and foot act as shock absorbers. This is the time when the foot and heel should be flexible to accommodate the nature of the terrain. However, it may vary from one runner to another because a typical runner may land forefoot and midfoot first without the heel hitting the ground. Another gait cycle phase is the midstance whereby the leg and foot stabilize the body weight because the foot is not pronating at this time.

Alright, let’s look at the three categories of running gait.


This is considered as the steadiest and most consistent stride pattern because it involves a natural pronation whereby the foot arch receives a full compensation.


This is when your foot rolls in exceptionally, or occasionally when it shouldn’t. There is much body weight transferred to the inner foot or medial side of your foot. As you run forward, there is a load created by the foot’s inner edge rather than the foot’s ball. This means your foot will be destabilized and will attempt to resume stability through compensating for the inward motion.


Also known as supination, which means there is the lack of pronation and the runner’s foot rolls excessively towards the out-step of a stride. The outer shoe heel is likely to have extreme wear while the upper part of the shoe is pushed over to the side.

running gait

Video Running Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis is another perfect technique to learn your running habit, which in turn helps find the right running shoe. It involves a few minutes run while someone is recording a video of your feet. The video is played at a slower speed to allow easy analysis of the details and explain the results, usually done by a professional. The results help a runner to try several running shoes by choosing maximum support, structured cushioning, or a typical cushioning based on the findings.

Apart from feet analysis to help select the right shoes, the video can also be used to analyze legs and body movement. This helps a runner to make necessary changes in order to increase efficiency in running. Also, the professional can study various stages and then identify specific movements that can trigger injuries.

3D foot Mapping

foot mappingThis is the most advanced alternative to the video running gait analysis. 3D foot mapping uses both micro cameras and lasers to produce a more detailed 3D image and video of your foot. A wide range of information is obtained including a scan of arch height and Achilles alignment with your leg. This information is analyzed and used to find the best running shoes. In addition, the information can be analyzed to give hints about the causes of regular foot injuries.

Though 3D foot mapping is quite effective in analyzing runners’ feet, it’s not available in many running clinics and athlete equipment stores. If you are a professional runner, you can find out with your coach to know if there is a local store that offers 3D foot mapping services. It is an ideal way to understand your running gait and then choose the perfect running shoes for your feet.

In conclusion, running gait analysis provides crucial information about running styles of different runners. It helps understand a runner’s level of pronation, as well as checking your leg and body motion to identify areas that may require adjustments in order to increase running efficiency. The main objective is to find the correct running shoes for a more comfortable running experience. So, it can help reduce often injuries caused by wrong shoe types.

Picking the Correct Work Boots for Your Job

foot health

foot healthFinding the correct work boots for your job is vital for everyone. Whether you are looking for ideal boots for athletics, construction, or any other heavy work, it is important to consider full protection of your feet. Given the many work boot types in the market, this blog post will take you through a number of things to ponder when shopping for your next work boots for your job.

Consider the right protective toes

If you work in an environment wrought with serious hazards, a good proactive toe should not miss on your list of things to consider when looking for work boots.  Industrial employees and craftsmen are the most likely to suffer from toe injuries. So, protective toes such as steel, aluminum, and composite are the ASTM-rated toes that can be perfect depending on your needs and the type of job environment.

Steel protective toes are conventionally popular toe caps. They are heavier than the other toes, but also effective for conducting heat away. However, the latest versions are being designed in a way to reduce bulkiness and weight. The aluminum protective toes are lightweight but thicker than the steel ones, making them a nice choice if you want lightweight work boots for your job. On the other hand, composite toes are bulkiest because they are constructed with plastic and carbon fiber. But they are fit for maintaining feet temperature, as well as for non-metallic working environments.

Choose the right soles

work bootsEven though there is a wide range of materials to make soles, you need to look for a protective, long lasting, and slip-resistant sole material. Depending on your working environment, it is crucial to understand the available options so that you can make a wise decision. If you work in a manufacturing or construction work setting, a rubber outsole can be your good. It is slip, oil, and abrasion resistant, and thus ideal for excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

If you want a better lightweight alternative to rubber outsoles, go for the Thermo Poly Urethane (TPU) outsoles. They are chemical, oil, and abrasion resistant, and therefore suitable for long-wearing. Also, they are tough to resist splitting when working. For those looking for a more stable work boot, the ones with an EVA midsole can do the trick. They are designed with lightweight ethylene vinyl acetate and can disperse weight to offer stability for your feet. They are also flexible and the material cushions your feet comfortably while walking.

Consider additional protective features

work boots for workIf you work in an environment that involve lifting and lowering heavy objects, it is important to keep your feet safe from any falling object. Even those working in construction sites require work boots with upper foot protection features. Therefore, check if the work boot has metatarsal guards. These are some of the common protective features considered, but some people tend to assume all boots include the upper foot and toe guards. People working in welding conditions where heavy and hot falling objects may be a problem, the metatarsal guards will ensure constant protection to their feet.

Apart from the metatarsal guards, you can as well check the latest protection improvements on various work boots. For instance, the Tough-Tec leather has been incorporated in several work boots’ upper parts to boost upper feet protection. If you are a welder or you work near open fires, you can look for boots made with Kevlar fibers and laces because they don’t melt when accidentally ‘attacked’ by flames.

Consider fit and comfort

The best work boots are those that will leave your feet feeling at ease even after a long-wearing period. Choosing the wrong work boots will make your feet to develop abrasions, blisters, rubbed, or feeling extremely squeezed. If you wear too tight work boots, you are likely to suffer from corns, blisters, or in-grown toenails. Basically, uncomfortable shoes will cause uneasiness in the toe area due to poorly designed protective toe caps.

Sometimes, you may decide to buy leather work boots because they stretch to conform to your foot shape and size. However, this is a different case when it comes to work boots with steel toe protective because they don’t stretch at all. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right size in order to have a comfortable working experience all day long. Before buying, try to test if the boot fits your foot appropriately. if it doesn’t, check another boot with the right width.