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Transformers Custom Toys | DOTM, ROTF | Movie Optimus Prime http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com Movie TF Custom Toys Wed, 14 Aug 2013 07:06:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.6.6 Transformers 4 Optimus “Powered Up” Prime http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/transformers-4-optimus-powered-up-prime/ Wed, 14 Aug 2013 07:05:24 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=8069

The Transformers 4 movie is already filming. In line with this development, here’s a custom movie Power Up Optimus Prime that is made on a base figure DMK-01 Optimus Prime. You can post a comment below if you like this custom or send me an email if you want to commission this toy 🙂










Custom FOC Bruticus Maximus http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/custom-foc-bruticus-maximus/ Tue, 30 Apr 2013 03:03:50 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=8051

This is just a simple customization i made on Fall of Cybertron Bruticus. I added a Starscream figure on his back as inspired by Eugene Espinas a fellow customizer. What ya think guys? Pls. post your comments below.

Custom FOC Bruticus

Custom FOC Bruticus 3

Custom FOC Bruticus 2

Custom FOC Bruticus 4

Custom Power Up Prime http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/tct-power-up-prime/ Fri, 18 Jan 2013 23:44:09 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=1262

This is my custom version of ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime in his Power Up mode. I made this one to achieve an extremely movie replica of Optimus Prime in the movie Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. This piece of art is highly detailed, custom painted, super poseable body, with fully retractable parts and detachable jet pack thrusters. This is a non transforming figure.

Here are some of my recent works of Custom Power Up:

Power Up GK DNS

Power Up GK DNS

ROTF Power Up Prime

Power Up Prime Prototype X


Videos of Power Up Optimus Prime GK Edition below:

Below are details and videos of my previous edition of Custom Power Up Prime:

1. Ultimate Custom Power Up Leader Class Optimus Prime


  • Prime and jetfire repainted
  • Thrusters development (4 towers)



  • Knee armour
  • Shin guards
  • Removable jetpack pack assembly with wings
  • Redesigned feet
  • Reconstructed guns
  • Shoulder pads
  • Shoulder spikes



  • Waist articulations
  • Reconstructed arms

4.Super Movie Accurate Power Up Prime

  • Wheels on waist removed
  • Armour on outer sides of thighs
  • Armour on abs and technical details
  • Highly improved jetpack with removable/retractable thrusters and thrusters panels and rear wings



  • Improvised stand
  • Redesigned feet
  • Pelvic armour
  • Sets of long and short wings at jet pack
  • Reconstructed big gun
  • Aiming thrusters



  • Ball-jointed head
  • Ball-jointed wings
  • Dry brushed
  • Articulated hands/fingers


  • This prototype became BLACK PUP eventually when it was repainted BLACK
[contact-form-7] ]]>
Custom Blackout http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/transformers-blackout-custom-2/ Fri, 18 Jan 2013 00:10:34 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=1319

Blackout is one of the first Transformers to appear together with his minion Scorponok in the first sequel Transformers movie. He appeared as a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter as a disguise to hack the US Military network to find the location of Megatron and the All Spark. The same figure came out for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen… they called him Grindor.

Transformers Custom Toys presents our standard Custom Blackout. This is a movie accurate replica of Blackout in Transformers the movie. Its a non-transforming movie replica Blackout. It is made up of a 1:48 scale CH53 Sea Stallion helicopter model and a voyager class longhaul. It stands 11.5″ in length and 6″ wide. He has a magnetic removable hands and head that you can swap both arms with his rotor blade weapon. The chest cannon turns horizontally. I modded his left arm and equipped it with a cool pop-up gatling gun and on the opposite arm, a pop up missile pod. Oh yeah! You can pose a lot of action in the figure but has no waist articulation.

The paint scheme of Blackout is also based on the movie. Its got some weathering, shading, and color nuances that adds to its realistic look. it is finished with clear gloss coating to give a shiny and classy decal protection too. Enjoy!

See my Custom Grindor

Custom Blackout

[See image gallery at www.transformerscustomtoys.com]


Power Up AD

Custom Transformers Prime http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/custom-transformers-prime-optimus-prime/ Wed, 16 Jan 2013 22:08:44 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=7983

Here’s a glimpse of my most recent custom Optimus Prime from the Transformers Prime line. Check out the images below:

Custom Transformers Prime - OP

Optimus Prime and Arcee

Optimus Prime

Custom Cliffjumper Headlights http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/custom-cliffjumper-headlights/ Tue, 01 Jan 2013 02:26:18 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=8004

Heres a work in progress Custom Transformers Prime Cliffjumper. I added LED on CJ’s headlight. Nothing fancy.

Sentinel Prime Custom http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/dark-of-the-moon-sentinel-prime-cybertronian-version/ http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/dark-of-the-moon-sentinel-prime-cybertronian-version/#comments Thu, 09 Aug 2012 05:31:52 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=4015

Here’s a work in progress repaint of Sentinel Prime as seen in the first teaser trailer of Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon movie. Much has been said about him as to its name and character and even as to his color scheme. Some said that he is Alpha Trion, others think the color is gold. Later we learned that the Red Fire Truck was Sentinel Prime and that he was the one in the teaser trailer — and came the Leader Class toys in lame dark pink. Here’s my custom repainted version of Sentinel Prime movie version. You can follow also my Red Sentinel Prime repaint. Enjoy!




Power Up AD

http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/dark-of-the-moon-sentinel-prime-cybertronian-version/feed/ 1
Iron Prime Custom http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/iron-prime-custom/ http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/iron-prime-custom/#comments Tue, 26 Jun 2012 04:56:49 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=7952

Hey guys! Just want to update you with my recent custom toy inspired from the Iron Man figure. I named him “Abaddon Prime”. Check out the images below:

Iron Prime Custom

http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/iron-prime-custom/feed/ 1
Arkham Commander Prime http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/arkham-commander-prime/ Thu, 14 Jun 2012 00:59:33 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=7945

Here is an out of the box custom that i have made out of Optimus Prime toy. Presenting my inspired Dark Knight Rising custom Arkham Commander Prime. It stands at 20 inches tall and has full articulated body. This model is non transforming. Check out the images below.

Arkham Commander Prime

Arkham Commander Prime 1

Arkham Commander Prime 2

Arkham Commander Prime 3

Transformers FOC Insecticon Kickback http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/transformers-foc-insecticon-kickback/ Tue, 29 May 2012 01:17:42 +0000 http://www.transformerscustomtoys.com/?p=7941

The official Transformers Facebook page have posted an image of Insecticon Kickback of Transformers Fall of Cybertron game. This giant mechanical grasshopper will be getting his own toy at Fall of Cybertron toyline. Take a look at the image below.

Transformers FOC Insecticon Kickback