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Absolute-Truth Forums » Forum: Facts you should Know - Recent Posts Enquiries into the truth that tends to the Absolute en Tue, 25 Jul 2017 16:51:42 +0000 Anonymous on "The Terror in cow slaughter"
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Tue, 01 Mar 2011 14:57:54 +0000
Anonymous 142@ <p><img src=""><br /> McDonalds responsible for the slaughter of 67 thousand cows per day!</p> <p>McDonalds opened in 1955. Since then they are proud to advertise that 247 billion beef burgers have been sold. On the web are many sites analyzing this, and there we find that they can get 2024 burgers from a cow. 247 billion divided by 2024 = a total of 122 million cows slaughtered so far!<br /> Since the last 5 years, McDonalds boasts of serving over 5 billion burgers per year. That makes 25 million cows per year! Or 67,680 cows per day!!</p> <p>Animal slaughter equals Social Unrest.</p> <p>The UN and US Fed Chair Bernanke back it up.</p> <p>by Subhavilasa das ACBSP, 24,02,2011. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p>In recent weeks you have probably noticed more social unrest and rioting around the world. This is being directly caused by increased slaughter of animals. The most influential and recognized economist in the world, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recognized this issue this month and so does the United Nation.</p> <p>I watched the news clip live a few weeks ago as Ben Bernanke talked about the co-relation of eating beef and rising food prices and it drove me to find the quote from Reuters and write this article.</p> <p>Some excerpts:</p> <p>The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation Food Price Index on Thursday touched its highest level since records began in 1990 as rising food prices showed no sign of relenting, prompting concerns of social unrest.</p> <p>He (Bernanke) said higher food prices were stoked by increasing consumer demand in emerging economies for such things as meat.</p> <p>"As people's diets are becoming more sophisticated and as they eat more beef and less grains and so on, the demand for food and energy rise and that's the primary long-term factor affecting the real price of commodity and food," Bernanke said.<br /> ---end---</p> <p>Bernanke says their diets are becoming more "sophisticated" but in reality "barbarian" is more apt of a term. Now it does not take a genius economist to figure out how to resolve this social unrest and looming crisis for inflation and food prices. It will simply take a return to a natural human diet of vegetarian food.</p> <p>To explain the crisis some simple stats comparing the production of beef to wheat.</p> <p>· It takes 18 times more fossil fuel per calorie to produce beef compared to wheat.<br /> · It takes 15 times the land to produce beef.<br /> · It takes a whopping 200 times the water to produce a pound of beef compared to wheat.<br /> · This animals are bred by meat producers and fattened up by giving them about 16 pounds of grain for every pound of beef produced.</p> <p>The ratios are similarly disproportionate for all major categories of grains.<br /> All of the above stats do not take into account the inhumane conditions and countless suffering animals are put through just to feed a barbarian diet. Of course, the serious karmic reactions of animal killing is on top of all of these basic arguments.</p> <p>As Srila Prabhupada said:<br /> "We simply request, Don't kill. Don't maintain slaughterhouses. That is very sinful. It brings down very severe karmic reactions upon society. Stop these slaughterhouses".</p> <p>McDonalds responsible for the lawless condition of society</p> <p>In a civilization where God is conspicuously banished, and there is no devotee warrior like Arjuna, the associates of the age of Kali take advantage of this lawless kingdom and arrange to kill innocent animals like the cow in secluded slaughterhouses. Such murderers of animals stand to be condemned to death by the order of a pious king like Mahäräja Pariksit. For a pious king, the culprit who kills an animal in a secluded place is punishable by the death penalty, exactly like a murderer who kills an<br /> innocent child in a secluded place. [SB 1.17.6]</p> <p>The cow is the mother because just as one sucks the breast of one's mother, human society takes cow's milk. Similarly, the bull is the father of human society because the father earns for the children just as the bull tills the ground to produce food grains. Human society will kill its spirit of life by killing the father and the mother.[SB 3.2.29]</p> <p>The principal sign of the age of Kali is that lower-caste südras, i.e., men without brahminical culture and spiritual initiation, will be dressed like administrators or kings, and the principal business of such non-kshatriya rulers will be to kill the innocent animals, especially the cows and the bulls, who shall be unprotected by their masters, the bona fide vaishyas, the mercantile community. In the Bhagavad-Gita (18.44), it is said that the vaishyas are meant to deal in agriculture, cow protection and trade. In the age of Kali, the degraded vaishyas, the mercantile men, are engaged in supplying cows to slaughterhouses. The kshatriyas are meant to protect the<br /> citizens of the state, whereas the vaishyas are meant to protect the cows and bulls and utilize them to produce grains and milk. The cow is meant to<br /> deliver milk, and the bull is meant to produce grains. But in the age of Kali, the südra class of men are in the posts of administrators, and the<br /> cows and bulls, or the mothers and the fathers, unprotected by the vaishyas, are subjected to the slaughterhouses organized by the südra administrators.<br /> [SB 1.17.1]</p> <p>In Vedic culture the cow is the emblem of peace and religion.</p> <p>The grandson on King Yudishthira of Mahabharata fame, was named Pariksit. In the Srimad Bhagavatam, 1st Canto [1.12.26 &amp; 1.4.9], it is written:-<br /> Mahäräja Pariksit wanted to kill the personified Kali, who was attempting to kill a cow, the emblem of peace and religion. His activities are also wonderful because he chastised Kali, [of Kali-yuga - the present age of quarrel], who was attempting to kill a cow. To kill cows means to end human civilization.</p> <p>McDonalds = the grossest type of ignorance</p> <p>Bhagavad-gita, chapter 14, text 16:- The animal killers do not know that in the future the animal will have a body suitable to kill them. That is the law of nature. In human society, if one kills a man he has to be hanged. That is the law of the state. Because of ignorance, people do not perceive that there is a complete state controlled by the Supreme Lord. Every living creature is a son of the Supreme Lord, and He does not tolerate even an ant's being killed. One has to pay for it. So indulgence in animal killing for the taste of the tongue is the grossest kind of ignorance. A human being has no need to kill animals, because God has supplied so many nice things. If one indulges in meat-eating anyway, it is to be understood that he is acting in ignorance and is making his future very dark. Of all kinds of animal killing, the killing of cows is most vicious because the cow gives us all kinds of pleasure by supplying milk. Cow slaughter is an act of the grossest type of ignorance.<br /> Note: This Article submitted by HG Aravinda krishna prabhu </p>
Truth Seeker on "History of Cow slaughter in India"
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Tue, 02 Nov 2010 07:39:08 +0000
Truth Seeker 132@ <p><img src=""><br /> <strong>The Plot</strong></p> <p>The two most astonishing things for the British who invaded India were.the Indian gurukula system and the Indian agriculture system. The then Governor of British India Robert Clive made an extensive research on the agriculture system in India with idea of creating dependence on the industrial houses established by the British. The outcome of the research was as follows:</p> <p> * Cows were the basis of Indian agriculture and agriculture in India cannot be executed without the help of cow.<br /> * To break the Backbone of Indian agriculture cows had to be eliminated.<br /> * He estimated that the number of cows in Bengal outnumbered the number of men. Similar was the situation in the rest of India.</p> <p><strong>The Effect</strong></p> <p>As a part of the Master plan to destabilize the India, cow slaughter was initiated. The first slaughterhouse in India was started in 1760, with a capacity to kill 30,000 (Thirty thousand only) per day, at least one crore cows were eliminated in an years time.Once the cows were slaughtered, then there was no manure and there is no insecticide like cow urine. Robert Clive started a number of slaughter houses before he left India.</p> <p>A hypothesis to understand the position of Indian agriculture without slaughter houses. In 1740 in the Arcot District of Tamil Nadu, 54 Quintals of rice was harvested from one acre of land using simple manure and pesticides like cow urine and cow dung. As a result of the 350 slaughterhouses which worked day and night by 1910. India was practically bereft of cattle. India had to approach England’s doorstep for industrial manure. Thus industrial manure like urea and phosphate made way to India.<br /> After India attained independence in the name of Green Revolution there was extensive use of industrial manure. Before British left India. The daily news paper Guardian interviewed India.<br /> <strong>Sorry State</strong></p> <p>To one of the questions Gandhiji answered, that the day India attains Independence, all the slaughter houses in India would be closed. In 1929 Nehru in a public meeting stated that if he were to become the prime minister of India, the first thing he would do is to stop all the slaughterhouses.The tragedy of the situation is since 1947 the number has increased from 350 to 36,000(thirty six thousand) slaughter houses.Today, the highly mechanized slaughterhouses Al-kabir and Devanar of Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra has the capacity to slaughter 10,000(ten thousand) cows at a time. Is someone listening. </p>
Truth Seeker on "Spirituality helps cope with Stress"
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Tue, 02 Nov 2010 07:19:06 +0000
Truth Seeker 129@ <p>NEW YORK: A person’s religiousness could offer insight into his or her risk for depression, a new research has suggested.</p> <p>Researchers at Temple University have based their findings on an analysis of nearly 1,000 people in terms of three domains of religiosity — religious service attendance; religious well-being; and existential well-being which refers to a person’s sense of meaning and their purpose in life.</p> <p>They compared each domain of religiosity to their risk of depression and found that the group with higher levels of religious well-being were 1.5 times less likely to have had depression than those with lower levels of religious well -being, the Psychological Medicine journal reported.</p> <p>According to lead researcher Joanna Maselko, this is because people with depression tend to use religion as a coping mechanism. As a result, they’re more closely relating to God and praying more.</p> <p>The researchers also found that those who attended religious services were 30% less likely to have had depression in their lifetime, and those who had high levels of existential well-being were 70% less likely to have had depression than those who had low levels of existential well-being.</p> <p>“People with high levels of existential well-being tend to have a good base, which makes them very centred emotionally. People who don’t have those things are at greater risk for depression, and those same people might also turn to religion to cope,” Maselko said.</p> <p>However, the American researchers are yet to find out which comes first — depression or being religious.</p> <p>Source: Times of India </p>
Truth Seeker on "Violence in media and related crime"
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Tue, 02 Nov 2010 07:16:30 +0000
Truth Seeker 128@ <p>Violent action films are making Indian teenagers more aggressive and some are even keeping weapons to satisfy their urge or to show off, says a new study conducted in schools in Delhi and its neighbouring areas.</p> <p>The alarming finding comes from a survey by Delhi-based psychiatrist Samir Parikh among 1,000 students in private schools here and in the suburban towns of Gurgaon and Noida.</p> <p>The survey says that as a large number of children in the 14-17 age group watch violent movies, they might be getting more aggressive.</p> <p>“It is an attitudinal survey and not a behavioural survey. These children are young and vulnerable. After seeing such movies, they are inspired to copy them,” Parikh told IANS.</p> <p>The study has found that an overwhelming majority of boys – 79 percent – enjoy watching violent movies, while 34 percent of girls also love seeing such action-oriented films.</p> <p>“This indicates that a large population of students watch violent movies, which could result in their behaving in an aggressive manner. Movies do make an impression,” said Parikh.</p> <p>Forty-four percent of boys said they have the urge to hit or harm someone, while the figure was 32 percent for girls.</p> <p>Also, about 35 percent of boys feel that showing some force or bullying someone is important to make friends like them more. Around 24 percent of girls agree with this.</p> <p>A worried Parikh said: “We need to understand teenagers. They have a certain mindset and are thus more vulnerable. They might not be harming anyone or bullying anyone now. But in the future, they might think it is ok to do so.”</p> <p>The survey says feelings like physically harming someone score quite high among teenagers. “But it is not clear whether they actually act out their urge in harming someone.”</p> <p>Many children said they are aware that their friends carry a weapon to school. The weapon can be anything that they feel will protect them.</p> <p>Parikh said: “It comes as a shock to see that quite a few students are aware that defensive weapons are carried into school premises. These weapons could be anything.”</p> <p>As many as 31 percent of boys said they know of someone being threatened or injured with a weapon in school while the figure is 22 percent for girls.</p> <p>Another point the study highlights is that many children shared their feeling of not wanting to go to school as they feel unsafe. This could also be because of bullying by others or the fear that they could be harmed, said the psychiatrist.</p> <p>As many as 53 percent of boys said they felt safer when they are with their own gang or group in school. This is true for girls too. About 45 percent of girls said they feel protected in school if they are part of a group.</p> <p>Parikh said children with such thinking needed to be identified so that their pre-conceived mindsets could be corrected.</p> <p>“Teachers and educationists need to work on understanding the adolescents. This is the time when they make up their mind. If they have to be shaped as better human beings, they have to be counselled now,” he added.</p> <p>Source TOI, 12 Dec 2008 </p>
Truth Seeker on "Curative properties of Tulsi plant"
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Tue, 02 Nov 2010 07:09:46 +0000
Truth Seeker 127@ <p>AGRA: There’s a dollop of ayurvedic wisdom to help Taj Mahal retain its original allure. Even as the monument of love, yellowing with age, awaits its promised beauty pack, forest department has come up with another quickfix project: Plant-a-Tulsi drive in Agra. The recommended complexion care regimen, officers claim, has full backing of ancient texts which hold Tulsi as the panacea for all problems from cosmic to cosmetic.</p> <p>The department will launch the Tulsi plantation drive from January 2009. The public-private joint venture is expected to provide an eco-protection cover to sensitive Taj trapezium zone surrounding the 17th century monument as well as the other two world heritage monuments like the Agra Fort and Aitma-ud-Daula tomb. Tulsi was (Occinum sanctum) chosen for its anti-pollutant anti-oxidation and air-purifying properties, making it an ideal ornamental shrub in the vicinity of the Taj.</p> <p>Talking to TOI on Thursday, DFO, Agra division, N K Janu, said that the target in the first phase was to plant one lakh plants. Nearly 80,000 of the lot, he said, would be planted ensuring community involvement. The department is short-listing the NGOs to be invited to join the effort. The idea is to concentrate on colonies adjacent to Taj Mahal, mainly Taj Nagri, Shastri Puram, Kamala Nagar, to name a few.</p> <p>The job is to sensitise the masses about pollution, and ensure maximum participation and follow up, he said. Meanwhile, forest department will undertake greening the Taj Forest Block Area (TFBA). Initially, the task involves plating 10,000 saplings alongside the 650 broad leaved environment friendly saplings (peepal, neem, pakar, goolar, kadamb and bargad) planted this year, he said.</p> <p>The launch, he said, would be marked by distribution of Tulsi saplings in every school of Agra on Republic Day. Over 10,000 plants would be given out to children accompanied by a letter of appeal to the parents, says RP Bharti, the chief conservator of forest, Agra zone. The letter will request their corporation to save the environment and Taj, he said.</p> <p>The drive, said the DFO, needs much caution and care as Tulsi is a very sensitive plant and liable to wilt under winter frost. The department will launch the drive by January-end to ensure that survival of Tulsi is satisfactory.</p> <p>Source: TOI, 12 Dec 2008</p> <p>Notes from the Editor’s desk.</p> <p>Although vaishnavas donot utilize Tulasi for any other purpose other than to offer to Lord Krishna, people in general use it for its medicinal value. Growing a Tulasi plant is a common custom in traditional Hindu households, perhaps its not without a reason. Tulasi not only bestows pure devotional service to her worshippers but as we see here protects her worshippers from pollution as well. For whatever reason since they plan to plant Tulasi and water it daily is going to give some spiritual benefit to otherwise sinful people. Especially as the Padma Purana extolls the glories of worshipping Tulasi. </p>
Anonymous on "Glories of Tirupati (Tamil)"
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Fri, 30 Jul 2010 06:22:03 +0000
Anonymous 122@ <p><img src=""><br /> by Praveenmuthu<br /> திருவேங்கடமுடையான் ஏழுமலை வாசனை வணங்கி மகிழ்கின்றோம். ஆனால் திருப்பதியில் நம்மில் சிலருக்குத் தெரியாத அதிசயங்கள், உண்மைகள், நடைமுறைகள் எவ்வளவோ உள்ளன. அவற்றிவ் சிலவற்றை தொகுத்து வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. </p> <p>திருப்பதி ஸ்ரீ ஏழுமலையான் திருவுருவச் சிலையில் சிலிர்க்க வைக்கும் ரகசியங்கள் உள்ளன அவைகளில் சில.........<br /> 1. திருப்பதி ஆலயத்திலிருந்து 1 கிலோமீட்டர் தொலைவில் "சிலாதோரணம்" என்ற அபூர்வ பாறைகள் உள்ளன. உலகத்திலேயே இந்த பாறைகள் இங்கு மட்டும் தான் உள்ளன.இந்த பாறைகளின் வயது 250 கோடி வருடம். ஏழுமலையானின் திருமேனியும், இந்த பாறைகளும் ஒரே விதமானவை.<br /> 2. ஏழுமலையான் திருவுருவச்சிலைக்கு பச்சைக்கற்பூரம் சார்த்துகிறார்கள். இந்த பச்சைக்கற்பூரம் ஒரு இரசாயனம். அரிப்பைக் கொடுக்கும் ஒருவகை அமிலம். இந்த இரசாயனத்தை சாதாரணக்கருங்கல்லில் தடவினால் கருங்கல் வெடித்துவிடும். ஆனால், சிலாதாரணத்தில் உள்ள பாறைகளில் இதைத் தடவினால் அந்தப்பறைகள் பெடிப்பதில்லை. ஏழுமலையாக் திருவுருவச்சிலைக்கு 365 நாளும் பச்சைக்கற்பூரம் தடவுகிறார்கள். ஆனாலும்வெடிப்புஏற்படுவதில்லை.<br /> 3. எந்தக் கருங்கல் சிலையானாலும் எங்காவது ஒர் இடத்தில் சிற்பியின் உளிபட்டிருக்கும் இடம் தெரியும்.. உலோகச்சிலையானாலும் உலோ கத்தை உருக்கி வார்த்த இடம் தெரியும். ஏழுமலையான் திருவுருவச்சிலையில் அப்படி எதுவும் அடையாளம் தெரியவில்லை. எந்த கருங்கல் சிலையை எடுத்துக்கொண்டாலும் சுரசுரப்பாக இருக்கும். ஆனால் ஏழுமலையான் திருமேனியில் நுணுக்க வேலைப்பாடுகள் எல்லாம் மெருகு போடப்பட்டது போல் இருக்கின்றன. ஏழுமலையான் விக்ரகத்தில் நெற்றிச்சுட்டி, காதணிகள், புருவங்கள், நாகாபரணங்கள் எல்லாம் நகைக்கு பாலீஷ் போட்டது போல் பளபளப்பாகஇருக்கின்றன.<br /> 4. ஏழுமலையான் திருவுருவச்சிலை எப்போதும் 110 டிகிரி ஃபாரன்கீட் வெப்பத்தில் இருக்கிறது. திருமலை 3000 அடி உயரத்தில் உள்ள குளிர்பிரதேசம். அதிகாலை 4.30 மணிக்கு குளிர்ந்த நீர், பால் மற்றும் திரவியங்களால் அபிஷேகம் செய்கிறார்கள். ஆனால், அபிஷேகம் முடிந்தவுடன் ஏழுமலையானுக்கு வியர்க்கிறது.பீதாம்பரத்தால் வியர்வையை ஒற்றி எடுக்கிறார்கள். வியாழக்கிழமை அபிஷேகத்திற்கு முன்னதாக, நகைகளைக் கழற்றும் போது, ஆபரணங்கள் எல்லாம் சூடாகக்கொதிக்கின்றன.<br /> திருப்பதி ஆலயம், அதன் வழிபாடு, உண்டியல் வசூல், பூஜை முறைகள், சரித்திர சம்பவங்கள் அனைத்தும் அதிசய நிகழ்வுகளாகஇருக்கின்றன.<br /> 1. திருப்பதி திருக்கோயில் சமையல்கட்டு மிககூம் பெரியதாகும். பொங்கல், தயிர்சாதம்,புளிச்சாதம், சித்ரான்னம், வடை, முறுக்கு, ஜிலேபி, அதி ரசம், போளி, அப்பம், மெளகாரம், லட்டு, பாயசம், தோசை, ரவாகேசரி, பாதாம்கேசரி, முந்திரிப்பருப்பு கேசரி போன்றவை தினமும் பெரிய அளவில் தயார் செய்யப்படுகின்றன.<br /> 2. ஏழுமலையானுக்கு தினமும் ஒரு புதிய மண்சட்டி வாங்குகிறார்கள். இதில் தயிர்சாதம் தவிர வேறு எந்த நைவேத்தியமும் கோவில் கர்பக்கிருகத்திற்குக் குலசேகரப் படியைத் தாண்டாது. வைரம், வைடூரியம், தங்கப்பாத்திரங்கள் எதுவும் குலசேகரப்படியைத் தாண்டச் செல்லாது. ஆண்டவனுக்கு நைவேத்தியம் செய்யப்பட்ட எச்சில் மண்சட்டியும், தயிர்சாதமும் ஒரு பக்தனுக்குக் கிடைக்கப் பெற்றால் அது மிகப்பெரிய பாக்கியமாகும்.<br /> 3. ஏழுமலையான் உடை 21 முழ நீளமும் 6 கிலோ எடையும் கொண்ட புடவை பட்டு பீதாம்பரமாகும். இந்த ஆடையை கடையில் வாங்க முடியாது. திருப்பதி தேவஸ்தான அலுவலகத்தில் 12500 ரூபாய் செலுத்த வேண்டும்.வாரத்தில் ஒரு முறை வெள்ளிக்கிழமை அன்று மட்டும் தான் வஸ்திரம் சாத்துவார்கள். இது மேல் சாத்து வஸ்திரம். பணம் செலுத்திய பிறகு வஸ்திரம் சாத்துவதற்கு மூன்று வருடங்கள் காத்திருக்க வேண்டும்.<br /> 14. திருப்பதி ஓவியங்கள் 300 ஆண்டுகள் பழமையானவை.<br /> 15. வெள்ளிக்கிழமைகளில் வில்வ இலை அர்ச்சனைக்கு உபயோகப்படுத்தப்படுகிறது. மார்கழிமாத அர்சனைக்கும் உபயோகப்படுத்தப்படுகிறது.<br /> 19. எந்த சாத்வீக, சாந்தமான தெய்வத்தின் திருவுருவச்சிலையிலும் கையில் ஒரு ஆயுதமாகிலும் இருக்கும். ஆனால் ஏழுமலையான் திருவுருவச்சலையில் எந்த ஆயுதமும் கிடையாது. அவர் நிராயுதபாணி. அதனால்தான் தமிழ் இலக்கியத்தில் நம் முன்னோர்களால், வெறுங்கை வேடன் என்று அழைக்கப்பட்டார்.<br /> 20. 1781 ஆம் ஆண்டு பிரிட்டிஷ் பீரங்கிப்படை தக்கோலம் என்ற இடத்தில் முகாமிட்டிருந்தது. அப்படையின் 33 ஆவது பிரிவைச்சேர்ந்த லெவெல்லியன் என்ற போர் வீரர் படுகாயம் அடைந்தார். அவர் குணமடைய ஏழுமலையானை பிராத்தித்திருகிறார். குணமடைந்ததும் ஓர் இந்து சிப்பாய் மூலம் நேர்த்திக்கடன்செலுத்தியிருக்கிறார்.<br /> 21. ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் சர் தாமஸ் மன்றோ, கர்னல் ஜியோ ஸ்டிராட்டன் போன்றவர்கள் ஏழுமலையானின் பக்தர்கள் ஆவர்.<br /> 22. திருமலையின் புனிதத்தன்மை கருதி 1759 முதல் 1874 வரை எந்த ஆங்கிலேயரும் மலை ஏறவில்லை. ஆங்கிலப்பாதிரிகள் மலையில் ஏதாவது ஒரு பகுதியில் ஒரு சிலுவை நட விரும்பினார்கள். ஆனால் அதற்கு ஆங்கிலேயத் தளபதிகளே அனுமதி அளிக்கவில்லை. திருமலை திருக்கோயிலில் நித்யபடி பூஜைகள் நடக்க வேண்டும் என்று ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் விரும்பினார்கள். பூஜைகள் சரிவர நடக்காவிட்டால் தங்கள் ஆட்சிக்கு பங்கம் வரும் எனக் கவலைப்பட்டார்கள்.<br /> 23. திருவில்லிப்புத்தூர் கோவிலில் இருந்து ஸ்ரீ ஆண்டாள் அணிந்த மாலைகள் திருபதி கொண்டு வரப்பட்டு ஏழுமலை ஆண்டவனுக்கு சாத்தப்படுகிறது. ஸ்ரீ ஆண்டாள் ஏழுமலையானை கடவுளாக வழிபட்டு வாழ்த்தி வணங்கிணார்.<br /> 28. திருமலை திருக்கோவிலில் 1180 கல்வெட்டுக்கள் உள்ளன. இதில் 236 பல்லவ, சோழ, பாண்டியர் காலத்தவை. 169 கல்வெட்டுக்கள் சாளுவ வம்ச மன்னர்கள் காலத்தவை. 229 கிருஷ்ண தேவராயர் காலத்தவை. 251 அச்சுதராயர் காலத்தவை. 147 சதாசிவராயர் காலத்தவை. 135 கொண்டை வீடு அரசர் காலத்தவை. நந்திவர்மன் (பல்லவர்) ஆண்ட கி.பி.830 தொடங்கி 1909 வரை உள்ளன. கல்வெட்டுகளில் 50 கல்வெட்டுக்கள் தான் தெலுங்கு, கன்னட மொழிகளில் உள்ளன. மீதம் 1130 கல்வெட்டுக்கள் தமிழில் தான் உள்ளன. </p>
Anonymous on "Alarm over chemicals in veggies"
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Anonymous 121@ <p><img src=""><br /> NEW DELHI: How fresh and healthy are the vegetables that you consume daily? Not much, according to the Union health ministry.</p> <p>In a bid to make them look garden fresh and ensure that they grow faster to reach markets, farmers are using chemicals at random that threaten to cause serious health hazards to consumers.</p> <p>Expressing concern, minister of state for health Dinesh Trivedi has said, "Eating vegetables -- a must for good health -- may pose serious threat to health, causing nervous breakdowns, sterility and various neurotic complications because of their chemical content."</p> <p>In a letter to Union health secretary K Sujatha Rao, Trivedi has called for immediate action against farmers involved in such unscrupulous acts.</p> <p>The letter outlines that the health benefits of consuming green vegetables as a staple diet finds "a sharp contradiction in the present day context". Farmers are blatantly using hormone shots to help vegetables at a faster rate. "These hormones may cause irreparable damage to our health, if consumed over a period of time," Trivedi wrote.</p> <p>Oxytocin is the most commonly-used hormone, which was earlier primarily prescribed for pregnant women.</p> <p>However, the Schedule H drug has been banned since then.</p> <p>"The hormone can be used only on animals, leave alone vegetables. The even more shocking element is that the public/authorities may also be aware of this Oxytocin. In local parlance, it has got many names starting from cocin and ‘paani to dawai', and is available at almost all the general stores," the letter said.</p> <p>Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone, which also acts as a neurotransmitter in brain. The hormone is used clinically to help begin or to continue labour, to control bleeding after delivery and to stimulate the secretion of breast milk.</p> <p>"Researchers have proved that the indiscriminate use of Oxytocin injections by farmers has been causing health hazards. Oxytocin is being used by fruit and vegetable growers, who administer it to the plants and climbers which grow faster and get ready for sale," warned the letter.</p> <p>The injection is mainly being administered to vegetables like pumpkin, watermelon, brinjal, gourd and cucumber.</p> <p>Trivedi also pointed to the rampant use of chemicals like copper sulphates for artificially colouring both fruits and vegetables. The minister hoped that the adverse effects of these toxins are scrutinised and their wanton usuage monitored and looked into immediately.</p> <p>Milch cows are also administered Oxytocin to augment production of milk.</p> <p>Calcium carbide is used in fruits for ripening, but can harm eyes and lungs, besides causing severe irritating and burning sensation of skin. Also, it may lead to irritation in mouth and throat, and if inhaled can cause both coughing and wheezing. </p>
Truth Seeker on "Some facts about Near Death Experience"
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Truth Seeker 120@ <p><img src=""><br /> The following are the facts that supplement the theory of <a href="">NDE and OBE</a>.<br /> *People have NDEs while they are brain dead<br /> *People see verified events while out-of-body<br /> *People born blind can see during a NDE<br /> *Children have NDEs similar to adults<br /> *People are dramatically changed by NDEs<br /> *People who have NDEs are convinced<br /> *Groups of people can share a single NDE<br /> *Some people have been clinically dead for several days and have come back alive.<br /> *Some people correctly foresee the future<br /> *NDEs have been reported since ancient times<br /> *NDEs have been validated in scientific studies<br /> *Studies validate out-of-body experiences<br /> *Quantum physics supports NDE concepts<br /> *Hypnotic regression validates NDE concepts<br /> *Dream research supports survival after death<br /> *After-death communications have been reported<br /> *Synchronicity provides afterlife connections<br /> *Hypnosis can induce after-death visions<br /> *Deathbed visions support survival after death<br /> *Out-of-body experiences have been induced<br /> *Hallucinogens produce out-of-body states<br /> *Credible angel visitations have been reported<br /> *Apparitions of the deceased have been seen<br /> *Psychic mediums have contacted the dead<br /> *Remote viewing is a verifiable reality<br /> *Some people retain pre-birth memories<br /> *The voices of the dead have been recorded<br /> *Remarkable similarities exist between NDEs<br /> *Scientific evidence of reincarnation exists </p>
Truth Seeker on "Tiruchendur Temple Escapes Tsunami but not Velankanni?"
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Truth Seeker 113@ <p><img src=""><br /> Tiruchendur <a href="">Lord Murugan Temple</a> is on the sea shore - within 100 metres of the waves. The Temple is a cave with the entrance at the sea level and the cave inside is sliding down to the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Lord Subramaniam ( Murugan ) . When we stand in front of the deity, the sea water level outside is higher than our heads. There is every likely hood that tidal waves and tsunamis can rush in and fill the cave Temple with sea water. In the history of the Temple, it is mentioned that the Water God ( Lord Varuna ) has promised Lord Murugan that he will not cross the boundary of the Temple.</p> <p>It seems the Water God has kept his promise. While the tsunami on 26/12/04 has lashed the eastern coast of India and inundated all places near the coast deeply, the sea water did not enter the Temple. At 10.00 Hrs on the fated day ( 26/12/04), the sea near the temple receded by a Kilometre - people could see there a big crater with rocks visible - gradually the sea came back to its original level. But sea water has entered Jeeva Nager located opposite Tiruchendur Bus stand at 12.30 Hrs.</p> <p>All other coastal areas near Tiruchendur were affected by the lashing of tsunami. The Temple area is unaffected as the sea receded there as though to keep the promise given. </p> <p><img src=""><br /> Quite in contrary the Tsunami did not spare the <a href="">Velankanni</a> shrine.How can blessed Velankanni meet such a fate?</p> <p>The pilgrimage town of Velankanni in Nagapattinam district, that used to be flooded with devotees from across the country, today (Jan 11, 2005) wears a deserted look! With roofless and broken shops on either side of the road and debris strewn all over the beach, this coastal town is now a far cry from what it used to be two weeks back.</p> <p>Around 650 people lost their lives and 961 went missing when the killer tsunami struck Velankanni, the day after Christmas. Majority of those missing are pilgrims who had come to renowned Velankanni Mother Mary shrine, one of the most famed Christian pilgrimage centres in South India. For many of the pilgrims in Velankanni, a sense of scepticism has crept in. They find it difficult to accept how a pilgrim centre "blessed by divine presence" could meet such a fate, while others are slowly reconciling to the fury of nature!</p> <p>So it all seems to point out that God did want to prove a point here. Are Christians going wrong somewhere? </p>
Truth Seeker on "From Matrix to Avatar, Hollywood toys vedic themes"
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Truth Seeker 112@ <p><img src=""><br /> Imagine. The world is an illusion. The universe is composed of computer codes... a virtual fantasy force fed to us. The most over-analysed movie since film critics were invented, The Matrix: Reloaded abounds with theological references. Christianity, Buddhism... all streams jostle for space, even as a hefty dose of Greek philosophy is thrown in.</p> <p>But the very premise on which the movie is based — the illusory world versus the real world — recalls the concept of ‘Maya’ in Hinduism. ‘‘Maya has several levels to it of which illusion is one level. The foundation on which The Matrix is based assumes that ours is a computer-coded world — hence, it is an illusion. In this regard, there is a parallel,’’ says sociologist Ashish Nandy.</p> <p>The Vedas state that whatever is happening all around is Maya, a dream which Lord Vishnu sees as He sleeps. Maya shields the truth or Brahman from the self or Atman. ‘‘Maya, as a concept, is both fluid and unstable. It exists but, at the same time, it is fictitious,’’ says Imtiaz Ahmed, professor of sociology at JNU.</p> <p>This explanation is analogous to The Matrix philosophy, which states that we live in an illusory world and only an unplugged/awake world is the real world. In the movie, Neo, Morpheus and Trinity often leave the real world behind and, by computer wizardry, enter the Matrix. But it is not their physical beings, but their mental projections which fight all the battles. This recalls the Vedanta concept of ‘mithya’, the belief that only the Almighty is real.</p> <p>The Vedantas say that humans live in a world of illusion and, when we comprehend this reality, we realise that man and the Almighty are one. ‘‘Acceptance of the ‘real world’ can be linked to Brahman — the supreme consciousness. Sankara asserts that the individual Atman and the universal Brahman are one and the same and the concept of a creator distinct from the creation is a cosmic illusion,’’ says spiritual guru Sudarshanacharya Maharaj. Moreover, Neo’s realisation that the world is a computer programme is compared to attaining nirvana.</p> <p>In one scene, a boy bends a spoon by sheer will-power and tells Neo, ‘‘To bend the spoon, you need to realise that there is no spoon. The spoon does not bend, you yourself bend.’’ When Neo realises the truth about illusion, he becomes omnipotent — he is even able to stop bullets! ‘‘Hinduism propounds a similar belief. It talks about ethereal state beyond matter through divine knowledge and in this state he conquers all fear; he experiences eternal peace,’’ says Sudarshanacharya Maharaj. Moreover, as with Arjuna in the Mahabharata, Neo, is caught in a dilemma at the hour of reckoning — of having to choose between saving the world and saving Trinity.</p> <p>Neo chooses the latter, thus deviating from his ‘duty’ as interpreted by Lord Krishna in the Gita. However, his prior exchange with the Oracle is insightful. ‘‘You already know my choice. How is it a choice then? What if I do not choose?’’ he asks her. ‘‘Even that is making a choice,’’ she tells him. ‘‘Knowledge is the only truth. Knowledge is power — the power to make a choice. And this power helps good in its fight against evil — be it in the Mahabharata or The Matrix,’’ says TKV Subramaniam, dean of social sciences at DU.</p> <p>Behind the metaphoric blitzkrieg perforating The Matrix: Reloaded is the unwritten word of Indian philosophy, which has influenced man and mankind since time immemorial. Ironically, it has taken the box-office success of a blockbuster movie based on illusion to reload a universal truth — Indian in spirit —once again.</p> <p><img src=""></p> <p>It's one of the biggest movie hits of the decade and has revolutionized the use of technology in film. But James Cameron's 'Avatar' may also be a profound interpretation of one of humanity's oldest scriptures. That's according to writer and director Sudipto Chattopadhyay, who writes in the Passion for Cinema film blog that Cameron's choice of title was deeply thought out from the Hindu perspective.</p> <p>Despite the film coming under criticism for a weak story line Chattopadhyay instead lauds Cameron's "Avatar" as "a truly post-structuralist, post-modern work of epic proportions both in terms of story telling and redefining how the human eye can perceive a constructed image in motion."</p> <p>The concept in Avatar is the possibility of out of body travel or body to body travel. There are lot instances of this vedic history or puranas there is no dogma in this because the soul is the occupier of this body and theoretically differnt from the body so there is all possibility of a body to body travel. The one of the recent examples in vedic metaphysics is from the life of <a href="">Shankaracharya</a> one of the main proponent of modern vedic theology. Once when challenged on his knowledge of amorous love, through the powers of mystic yoga Shankaracharya entered into trance. He left his body and entered the body of a sensuous king named Amaruka. In the body of the king Shankaracharya experienced erotic love and acquired knowledge of all its intricacies. Before the forty days had ended Shankaracharya re-entered his own body and returned to debate with his opponent Bharati and defeated her.</p> <p>There are many such incidents of astral travel and out of body travel which reinforces the science of soul. </p>
Truth Seeker on "Why is the human population ever increasing?"
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Truth Seeker 100@ <p>Humans are on the summit of the soul's evolution from lower to higher species according to Vedic ontology. So why is the human population seem to be increasing for ever?</p> <p>On the first place what is wrong in it, how does it question the Law of Karma. Besides we need to see that more humans means more consumption of livestock, more chicken and cattle (those who ate chicken in their previous lives are reborn as chicken due to law of Karma) for consumption and more mosquitoes. Who is going to account for that? And the very fact that all of the humans are somehow able to get their food itself a proof that there are more other living entities down the food chain.</p> <p>The puranas talk about 8 million species of life. It is not necessary that we will have to have all the species in equal quantities. There is always a food chain and the animals consumed are always more than animals up in the foodchain. That is all. And when we see the totality of number of species all over the creation consisting of millions of universes there is no problem.</p> <p>The immediate rational would be to say that the human are living longer because of better medical facilities and immunization from diseases. Which may be seemingly true. But it no way affects law of karma.</p> <p>We also have to take into consideration the census methodology being adopted for estimating population. With large scale migration of people from villages to cities. There could be duplicates both intentional and non intentional. The validity can be seriously questioned. Besides in the amount of time taken to take census many people could have died. And there are so many people dying in the war torn countries, who is accounting for that. </p> <p>More on <a href=''>myth of population explosion</a></p> <p><a href=''> ISO 1.1 </a> In God's creation everything is perfect all imperfectness is due to imperfect living entities (read humans who disobey the laws of nature and get implicated). Besides we need to understand there is life thriving in millions of universes. An imbalance in one is nothing in the whole creation. This is not to be seen as an aberration in the laws of nature. </p>
Truth Seeker on "The Importance of the Cow in Vedic Culture"
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Truth Seeker 96@ <p>The Importance of the Cow in Vedic Culture<br /> By Subramanian Swamy</p> <p>Our West-influenced intellectuals sneer at the mention of the cow. The same intellectuals first sneered at yoga. Now it is a fashion to do pranayama at cocktail parties The arguments in the West for cow slaughter are no more uncontested.<br /> India has 150 million cows, each of them giving an average of less than 200 litres of milk per year. If they could be fed and looked after, they can give 11,000 litres, as Israeli cows do. That would provide milk for the whole world. The milk we produce today is the cheapest in the world. With enhanced production we could become the world's largest exporter of milk and it could be India's biggest foreign exchange earner.</p> <p>The cow was elevated to divinity in the Rig Veda. In Book VI, Hymn XXVIII attributed to Rishi Bhardwaja extols the virtue of the cow.</p> <p>Indian society has addressed the cow as gow mata. The Churning of the Sea episode brings to light the story of the creation of the cow. Five divine Kamadhenus (wish cows), viz, Nanda, Subhadra, Surabhi, Sushila, Bahula emerged in the churning.</p> <p>Thousands of names in our country are cow-related: Gauhati, Gorakhpur, Goa, Godhra, Gondiya, Godavari, Goverdhan, Gautam, Gomukh, Gokarna, Goyal, Gochar etc.They signify reverence for the cow, and our abiding faith that the cow is Annapurna.</p> <p>The cow, according to the Vedas, provides four products for human use: (i) Godugdha (cow milk): As per Ayurveda, cow milk has fat, carbohydrates, minerals and Vitamin B, and even a capacity for body resistance to radiation and for regenerating brain cells. (ii) Goghruta (ghee): The best ghee, it is, as per Ayurveda useful in many disorders. In yajna, it improves the air's oxygen level. (iii) Gomutra (urine): Eight types of urine are used for medicinal purpose nowadays, among which cow urine is held to be the best. The Americans are busy patenting it. It has anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties.</p> <p>It has immune-modulator properties, which makes it useful for immune deficiency diseases. In the classics there are many references to cow urine as a drug of choice. Even the Parsis follow this practice.</p> <p>Lastly, (iv), Gomaya (dung) is considered as valuable as Gomutra and used to purify the environment, as it has radium and checks radiation effects.</p> <p>Ancient Hindu wisdom on the medicinal properties of cow urine is borne out by two patents granted in the US for cow urine distillate (Patent numbers 6410059 and 6896907).</p> <p>Even China has granted the distillate a patent as a DNA protector. A global patent has been granted for cow urine, neem and garlic as a pest repellent and for fungicidal and growth promoting properties for different crops (WHO<br /> 2004/ 087618A1). A US patent has been granted for strains from Sahiwal cow milk for plant growth promoter phytopathogenic fungi controlling activity, abiotic stress tolerating capability, phosphatic solubilisation capability, etc. And CSIR has filed for a US patent for amrit pani, a mixture of cow<br /> dung, cow urine and jiggery, for soil health improvement properties.</p> <p>These claims were initially made in the Charaka Samhita, Sushrut, Vaghbhati and Nighantu, Ratnakar, etc. They prove the utility of cow dung and urine for sustainable agriculture as well as for disease prevention. </p> <p>The arguments in the West for cow slaughter are no more uncontested. There are better sources of protein than beef. Any dietician's chart shows that beef with 22 per cent protein ranks below soya-bean (43), groundnut (31) and pulses (24 per cent). One kilogram of beef takes seven kg of crops and 7,000<br /> kg of water to produce.</p> <p>Thus cow protection makes economic and ecological sense. Swami Dayananda Saraswati, convenor of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, has argued that non-vegetarianism indirectly contributes heavily to greenhouse gases and other pollution.</p> <p>He quotes a UN report from 2006 that says, &quot;Raising animals for meat as food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined&quot;. Ten of billions of animals farmed for food release gases such as<br /> methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide through their massive amounts of manure. &quot;The released methane&quot;, the report says, &quot;has 23 times the global warming potential of CO2&quot;. For these animals to graze, virgin forests are cleared. The livestock industry also needs vast stretches of land to raise<br /> mono-crops to feed the animals. The CO2 that the trees and plants store escapes into the air when they are destroyed.</p> <p>Growing fodder implies heavy use of synthetic fertilizers produced with fossil fuels.</p> <p>While this process emits a huge amount of CO2, the fertilizer itself releases nitrous oxide (3) -- a greenhouse gas that is 296 times more potent than CO2. Alarming though these facts are, all that people have to do is to avoid red meat. There will be no need to breed millions of animals for daily<br /> slaughter. The animal population will consequently decline.</p> <p>A single individual by not consuming meat prevents the equivalent of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions in a year. This is more than the one tonne of CO2 prevented by switching from a large sedan to a small car.</p> <p>So there are a number of reasons to be a vegetarian. People who eat meat think a pure vegetarian diet is optional. But now they have no choice if they are alive to what is happening to this life-bearing planet. There is no justification for eating meat, given the devastating consequences for the planet.</p> <p>A new fervour for a cow renaissance is necessary. It is constitutional (for India) and we should defend it with all our might.</p> <p>About The Author; Subramanian Swamy is a former Union minister of India </p>
Truth Seeker on "The Importance of the Cow in Vedic Culture"
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Truth Seeker 87@ <p>Given below is a list of few citations from the Vedas which establish that Cow is a highly revered animal in the Indian Culture and Hindus are duty bound to protect it. Hope this inspires as many as possible to take necessary actions against cruelty to Cows around the world in general and in India in particular.<br /> Not only the Vedas are against animal slaughter but also vehemently oppose and prohibit cow slaughter. Yajurveda forbids killing of cows, for they provide energizing food for human beings.<br /> # Do not kill cows and bulls who always deserve to be protected. (Yajurveda 13.49)<br /> # In Rigveda cow slaughter has been declared a heinous crime equivalent to human murder and it has been said that those who commits this crime should be punished. (Rigveda 7.56.17)<br /> # The Aghnya cows – which are not to be killed under any circumstances– may keep themselves healthy by use of pure water and green grass, so that we may be endowed with virtues, knowledge and wealth. (Rigveda 1.164.40 or Atharv 7.73.11 or Atharv 9.10.20)<br /> # The Vedic Lexicon, Nighantu, gives amongst other synonyms of Gau [or cow] the words Aghnya. Ahi, and Aditi. Yaska the commentator on Nighantu, defines these as-<br /> Aghnya the one that ought not to be killed<br /> Ahi the one that must not be slaughtered.<br /> Aditi the one that ought not to be cut into pieces.<br /> These three names of cow signify that the animal ought not to be put to tortures. These words appear frequently throughout the Vedas in context of the cow.<br /> # Cow – The aghnya – brings us health and prosperity. (Rigveda 1.164.27)<br /> # There should be excellent facility for pure water for Aghnya Cow. (Rigveda 5.83.8)<br /> # Those who feed on human, horse or animal flesh and those who destroy milk-giving Aghnya cows should be severely punished. (Rigveda 10.87.16)<br /> # The Aghnya cows and bulls bring you prosperity. (Yajurveda 12.73)<br /> # Do not kill the cow. Cow is innocent and aditi – that ought not to be cut into pieces. (Rigveda 8.101.15)<br /> # Destroy those who kill cows. (Yajurveda 30.18)<br /> # If someone destroys our cows, horses or people, kill him with a bullet of lead.(Atharvaveda 1.16.4)<br /> # The entire 28th Sukta or Hymn of 6th Mandal of Rigveda sings the glory of cow.<br /> 1) Everyone should ensure that cows are free from miseries and kept healthy.<br /> 2) God blesses those who take care of cows.<br /> 3) Even the enemies should not use any weapon on cows<br /> 4) No one should slaughter the cow<br /> 5) Cow brings prosperity and strength<br /> 6) If cows keep healthy and happy, men and women shall also keep disease free and prosperous<br /> 7) May the cow eat green grass and pure water. May they not be killed and bring prosperity to us.<br /> What more proofs does one need to understand the high esteem in which not only the cow but each living being is held in the Vedas.The learned audience can decide for themselves from these evidences that the Vedas are completely against any inhuman practice… to top it all the Beef and Cow slaughter.</p> <p> </p>
Truth Seeker on "The messy state of the Hindu temples in Pakistan"
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Truth Seeker 85@ <p>Source : <a href=';id_article=7551&amp;lang=en'>Metatransparent News</a><br /> Of the 300 Hindu temples that Pakistan inherited in 1947 atthe time of partition, hardly three dozen have managed to survive,many of whom are in ruins and set to disappear with the passage oftime if due attention is not paid to their maintenance.</p> <p>Following the demolition of the historic Babri Mosque in India in 1992by Hindu extremists, over 200 Hindu temples were destroyed acrossPakistan by angry Muslims. Many of the Hindus living in Sindh andNorth West Frontier Province lost their homes as the largest outwardmigration of the Hindu community since Partition took place duringthese years. But despite all that, Hindus still exist in Pakistan,numbering more than 2 million. The Hindu population is largest in theSindh province followed by the North West Frontier Province of thecountry, but there are Hindu communities dotted all over Pakistan whocontinue to suffer constant threats against their security, propertyand lives by extremist Muslims.</p> <p>Together with the apathy of the general public, the Hindus of Pakistanremain a forgotten and voiceless people who have to live a low profileexistence and have to put up with many insults to their honour anddignity, without any safeguards. The Pakistani authorities rarelyintervene to help their Hindu nationals, despite the fact that there are frequent reports of the kidnapping of Hindu women and children andlooting of Hindu property, besides other forms of discrimination and persecution.</p> <p>As things stand, most Hindu temples in Pakistan are non-existent whileidols in many ancient temples of historical importance are missing.The famous Temples at Katas, near Kalar Kahar, are in a dilapidated condition and require renovation. This is despite the fact that Pakistan had been already signed an agreement with India to restorethe Katas temples. The temples had been falling into disrepair, and parts of them had been cemented before Indian leader L K Advani’s 2005tour to Pakistan. One of the Katas temples in Pakistan had even beenconverted into a library, though Katas is sacred to Hindus.</p> <p>The Katas Raj temples are located on a hill six kilometres from ChoaSaidan Shah of the Chakwal district of Pakistan’s Punjab province.Katas is mentioned in the Mahabharata, one of the three major ancientSanskrit epics of India. According to the Hindu religious belief, bothKatas and Paskar (Ajmer) are the eyes of Shiva, one of their gods.Paras Nath Jogi drew his last breath on Katas which also holds greathistorical significance, being the place where renowned Muslimscientist Alberuni attempted to measure the circumference of theEarth, studied Sanskrit and wrote his “Kitab-ul Hind”.</p> <p>Similarly, the Doodhwali Mata Mandir and the Sheetla Mandir in Lahore,the aapital of the Pakistani Punjab province, built before theinvasion of Alexander, are in dilapidated condition. The ancient idolsat these temples have either been looted or are missing and thegovernment has denied permission to install new ones in place ofthese. The Sheetla Mandir at Lahore, built before the invasion ofAlexander, has seen many of its precious idols either looted or handedover to archaeological department. The Doodhwali Mata Mandir betweenthe Shah Almi and Lahori Gate in Lahore has somehow managed to survivein its dilapidated sanctum sanctorum.</p> <p>The famous Parahlad Mandir and Jain Mandir near Anarkali in Lahore,which were largely damaged by fanatic Muslims after the demolition ofBabri Mosque in India in 1992, have been locked and an Islamic schoolis being run in its compound. Bhagat Hakikat Rai’s Samadhi in Lahore,where a fair used to be held every Basant day is also in a bad shape.However, the Pakistan government is not allowing local Hindus to lookafter their desolate temples on the pattern of Sikh gurdwaras, for unknown reasons. </p>
Truth Seeker on "Genetics Deliver Another Blow to Battered Aryan-Dravidian Theory"
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Truth Seeker 84@ <p>Genetics Deliver Another Blow to Battered Aryan-Dravidian Theory</p> <p>Source: <a href=''>Times of India</a><br /> HYDERABAD, INDIA, September 25, 2009: The great Indian divide along<br /> north-south lines now stands even more blurred. A pathbreaking study by<br /> Harvard and indigenous researchers on ancestral Indian populations says<br /> there is a genetic relationship between all Indians and more importantly,<br /> the hitherto believed theory that Aryans and Dravidians signify the ancestry<br /> of north and south Indians might after all, be a myth.</p> <p>“This paper rewrites history… there is no north-south divide,” said Lalji<br /> Singh, former director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology<br /> (CCMB) and a co-author of the study.</p> <p>Senior CCMB scientist Kumarasamy Thangarajan said there was no truth to the<br /> Aryan-Dravidian theory as they came hundreds or thousands of years after the<br /> ancestral north and south Indians had settled in India.</p> <p>The study analysed 500,000 genetic markers across the genomes of 132<br /> individuals from 25 diverse groups from 13 states. All the individuals were<br /> from six-language families and traditionally diverse castes and tribal<br /> groups. “The genetics proves that castes grew directly out of tribe-like<br /> organizations during the formation of the Indian society,” said Thangarajan,<br /> who noted that it was impossible to distinguish between castes and tribes<br /> since their genetics proved they were not systematically different.</p> <p>The study was conducted by CCMB scientists in collaboration with researchers<br /> at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad<br /> Institute of Harvard and MIT. It reveals that the present-day Indian<br /> population is a mix of ancient north and south bearing the genomic<br /> contributions from two distinct ancestral populations - the Ancestral North<br /> Indian (ANI) and the Ancestral South Indian (ASI) — both indigenous to the<br /> sucontinent.</p> <p>“The initial settlement took place 65,000 years ago in the Andamans and in<br /> ancient south India around the same time, which led to population growth in<br /> this part,” said Thangarajan. He added, “At a later stage, 40,000 years ago,<br /> the ancient north Indians emerged which in turn led to rise in numbers here.<br /> But at some point of time, the ancient north and the ancient south mixed,<br /> giving birth to a different set of population. And that is the population<br /> which exists now.”</p> <p>This finding could challenge the prevailing view of a northern route of<br /> migration of man out of Africa via Middle East, Europe, south-east Asia,<br /> Australia and then to India. </p>
Anonymous on "Turning Blind on Hard Cash"
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Anonymous 80@ <p>Our Indians' Money - 70, 00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank</p> <p>1) Yes, 70 lakhs crores rupees of India are lying in Switzerland banks. This is the highest amount lying outside any country, from amongst 180 countries of the world, as if India is the champion of Black Money.</p> <p>2) Swiss Government has officially written to Indian Government that they are willing to inform the details of holders of 70 lakh crore rupees in their Banks, if Indian Government officially asks them.</p> <p>3) On 22-5-08, this news has already been published in The Times of India and other Newspapers based on Swiss Government's official letter to Indian Government.</p> <p>4) But the Indian Government has not sent any official enquiry to Switzerland for details of money which has been sent outside India between 1947 to 2008.. The opposition party is also equally not interested in doing so because most of the amount is owned by politicians and it is every Indian's money.</p> <p>5) This money belongs to our country. From these funds we can repay 13 times of our country's foreign debt. The interest alone can take care of the Centers yearly budget. People need not pay any taxes and we can pay Rs. 1 lakh to each of 45 crore poor families.</p> <p>6) Let us imagine, if Swiss Bank is holding Rs. 70 lakh Crores, then how much money is lying in other 69 Banks? How much they have deprived the Indian people? Just think, if the Account holder dies, the bank becomes the owner of the funds in his account.</p> <p>7) Are these people totally ignorant about the philosophy of Karma? What will this ill-gotten wealth do to them and their families when they own/use such money, generated out of corruption and exploitation?</p> <p>8) Indian people have read and have known about these facts. But the helpless people have neither time nor inclination to do anything in the matter. This is like &quot;a new freedom struggle&quot; and we will have to fight this.</p> <p>ATleast if this ill gotten wealth is used in purpose of spreading God consciousness by this things would have changed forever. </p>
Anonymous on "Can capital punishment be permitted?"
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Anonymous 73@ <p>Swift and correct dosage of punishment for all kinds of wrong doings acts not only as a deterrent for more crime but also helps in nullifying the amount of sinful reaction accumulated by the doer of it. He doesn't have to suffer the after affects twice at the abode of Yama and again in a future birth. Elaborate descriptions of punishments for different crimes are there in Manu Samhita and other <a href="">Dhrama Sastras</a>. </p>
Anonymous on "Can capital punishment be permitted?"
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Anonymous 70@ <p>I read an interesting article to ban capital punishment in a newspaper. You can have a look at it. Should we ban capital punishment?<br /> The article is present at the following location :<br /> <a href=''>Death penalty is violation of human rights</a></p> <p>Vaishalli Chandra / DNA<br /> Monday, October 12, 2009 10:13 IST</p> <p>Bangalore: As yet another World Day Against the Death Penalty is being celebrated on Saturday, Prakash Cariappa, programme co-ordinator,South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM) spoke to DNA on why killing of another being is a crime -- whether committed by a criminal or the law makers.</p> <p>Do they, who commit a crime and violate the rights of others, deserve consideration?<br /> The law or the constitution is not meant to punish anyone but to bring about a change. Government cannot commit a crime against me, if I commit a crime, in the name of keeping law and order. The duty of the government is to understand circumstances that make someone a criminal,and provide resolutionand a better circumstance.</p> <p>Is there a mechanism or process in place, to ensure reformation?<br /> What are the prisons for? The prisons are not just a place to keep criminals. The criminals are sent there for reformation. Sometimes a life sentence is reduced to 14years, as the law thinks that with so much time spent in the prison, the criminal mentality of a person will undergo a change. However, it is unfortunate that these prisons have become places where criminals are made, not reformed.</p> <p>It is the state's responsibility to transform the prisons into places where criminals are sent with the conviction that they will be reformed. But, the governments have failed and more and more criminals are becoming habitual offenders.</p> <p>Why do you think capital punishment is wrong?<br /> No one commits a crime because they like it. Their circumstances make them do it. For instance, a thief may commit a crime because he has not have eaten for days or he can't buy food because, he is unemployed. In such cases, it is the governments' responsibility to address issues that make people adopt crime. Killing is wrong even if it is punishment. No one has the right to kill. We tend to forget that these people are humans. They need to be treated fairly.</p> <p>Is there a need for a change of people's mindset? If yes, how can it be achieved?<br /> Of course, the society needs to consider criminals as human beings. The usual attitude is that if a person commits a crime, he should be punished. There needs to be a shift in emphasis from punishment to reformation. The theory behind the death sentence is that it will instil fear, and hence, make people stay away from crime. But that isn't the case -- the crime rate isn't coming down. The focus should be on reforms and on addressing the issues that push people into crime. People should come forward and campaign against death penalties, as they are a violation of human rights.</p> <p>COMMENT BY RAKESH FROM ABTN<br /> Readers' comments:<br /> Hi Vaishali, I read an interesting article in DNA regarding the death sentence. Your points in favour of banning death sentence are good. I had certain points to add in this regard. Firstly, the article says that if we give a death sentence to a person, it is inhuman, as it doesn't provide the person a second opportunity to improve. If the person is imprisoned and punished for some time, in due course, there may be a possibility that he can improve. The point you have mentioned of people committing crimes under circumstances is also valid.<br /> Does the dying man lose his opportunity to improve? If so, what loss? But the basic assumption of yours is that after a person dies everything is finished. In scientific terms our body is made up of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, iron, hydrogen in major proportion in addition to a few more elements in small proportions. If the modern scientific theory holds good that we are just a combination of the above-mentioned chemicals that react in an encaged sack for a matter of time and after that, stop reacting, then there is no need to worry at all if mentioned chemicals in any bag stop reacting a bit sooner than those in other bags. It is like, if I throw a bottle of HCl from the laboratory into the gutter, there is no crime in that. I will not be convicted for it. So, even if we take the modern understanding about what life is, we still come to the conclusion that there is no loss if we hang a person to death, because it is just a bag of chemicals that stop reacting because of stoppage of external supply of raw materials to it (in terms of oxygen). Just like, if a paper is being burnt and if we put it off by pouring water on it, no one will cry for this stoppage of combustion. You may say, how merciless? Is there no value for emotions at all or what? What is an emotion according to modern theories? It is just a release of a few hormones which are in turn chemicals. Whether these chemicals are released or not should not make any difference, or will they? An alternative way of looking at things. But let us look at a different perspective of things. It is said in the Holy Scriptures that death is not the end and also that we are not just a bag of the above mentioned chemicals. We are a spirit soul. This spirit soul is neither created nor destroyed. It is also said that we need to bear the reactions of the activities we do, good or bad. Human being is one creature who can discriminate between good and bad. Animals too have intelligence. A cat knows when to enter the house to drink milk. A tiger has intelligence to attack a deer or to attract its female counterpart. Basic intelligence for the sake of eating, sleeping, mating and defending are exhibited even by animals. But a human being is one such creature who has something additional. If in some problem, a human being is supposed to have the intelligence to bring a solution to the problem and not just neglect it and search for happiness in eating, sleeping, sex and defence thinking that the pleasures derived from them will act as an anesthesia to the pains of life. The pains in life are caused due to the evil activities one commits. So, being in a human body, one should utilise it to the fullest to burn the reactions of his activities so that he doesn't face the reactions in future. So hanging a person for the crime he commits provides him an opportunity to burn the reactions for his sins that if not done he will suffer in some form or the other in this or future lives. Also, this implants a fear in the citizens of the country against violation of state laws. The article said that hanging a person is a violation of human rights, but actually not hanging a person for the crime he committed is in real sense a violation of human rights, not only for the person but for the society at large. I am not using revenge as a reason for hanging a person. Many claim that if a person kills someone, his relatives are in grief. In order to consolidate them, we need to hang the murderer. That's a silly argument, because the relatives are not going to get any benefit when the murderer is hanged. But hanging the murderer is in the opinion of scriptures like Manu Samhita beneficial to the murderer himself. If someone supports death sentence because the relatives of the murdered are in grief, he is accused of being emotional, not practical. But here we find that the people who are opposing the death penalty are more emotional than those who are opposing it. Is killing always wrong? The article said all types of killing are wrong, whether be a murder or a sentence. If so, even killing an enemy in battle is wrong, and the soldier who returns home must be sentenced, who knows how many murders he committed? Also, every day so many animals are slaughtered just to make a tasty meal for humans, what about those? This is still a gross form of murder. A person may kill other because of circumstances, but here he is killing animals for his palate. Why should they not be convicted? Can all killing be branded wrong? Else who decides what killing is right and what is wrong? Is it we humans who are prone to committing mistakes, being illusioned, possessing imperfect senses and above all having a cheating propensity decide what is right and what is wrong? If killing is not always wrong who decides when it is right? Here we look into the absolute and relative truths. Relative truths vary from time, place, person etc. We are all familiar with these truths. But absolute truths don't vary. Killing is right or wrong is relative to time, place and circumstances. But if we consider only our country, protecting it is an absolute truth, and so to do that, we can engage in killing enemy soldiers. But if we extend to the world, relative to India , killing is good. But relative to Pakistan, Indian soldiers killing is bad. But as we go on extending, we will arrive at one truth, beyond which there is nothing more. That is what is said in the Bhagavad Gita by Krishna. He says in Bhagavad Gita 7.2:<br /> &quot;I shall now declare unto you in full this knowledge, both phenomenal and numinous. This being known, nothing further shall remain for you to know.&quot; So, if we take this knowledge that is not a personal property of any sect or religion but a law book for mankind, then it will benefit all. This can provide guidance in circumstances such as these. Otherwise, whether we accept the opinion that everything is finished at death or we accept that there is rebirth, in either case there is no harm in having death sentence to a person committing crimes. But an argument may come that what is the loss if he is alive if we are just a bag of chemicals. That's true. If we believe that everything is finished at death, there is no loss either way. But if by chance in future it is proved that there is rebirth, then we are at a great loss. It is a great violation of human rights. </p>
Anonymous on "Theory of Evolution Under Fire"
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Anonymous 59@ <p>For generations, scientists have believed Africa was the cradle of mankind.</p> <p>Now a stunning archaeological discovery suggests our primitive ancestors left Africa to explore the world around 800,000 years earlier than was previously thought before returning to their home continent.</p> <p>It was there - hundreds of thousands of years later - that they evolved into modern humans and embarked on a second mass migration, researchers say.</p> <p>Archaeologists have unearthed six ancient skeletons dating back 1.8 million years in the hills of Georgia which threaten to overturn the theory of human evolution.</p> <p>The Georgian bones - which include incredibly well preserved skulls and teeth - are the earliest humans ever found outside Africa.</p> <p>The remains belong to a race of short early humans with small primitive brains who walked and ran like modern people.</p> <p>They were found alongside stone tools, animal remains and plants - suggesting that they hunted and butchered meat.</p> <p>Prof David Lordkipanidze, the direct of the Georgian National Museum, said: 'Before our findings, the prevailing view was that humans came out of Africa almost 1 million years ago, that they already had sophisticated stone tools, and that their body anatomy was quite advanced in terms of brain capacity and limb proportions. But what we are finding is quite different'.</p> <p>He said Africa was still the unchallenged cradle of mankind. But he added: 'Georgia may have been the cradle of the first Europeans.'</p> <p>Their discovery muddies the already complicated history of mankind.</p> <p>Archaeologists believe that the first true humans - a race of squat people called Homo habilis - evolved in Africa around 2.5 million years ago. The were followed by a taller athletic species called Homo erectus who migrated out of Africa to colonise Europe and Asia.</p> <p>Outside Africa their descendents are thought to have died out. But in Africa, they turned into modern man who began a second wave of migration around 120,000 years ago.</p> <p>The new finds suggest Homo erectus left Africa far earlier than was previously estimated and lived for a while in Eurasia.</p> <p>The new ancestors - found in Dmanisi - were around 150cm tall, and had brains half the size of modern people's.</p> <p>'While the Dmanisi people were almost modern in their body proportions, and were highly efficient walkers and runners, their arms moved in a different way and their brains were tiny compared to ours,' he told the British Science Festival at Surrey University.</p> <p>'Their brain capacity is about 600 cubic centimetres. The prevailing view before this discovery was that the humans who first left Africa had a brain size of about 1,000 cubic centimetres.</p> <p>'Nevertheless they were sophisticated tool makers with high social and cognitive skills.'</p> <p>The first Dmanisi fossils were found in 2001. The most recent has only just been unearthed and its details have yet to be published in a scientific journal.</p> <p>Prof Lordkipanidze said the Dmanisi bones may have belonged to an early Homo erectus which lived in Georgia before moving on to the rest of Europe.</p> <p>Or the early humans may then have returned to Africa, eventually giving rise to our own species, Homoe sapiens, he said.</p> <p>'The question is whether Homo erectus orginated in Africa or Eurasia, and if in Eurasia, did we have vice-versa migrations? This idea looked very stupid a few years ago, but not today,' he told the British Science Festival.</p> <p>By David Derbyshire for Daily Mail on 9 Sept 2009 </p>
Anonymous on "Absolute Truth Site undergoes a revamp"
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Anonymous 10@ <p>Volunteers have been working very hard for this very important task of preserving and propagating the Absolute Truth. We have upgraded the look, feel and software of the Forums and Wiki. The Wiki is now has the same features as the famous wikipedia. The Blog also has been spruced up with many features and security measures. The new features are...</p> <p>1. Same Login for all the Blog, Wiki and Forums. The access rights will be based on the level of contribution and need. However everyone can be a part of the newsletter and be hooked to the happenings.<br /> 2. Seamless integration between Blog and Wiki. Sharing of resources like contact us and registration. </p>
Anonymous on "Absolute Truth Network born today"
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Anonymous 3@ <p>Absolute Truth Network consisting of a blog, forums and wiki was born today. It took months of effort to do it. </p>