Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Toy Reviews

 Hey everyone we have a new TikTok account and we are in search of toys to open on video. Here is our link please follow. If you interested in any toy opening posts or to gift is any toys to open please email me angiekunst@att.net or our PO Box address is 

Angie K 

P.O. Box 1514 

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Still reviewing

Hi we are still reviewing items on Instagram and amazon if you would like a review with pics or small video. Please email me at angiekunst@att.net. Thanks

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jump Sport Trampolines

JumpSport Inc. has been a champion of quality and safety in the trampoline industry for over 20 years. Our products offer superior bounce performance with long lasting warranties and safety ratings surpassing even the top competitors. Invest in a 14ft, 12ft, or 10ft SkyBounce trampoline system today using Code: JumpUp20 on http://bit.ly/2rwBbhe (cannot be combined with any other coupons.) Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying jumping as a family!

As a mom with a special needs child that also has ADHD jumping and moving is important to his daily activities. These are great to have and are fun for the whole family. 

For additional savings and to see more product offerings, visit the trampoline sales page: http://www.jumpsport.com/Trampoline-Sale

Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 Types of Razored Cuts Provided by Donald Scott NYC Razors

Thick long hair can be difficult to manage and style during the hot summer seasons. Most women look for ways to reduce the fullness on the head while still maintaining their stylish appeal on their heads. Razoring is one of the techniques that stylists use to thin the hair and reduce the weight of the hair. You should consider having a straight razor hair cut from a professional razor artist this summer for a more laid back and chic look. Razors from Donald Scott NYC slices the hair leaving a wispy and tapered effect on the hair ends that are more attractive than the regular blunt hair ends.

Types of Razored Cuts

One rule while having a razor cut is doing it while still wet to prevent damaging the hair. The stylists use either a razor comb or a razor edge to cut the hair into angles on both men and women, with short or medium sized hair. Below are some of the ways to achieve the razored hair look on your hair:

Short Razored Cuts

Razored ends are common with short bob cuts, pixies, and Mohawks. The hairstyle is not dependent on the hair type, although a razored cut on fine hair falls out elegantly. You can style the short hair into a messy razored look with the strands facing directions or adopt an angled look. All this depends on a person's preference, type, length of the hair, as well as the razoring technique used. Specialists Donald Scott NYC will guide you on the ideal razor depending on your hair type and the style of straight razor hair cut you want to achieve.

One length Razor Cut

One length razor cut is perfect for people of all lengths of hair. The long straight hair flows uniformly, but they adopt a razored effect on the ends. A razor cut gives some volume to the fine hair and reduces the weight of thick hair. The haircut is easy to manage since the length of the hair is uniform, giving you adequate time before visiting a stylist.

Layered Razor Cuts

Razor cuts give a lighter weight to the thick-layered hair and a full effect to the fine stands. The layered razor cuts fall perfectly on short and medium sized hair of all types. You can combine the razored finish with other styles such as bangs or side parting and still look glam.

About Donald Scott NYC

Donald Scott NYC is the leading provider of easy to use razors and liquid tool glide in the whole of New York City. They have six different razor brands which include Carving Comb Wide, Swivel Twist Razor, Chop Stik Pro Razor, Carving Comb Fine, Groom Stik Pro Trimmer, and DS/X4. Additionally, they have the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide that is compatible with all the Donald Scott NYC razors. They also provide different types of blades for use together with the razors. Donald Scott, the company's founder used his stylist experience and expertise in the industry to educate and invent razor tools that are of higher quality and functionality. The company has been involved in various education and training to elevate individual artist and barbers and help them get an increment on their daily income.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to Make Your Destination Wedding Go Off Without a Hitch

So you’re getting married. Congratulations! Where do you start with all of the planning? For many couples getting married can be overwhelming simply due to a wedding takes a lot of time and preparation, but your joyous day needn’t be stressful. In fact, if you plan to fly somewhere new to get hitched, there are some tips you can follow to ensure that your destination goes off without a hitch.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Diesel Truck Modifications to Help Increase Fuel Efficiency

Why do you need to increase fuel efficiency? First of all, your truck needs fuel to burn in order to get horsepower, which is what propels your truck forward. Second, fluctuating gas prices mean that people want to get the most bang for their buck. When your truck gets better fuel efficiency, you’ll be able to get more out of a tank full of diesel.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Is Your Cleaning Routine Green?

Are you green when you clean? This is a question that everyone should be asking themselves! Many of the cleaning products we use are full of harmful chemicals that you don't want your family to be exposed to. Our war on dirt has made our homes unsafe for bacteria, the environment and ourselves. Thankfully, you have alternative options to the name brand cleaning products that destroy everything they touch. Today, we will take a look at some of the natural and green methods that you can use to keep your house clean.