Newport R.I.

This past weekend I attended the Newport Folk Festival in Newport Rhode Island. To try and put my experience into words is a daunting task. It was magnificent, freeing, beautiful and challenging. I will never do it justice with words so here are some photos of my time. 

I give up on trying to understand why we were blessed. New friends// Great friends. 


Elizabeth is one of the most magnetic and grateful humans I know. Her spirt is from God and it is beautiful. 

Ramblin Jack Elliot


Rayland Baxter

Jim James PHOTOCRED: Lizzy

The Avett Brothers PHOTOCRED: Callen

Scott Avett PHOTOCRED: Callen

I had time on the 7 hour ride home to put my thoughts together and this is what I posted to Facebook:

I can’t even put to words what this weekend has meant to me. Folk music cannot be described. Folk plays to every emotion you have. It fills you and lifts you but it also reminds you of the hard times. I’ve cried a lot this weekend, I’ve been in awe of so many talented musicians and humans. From the stories and pickin of old Ramblin Jack, cosmic waves of Jim James to the heart wrenchin boot stompin songs of the Avett Brothers I will never quite be the same. If that wasn’t enough I also had the honor to meet two rock solid Minnesota natives that lifted my spirits and will be deeply missed in my daily life. Thank you Newport Folk.

Honor the past but look forward friends.

Sunset over Newport. 


Chelsea is my roommate and a wonderful human. We were running to get dinner and publicly fought all the way home, once we decided to be friends again I asked her to pose. She is beautiful and full of life and spirit. 


My grandma has always had the greatest cherry tree ever. They are sour cherries and if you can beat the birds to them you are in for a treat. As a kid my siblings and I used to sell them by the road.  


I signed up for my VSCOGRID account through the mobile app VSCOCAM it is a great new platform focused on the users work. It is meant to expose some very beautiful things and I am excited to engage. I will be posting a variety of different photos on the grid so check it out. Click the photo below to link to my grid. 

My Room:

Here are some snapshots from my room this week. There is nothing like the smell of fresh peonies, I got them from my grannies house. June is so good to us here in WNY... Peonies, warm weather and cherry season! The bottom photo of a cow skull was taken on my fire escape where it is bleaching in the sun. I took it from my brother’s land it has been in a field there for years. I do wish the squirrels in the city didn't think it was a snack though (very strange).