Updates across the Carrypad network

Updates across the Carrypad network

Posted on 09 April 2014

We’re cleaning the Carrypad network and as a result you’ll see some changes. Gone is the old tablet product database that was hosted at Carrypad.com as has a lot of the content. Carrypad, the site, might be down-sizing but Carrypad, the company, isn’t. We’ve cleaned-up a lot of our minor activities in order to focus […]


Asus Fonepad Review

Posted on 28 April 2013

I’ve had the Asus Fonepad for just over 2 days and in that time I’ve been through the OS, the built-in ASUS applications, downloaded my usual suite of Android apps, I’ve run a few performance reports and even written a blog post with it. I’ve tested video playback and found limitations and issues. It’s clear […]


Vodcast – ASUS Fonepad discussion with Mobile Geek Nicole

Posted on 27 April 2013

Nicole Scott of Mobilegeeks.com also has an Asus Fonepad so we got together in a live Google Hangout this morning to discuss it. We talk about the features, make a lot of comparisons to the Nexus 7 and give you an idea of who this tablet is designed for, what it’s key features are and […]


Asus Fonepad Unboxing

Posted on 26 April 2013

The Asus Fonepad arrived this morning and the unboxing video is already up. Apart from a casing that wasn’t properly seated, everything seems to be working well and it confirms that the Asus Fonepad is excellent value. I’ll be doing comparisons with my 2+ year old Galaxy Tab to see how far the tablet space […]


ASUS Fonepad Launch. Video Hands-On. $249 7” Phone-pad!

Posted on 25 February 2013

I was at the ASUS press conference today as part of my trip to MWC and managed to catch the launch of the ASUS Fonepad. It’s a 7-inch Jelly-Bean Android tab running on an Intel Z4240. It’s got phone functionality. It costs 229 Euro Who said Intel tablets were expensive? Video below. Android Jelly Bean, […]


Your Tablet Buying Expert, Improved.

Posted on 21 November 2012

Together with Larovo we present the fully updated tablet buyers adviser. Packed with expert knowledge this isn’t just a specification filter. A team of people have created an engine, a set of questions relating to requirements and have mapped tablet products to these questions in varying weights based on real-world performance and features. In short, […]

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