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Feed the Internet addiction: American Airlines will roll out high-speed inflight wi-fi next year

Good news, Internet addicts! American Airlines has just announced that it is rolling out a high-speed inflight wi-fi next year to feed your addiction. American Airlines says that they will be the first US airline to introduce inflight internet access in domestic skies.

Further details state that the airline plans to roll out the service next year and test it on some Boeing 767-200 jets that cater to transcontinental routes. AirCell LLC has signed up a memorandum with American Airlines to provide said service.

AirCell on their part has committed to building cellular towers all over the continental US so that the signal can be transmitted. Two antennas on the bottom and one on the top will be installed on the planes.

Wew, this sure is one great news, but there seems to be a lot of future tenses in the announcement. I do hope it materializes! For more of great stuff like this, head on over to Upgrade: Travel Better.