Baltimore Mayor Apologizes for Calling Protestors Thugs

Baltimore Mayor Coonetta – err Stephanie Rawlings-Blake now wants to apologize for calling protestors thugs.  Guess she looked in the mirror this morning. During the height of the protests on Monday, Rawlings-Blake referred to the protesters as “thugs” in a press conference. “What we see


Police Lies 101 – Freddie Gray Broke His Own Back

Just when you think you have heard it all, along comes something even more ridiculous. For those of you wondering why the police take so long to investigate deaths like Freddie Gray’s, it’s so they can think of a good cover up.  Yesterday the cops


Whole Foods Supports Terrorizing Black Neighborhoods

I used to love shopping at Whole Foods.  Operative phrase, “used to”.  Guess I will be a Trader Joe’s chick from now on.  I will not support a company that chooses to support the armed occupation of a black community. After the cops killed Freddie


Future Talk for White Folk

Sometimes you come across something on the web that is funny and insightful at the same time.  Usually I don’t go for these “instructionals for white people” type videos, but when something is well done… So when white folks are in the minority in this


Mo’Nique Released Cookie Emails With Lee Daniels

Sigh.  So much manufactured drama.  So little time. I like everyone in this particular bit of Hollyweird drama, but Mo’Nique…she needs to have a seat now.  She started this mess by publicly crowing that she had been originally offered the part of Cookie in Empire. 


Mike Tyson Lipsynching Gives Me Life

Sometimes you come across a thing so, well, bizarre, that it is deliciously entertaining.  That, dear readers is the following video. It starts with Terry Crews doing some kind of half clothed twirly dance with ribbons.  But then the main event, Iron Mike Tyson, in


Did You Know? The Police Get a Paid Vacation If They Kill You

“Five of the six officers suspended with pay after their parts in arresting Freddie Gray have provided statements to investigators, the Baltimore Police Department said Wednesday. The department will not release personnel records or photos because doing so would violate the law, the police said


Artist Interview Spotlight – K’Jon

UrbanSwirl had the opportunity to talk with singer, songwirter and producer K’Jon.  K’Jon’s single, “On the Ocean”, is a smooth R&B groove for the grown and sexy from his album, “I Get Around”.  Take a listen to the single and get the latest on K’Jon

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