Best Electric Guitar Show

Best Electric Guitar Show
Best Electric Guitar Show

I’m excited as this week’s show is on one of my favourite topics – electric guitars! I’m going to walk through how to find the best electric guitar for you. You can read here if you can’t wait and want some recommendations now.

I’m also going to be talking about one of my favourite musicians, Eric Clapton.

I know guitars and music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I am confident that you will enjoy this show especially as I am going to play a couple of tunes that I have made especially for you.

So why might you want an electric guitar?

Write a lot more stuff here.


Interviewing The Dean

Interviewing The Dean
Interviewing The Dean

Question 1. How long have you been the dean at this college?

To be honest, I lost track a long time ago. When you’re as old as I am all of the years seem to meld into one big mess, and then you look back and say wow, did I really do that. Like now, I look back and say wow, did I really just say that. Umm, strike that.

I’ve been in this job for over 20 years. Let’s keep it at that.

Question 2. What do you think of sobriety on campus?

I am pretty modern when it comes to this. I think that students have the right to have a good time. Having said this is needs to be within the confines of the rules. You can have fun and follow the rules and still not be a square. Let me make it clear, I want you all to enjoy your time here but within limits.

Young professional business man sitting in front of computer in office

Question 3. How old are you?

That’s a very rude question!

Question 4. How old is your mum?

That’s none of your business. Who is asking these questions? This interview is over.

Hope you enjoyed our interview with the Dean. Let us know who you would like us to interview next!

Change Of Plans For Next Weeks’ Show

Change Of Plans For Next Weeks’ Show
Change Of Plans For Next Weeks’ Show

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update on next weeks show.

I know everyone was excited to have the Lana Del Rey impersonator on next week but unfortunately she has had to cancel due to a ruptured vocal cord. She had previously had surgery on her vocal cords and thought she’d be prepared for the show but unfortunately this has happened. We wish her the best in her recovery.

As such we’ve had to make a change of plans. Instead of a Lana Del Rey impersonator the next best thing has happened. We’ve now got an Ariana Grande impersonator that will be singing her own song. I know there will be people out there disappointed and others that are super excited, so let’s just try and focus on the positives hey!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up for our radio show. We’ve got loads of students here with hidden talents so you will want to listen out. Who knows, we might locate our own Keith Urban here.

I also want to remind you all that we will be introducing a new host to the show. Her name is Rachel and she has loads of experience in hosting events but little experience in hosting a radio show. I’ve taken on the task to train her. We do share one thing in common though and that is our love for music, and actually we have almost the exact same taste (which is difficult because we both like such varied types of music).

We’ll also be going over the news. I’m sure you’ll all be familiar with the story of the 14 year old that just graduated!

I know there are loads of changes this week but feel confident that the nature of the show wont be changing. We’ll still be playing the same music and you can feel confident in the knowledge that you friends will still be there viewing you from the quad.

Make sure you tune in! See you then.

An Interview with the Dean of Students

Not long ago we asked what you would like to hear about on our show. We did this through the Facebook page and received loads of responses. We were super pleased with the result and want to thank everyone who voted for what they wanted to hear. Every vote we receive matters and it helps us make our show even better for you.

One of the things that we kept reading were to have an interview with the dean of students. You have questions you want to ask him, and guess what? We have granted your wish! This week we will be discussing with the dean of students the questions you asked.

First Radio Show This Week

First Radio Show This Week
First Radio Show This Week

Welcome to this years take of View From The Quad. I’m Cian, your host, and I’ll be hosting the radio show and this year. We are using the blog this year even more so than previously. I’m super excited to introduce you to the show and we’ll also be going over what we’ll be covering this entire year. We’re competing with WERW here so it better be good!

I’m first going to introduce you to the team.

Of course you know me by now, but for those who don’t, my name is Cian. I am a super energetic, super attractive, super awesome football player with a super fit body and super attractive girlfriend. Basically, I’m super man.

Just kidding. I spend most of my time playing PS4 and eating flaming hot Cheetos. A lot of people say they’re too hot, but I say you’re too weak. The hotter the better. I guess it is my Mexican flare that makes me so strong. I also have a massive passion for music and that is sort of why I’m here.

Joining me on most days will be Clarabell. Clarabell is studying a masters degree and is close to finishing. Unfortunately, she will be leaving us after this year where she’ll transfer to Havard to complete her studies on women’s liberation. Clarabell has been super helpful over the years (not just by delivering me my morning coffee and donut) but as a friend too. I’ll be sad to see her go.

And of course, we’ve got Harvey. Harvey’s like a pimple that never goes away. He explodes every now and then but it doesn’t seem to calm his fire. However, Harvey is Harvey and we love him. It simply wouldn’t be the same without him.

One of the new things we’ll be doing this year is interviewing students from different parts of the university. We want a really good representation of the demographic of the campus and we feel that this is going to be the best way to do it. I’m not entirely sure why we haven’t yet done it (yes, looking at you, Bob!). Sorry, we finally got this approved by the big boss himself, Bob Rogers!!

We want to kick this year off with an amazing offer. You can come down the quad with us and meet any time from Monday to Saturday 7am – 3pm (yes it is actually a full time job for some, god know’s where I find the time to study) and discuss anything.

Also, don’t forget next Friday there will be hotdogs and soda free from 12pm to 2pm on the left wing and milk and cookies (and maybe some beer) from 7pm to 9pm on the right wing. You better be there, otherwise we will personally come to your dorm and drag you kicking and screaming!

Make sure you continue to listen to the station for regular updates on what is happening around campus. Plus, if there’s any emergencies this is the first place to go to. We’ll keep you updated with regular. Our station will be played over the megaphone in case of emergency with information on how to evacuate the campus.

Now that all the formalities are over, I want to say one final congratulations for making it this far and for putting up with my weirdness. Welcome to college everyone, a place where you meet some weird and wonderful people that may be in your life forever.

Hope to see you all soon!