• Sir Richard McBride Elementary School & Annex

A group of neighbours have put together a unique celebration of their community’s history. Vancouver Street Stories has begun as a celebration of some of our city’s beginnings, and combined it with a goal of bringing our past into the present. What makes our Street Stories plaques distinct is the expanded use of social media to create place. A total of nine plaques are installed at locations along Fraser Street, and one other on Victoria Drive. Each plaque location has its own identity, including a Foursquare check-in. Each plaque also corresponds to a page on our Vancouver Street Stories website, where anyone can leave a comment as long as it has some relevance to the plaque location.

It’s an experiment in what we describe as digital placemaking that we hope visitors on the ground and online will embrace. Thank you for coming to our website and to our plaques. We look forward to your interaction.