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Kick off the holiday shopping season with a gift you’re sure to keep.

Black Friday Sale Image

Ahh, Thanksgiving. It’s one of our favorite holidays around here and – like you – we can’t wait to gather with family and friends, sit down for an amazing feast and be thankful for all that’s good in our lives. …

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A “just because” snapshot.

We all have ‘em – those friends who we’d do anything for, just because. This past August, on National Just Because Day, we honored those friendships by asking our Facebook followers to tag a friend and say what they’d do …

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This Saver’s “a-ha!” money moment was recognizing that there’s a cost to health, good or bad.

Saver Rachel

The adorable elderly couple that scours the country in their RV in search of America’s best barbeque or visits Civil War battlefields – that’s what I thought of when the word “retirement” came to mind. I thought it was frivolity, …

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This Saver’s a-ha money moment: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

saver priscilla

“Kids these days, wasting hundreds of dollars a year on $4 lattes  – it’s irresponsible.” Right? Well, it’s not so black and white, at least as I’ve come to find out. Granted, I’m a 24-year-old CPA and would never spend …

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Staying in shape really works out for this Saver’s “a-ha!” money moment.

My “a-ha!” moment came after a visit to the doctor’s office proved that my health was not as great as it had always been. The stress of transitioning to a new city and new job, while trying to network and …

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A-ha! Zipping around the world in 2 savings accounts.

saver melanie

I applied for my first passport 3 years ago, a few months before my 24th birthday. I was going to Costa Rica for 9 days, and it was my first time leaving the U.S. I was elated and scared out …

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Try this on for size: Saver Maria’s designer jeans “a-ha” money moment.

saver maria

A pair of jeans inspired my “a-ha” money moment – specifically, designer jeans. At age 16, more than anything else, I coveted that little triangle logo with the question mark in it.  My Dad, however, was not going to be …

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Navigating a career path – and keeping the bank account on track.

career navigation map

By Saver Julie F. When it comes to career choices, gut intuition counts for a lot – and as a 21-year-old considering a sports marketing internship that my university had offered me at minimum wage, my gut said “no.” So …

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