Info About Facet Joint Syndrome

The connections between the spine’s vertebrae are called the facet joints. These joints allow you to bend and twist your spine. Not only do these joints do that, but they prevent excessive motion, as well as help you hold your body upright.

As for where the joints are located, they are on each vertebrae, and they form a working unit that makes movement possible. The joints’ surfaces are covered with articular cartilage, which is a type of tissue. Synovium is a membrane that the joint is actually lined with, and a fibrous sac encloses the joint. The bones are allowed to move without friction, and this is because it is lubricated with a thick liquid called synovial fluid.

When these joints are inflamed, then there are a number of symptoms people may experience. These symptoms include headaches and pain in their upper back, neck or shoulders. There are other symptoms, such as having a hard time rotating the head, as well as not being able to turn their body in order to look to their left or right.

Facet joint syndrome that affects the lower back may lead to symptoms such as pain in the lumbar region or back stiffness. Other symptoms include having a hard time getting out of a chair or standing up. Some people have also complained that in order to walk, they have to walk hunched over.

When the cartilage cushion that covers the bones ends up wearing away, then it can result in pain, as this is when bones in the joints can end up rubbing together. Not only that, but small nerves can become pinched and irritated, and this can lead to pain. As for who can be affected by facet joint syndrome, usually those who are over 50 are more prone to being diagnosed with it.Pain Management Physicians

As for what can cause facet joint syndrome, there are a number of things, and this includes infection, inflammation, arthritis and whiplash injury.

Activities in which the neck is extended can also cause it, and as for how it is diagnosed, it is done so via X-ray, physical, but your doctor will perform an exam and determine whether or not you have it. If you want to find out if you have it, then see your doctor.

As for treatment, you can take NSAIDS, or you can take pain revilers that are prescribed, but a doctor will need to write you a prescription. Other people receive physical therapy to treat it, or they follow an exercise routine that is designed to help them improve their flexibility, while others try to correct their posture. Some people modify their activities in an effort to avoid excessive bending, stretching or lifting.

Many patients enter a rehabilitation program for treatment. This can last for a while though, and if treatment fails, then surgery is an option for some people. Your reliable pain doctors will be able to let you know if you are a candidate for surgery so speak with them about your options and they will let you know what you should do.

Vacation Health Spas Are A Fantastic Way To Get Away


If you want to find out about vacation health spas to see if they are for you, this advice can help. Because this is something that can have many variables attached, this is going to help you in a general sense. Begin here and then you can further learn more by contacting the spa you choose.

The first thing you want to do is figure out where you want to go on your vacation. You will probably want to seek out places with well rated spas so that then you can figure out which destination is fitting for you. While a place may be beautiful, if the spas there aren’t that great then the trip won’t be as worth it. Thankfully, many spas are out there in great places, so it’s just a matter of finding what you like the best to start working towards your plan of going there.

images (2)Any of the great services that have a lot of business are going to need to be booked early. If you have a vacation near a holiday, then you need to make sure that you make a reservation very early with the spa. Otherwise it could end in you finding that they are too booked. If you’ll be staying in a hotel room when you visit, you need to get that booked early as well. Even things like rental cars could be hard to find at some times of year, so getting it all reserved early is the best idea.

Reviews should be read about the spa, but you have to be cautious in what you trust online. When searching for a review, it’s probably best to avoid those that were written and put on the website of the business. That is because people are not going to allow for a company to be trashed on its own website, so if it’s a terrible spa you would never know. Make sure that the various reviews are also from recent days just in case the spa started to get better or worse over time.

paragraphGet to know the area around the spa locations so you can figure out what else you can do during your vacation. You probably will want to get a couple of other things done while you’re out, though after the treatment you get at the spa you may just want to relax. Bring along a camera and anything else you want to enjoy the time and capture some memories while you’re at it. The more you can fit in to your vacation, or the more places you can relax in, the more fulfilled you will be with it.

When you look at vacation health spas you’ll find that there are a lot of great ones out there. It’s good to get away and take care of your health. It can be beneficial mentally and physically if you are able to work it into your life when you have breaks.