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Domineering winding mountain path behind all the human hair weave, and then tied up confused curly ponytail, then whisk into the front of the head is secured by card, dotted red line of sunglasses to make this shape looks arrogant, full of trendy, entire hairstyle for relatively small face and facial features outstanding stereo MM. Long is not only cute or sweet lady, this Long hair can bar you Chende cute and well-behaved, and very jianling Oh! Long emphasized that the vertical sense, brown cheap human hair lace front wigs is not attractive, but looked very solemn, coupled with a lovely wave point Japanese coat, keep returning hundred percent absolute. It looks stylish hairstyle fashion carved domineering, full queen temperament. Long bangs modifications cheeks even modified the more petite delicate, curly long hair look full stretch, flax golden hair not only brighten the skin color or skin looks a lot delicate, stylish whole novel. Cute double ponytail styling looks so sweet dream ni pay, no bangs hairstyle expose the entire delicate three-dimensional face, people seem energetic, somewhat too hot on both sides of the cauda equina volume, blond cheap human hair wigs make the hair look it is full of vitality, the people seem pretty invincible. Sweet roll bangs long exposed willow-like eyebrows and watery eyes, make you look lovely, hair portion of the volume is very layered, bright yellow full lace human hair wigs is easy to let you become the focus of it. With on a white lace blouse will look very sweet delicate Oh. Japanese Liu Qi good modification of the wide forehead, revealing big eyes painted Japanese makeup, appear to be more refined God, great sense of air in the chest draped in long fleas in human hair, fluffy lace wigs human hair and a very good modification of a small face, yellow human hair weave looks very sleek, new, with a gray chiffon dress with a full Japanese sweet.

Protein contribute to strengthening the human hair lace front wig conditioner lubricant can repair hair fork. However, if you immediately use hot ombre human hair extensions dryer to dry hair conditioner after running out, it will lead to a lack of time to stay conditioner, hair conditioner can not effectively absorb the lubricant. Therefore, after using hair conditioner, it is best not to immediately heated hair integer. In addition, if it is night repair, you can use some containing proteins contribute to strengthening the hair conditioner liquid. Evening is a good opportunity for strengthening curly human hair extensions roots at night, you can first use the shampoo hair washed, damp hair and then ring with elastic cloth or silk scarves high ground, tied into a fluffy ponytail. This enables strengthening the hair root, while giving your virgin human hair and reduction of "negative." Conditioner prime cause hair to keep clean fluffy thick curly hair will make the hair dry every day. But when you burn his cheap human hair bundles "Curly", but you have to wash your curly human hair every day, you will find only shampoo to put them straightened out. In order to maintain the fluffy curls, you can take some disposable Conditioner to full lace human hair wigs on the tail and prime knotted hair, or lubricants in the afternoon, so your human crochet hair can be maintained until the next day. Salicylic acid shampoo can effectively get rid of dandruff shampoo that contains salicylic acid can effectively get rid of dandruff, it promotes timely shedding dead cells, while itching effect. Buy a nightcap back at the head of sleeping wear, friction between the human hair full lace wigs and the pillowcase prone to static electricity, and make you look rather like "Einstein." In order to prevent such trouble happens, you can go to visit some of the antistatic human hair lace front wigs styling agent rubbed. If you find useful, you can also buy a nightcap back on his head.

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