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Wireframe Showcase http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/index.php/wireframes/index/ en admin@wireframeshowcase.com Copyright 2016 2016-06-07T01:48:00+00:00 Tape Events http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/tape_events http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/tape_events#When:2016 06 07 http://www.tapeevents.com/

Tape Events is among the premium event management companies in Dubai and the UAE. Our expertise is in managing conferences, corporate retreats, gala dinners, live shows and family entertainment.

Word Count Online http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/word_count_online http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/word_count_online#When:2016 02 22

Word count online is an online word, character, letter count calculator tool. We simply need to enter the text from web page, article, blog or paragraph and we will get the count of the text that we entered.

Interealty Exchange http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/interealty_exchange http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/interealty_exchange#When:2016 01 19 http://www.interealtyxchange.com

Interealty Exchange are realtors of Miami who offer reliable and worthy homes, apartments and condos for sale as well as rent at affordable price. Contact them for genuine advice on buying and selling your homes in Miami. As customer satisfaction comes first for them and they are always happy to answer their customer.

Calendar App http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/calendar_app http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/calendar_app#When:2015 10 13 http://www.enolalabs.com/
Calendar App

Enola Labs sought to create an internal calendar application to control all aspects on internal meeting scheduling. The app would be placed on tablets across the the office and control meeting room scheduling activities. The app also included a web integration with google calendars.

Wilshire Homes http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/wilshire_homes http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/wilshire_homes#When:2015 10 01

Wilshire Homes is part of the McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. (MHI) family, an award-winning company that has been a vital part of the Texas homebuilding industry since 1988. They offer the most stylish and attractive new home designs at some employment centers and entertainment destinations in Austin and San Antonio.

Green Delta Auction http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/green_delta_auction http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/green_delta_auction#When:2015 08 09

This is the wire frame of website of green delta auction. Green Delta is the online auction site which was founded in 2014 Louisville. It is the fastest growing wholesale merchant in today‚Äôs world. Green Delta’s sells various products includes electronics, hardware, retail inventory, computers, industrial equipment and vehicles.

Airdex Inc. http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/airdex_inc http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/airdex_inc#When:2015 05 19

Airdex Inc. is a company which provide the services for HVAC, Heating, repairing and installation services to their customers. It also provides the agreements to their customers for specific period. There are some branches of Airdex Inc. at Queens, New Jersey, Brooklyn. So, people get the services according to their nearby places.

Cellublue http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/cellublue http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/cellublue#When:2015 05 13 http://www.cellublue.com

Cellublue is an object which is used by doing a “palpate-roll” massage. This massage is very effective and is helpful to get rid from cellulite. As while getting a treatment for the cellulite various cellulite device is been used, so cellublue is also one of the object which is used to eliminate cellulite.

Lounge Lizard http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/lounge_lizard http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/lounge_lizard#When:2015 04 04 http://www.loungelizard.com

The Lounge Lizard website was completely redesigned and in this process, wireframes helped us a lot. Wireframes helped us to determine the space requirements and how much innovation we need to bring in the redesign work so that it gets better than the original design. Wireframes played an essential part in the planning of designs and also helped in making the website interactive.

Photon Sciences http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/photon_sciences http://www.wireframeshowcase.com/wireframes/detail/photon_sciences#When:2014 11 17 https://www.flickr.com/photos/gschroeder/sets/72157608112111110/

In the early stages, I always like giving the customer a black and white, low-fidelity wireframe to keep them focused on the content of the site, not the eye candy.