August 25

Get Cost Benefits by CNG Vehicle Conversions

Any driver will agree that filling up gas these days can be quite costly. The national average cost for gas is estimated to be around $3.5 per gallon; which is actually a drop as compared to the prices registered back in 2013, about $3.80 per gallon. This price is often subject to change due to the changes in the international price of oil; which constantly fluctuates depending on several factors like domestic issues for instance, natural disasters and government policies; decisions made by OPEC; as well as international conflicts.

1During most of the period the price of crude oil has been on the rise, the price of natural gas has on the other hand been on the drop. This can largely be attributed to the continued use of hydraulic fracturing to reach deposits of natural gas that were earlier deemed as inaccessible. This drop in price is being exploited by many buyers of modern vehicles. The financial, environmental and operational benefits associated with CNG cars are driving more people into CNG vehicle conversions in OKC.

It is very clear that the future of energy innovation is greatly dependent on CNG and other sources of clean energy. Some of the cost benefits you get with CNG vehicle conversion include:

Pollution of air with toxic gases is a cause of a host of respiratory conditions. The occurrence of these conditions can greatly be eliminated with the use of natural gas vehicles which have been designed to emit close to zero emissions. Fueling emissions in gasoline cars can account for up to 50% of the total emissions of hydrocarbons. Furthermore, global warming is costing the globe more and more dollars in trying to pay for the climate changes. This can greatly be eliminated by the use of CNG vehicles that produce significantly fewer pollutants as opposed to gasoline-powered vehicles that release CO2 through tailpipe emissions. 

• The average cost of CNG is between 15% and 50% less expensive than an equivalent gallon of gasoline. In addition, the financial incentive advantage on CNG offers an investment tax credit of 50% for any vehicle that is converted to CNG fuel system.

• Vehicles driving on natural gas have no carbon deposits similar to those found in gasoline engines. As a result, there is reduced friction which means the engine is not subject to wear. This ensures a long lasting engine that eliminates frequent maintenance costs thanks to the product’s clean-burning qualities.

images CNG systems are becoming more and more popular as each day goes by. This is because more people are discovering the benefits that are associated with using CNG vehicles. The initial cost of buying a CNG vehicle may be high for many people out there; but the cost of owning one is greatly lower than owning a gasoline car. However, today cars can be converted from gasoline or diesel into CNG vehicles by fitting a CNG conversion kit and are now enjoying many of these benefits of CNG vehicle conversion.

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February 25

How to Sell Your Car In a Flash

When you endeavorht_hyundai_tiburon_coupe_ll_121004_wblog to sell your used car for the first time there are few concerns you may have that are common with most sellers. Will potential buyers pay attention to your ad? How long will it take before you get a potential client? These are some of the questions you are likely to ask yourself when trying to sell your car online. Well here are a few tips that could help you sell your car faster than you thought you could.

1. Make the description an interesting read

You could try and go beyond just listing the features of your car. Make your ad as descriptive as possible in a tone that is friendly. People tend to be drawn to and relate to matters that share real life experiences. You could thus try telling a story behind your car. For instance, rather than simply stating it’s great for a rough terrain road, you could describe a camping trip in which it proved its functionality.

2. Ensure you’re readily available with everything

As soon as you put up a post marketing your car for sale, you need to be readily available for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Ensure all potential clients can quickly reach you through the contact details you provide. You also need to be ready to show your clients the car as soon as they show their interest. If you can’t be available to show a client the car, you could ask a reliable friend or relative to do it for you. You also need to be ready to provide documents and any proof that reflects great condition. All this would fasten pace, as the client will be sure of what they’re getting and also feel more confident with your preparation.

3. “Pimp” your ride

You don’t have budget for a paint job to make your car look brand new. A thorough clean could make a really good impression. Vacuum the seats, get rid of smells, wax the outside, do everything to make the presentation convincing.

4. Ensure your pricing is just right

No one will buy a car that is being charged for more than it’s worth. Why spend an outrageous amount of money on a used car instead of a new car? You need to carry out a research to find out the current market price for your car. You could also find out the average price for used cars, and narrow down to models similar to your own.

In a nutshell, it’s all about how you present your car. You need to ensure you market the best qualities of your car. A good number of clients cannot resist the deal worth the client’s time, you can’t go wrong.

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