World Prayer Today

“I am a changed man”

“I am a changed man.” That’s the good news we received from a listener named Roton who hops about the Bible Bus in the language of Bengali.

God’s Word doesn’t return void

Today as our journey brings us to India, we’re celebrating God’s Word that is reaching millions around the world on THRU the BIBLE. Let’s rejoice in those who are responding in faith, like Sanjay who recently hopped aboard the Bible Bus in his language of Chhattisgarhi.

His awesome works

“My body and spirit were weak, and that’s when God showed up.” That’s the story we hear from Namono in Uganda.

The precious blood of Jesus

How did you come to believe in Jesus Christ? Through a family member? A teacher? At church? Our stories are likely very different, but the result is the same: We were once far from God and now we are near.

Answered prayers in India

As we travel on our knees thanking God for His work in the hearts and lives of our fellow Bible Bus passengers, a listener in India wants to thank you.

He waits with open arms

Welcome, Prayer Team. Today as our journey of praise continues, we stop and rejoice with a listener in Africa who joins us on the Bible Bus in Kinyarwanda.

His saving and sustaining grace

“It is God’s grace that saved us and sustains us today!” That’s the good news Dr. McGee ends our study of Ephesians with today and the message we hear from a listener named Chelsea.

He satisfies every hunger, every hurt, every hole in our lives

A difficult marriage. A serious health concern. A crippling addiction. Whatever we face, God’s Word tells us He’s ready to meet us in our sorrow and satisfy our needs.

It’s time to celebrate in Pakistan

It’s time to celebrate in Pakistan. Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today on our journey we meet Saddam who has good news to share.

Great things are happening as God’s Word goes out in French

“I am now a son of God.” That’s the good news we hear from Andre who joins us on the French-Bible Bus.

Discovering the greatness of God

“Jesus is way bigger and more powerful than I expected!” That’s what we hear from Shnoudeh, as together we pray our way through Egypt.

The best decision I’ve ever made

“I only believed in what I could see or touch. Too many people wanted to tell me about God and take my money. I was completely closed off to any religion.”

“I cannot live without God’s Word.”

Helena shares this good news as we praise our way through Cape Verde today.

Waking up and walking wisely

“As a young man I was conscious of God, but I did not really know Him. I created an image of Him that was acceptable to my lifestyle and my choices. So, I lusted after women, lied when it suited me, and almost lost my family and marriage."

It’s always a good time to praise the Lord

It’s always a good time to praise the Lord. That’s the lesson we learned earlier this year in Psalms, and that’s the plan of our World Prayer Team each day from now until the end of the year.

He seeks and saves us

“I have never studied the Word of God before, but in the hospital, I heard your teaching and became interested,” says a listener of THRU the BIBLE in Zimbabwe.

“It’s God’s way or no way at all.”

“My favorite study with you has been 1 Samuel. I learned many things. At first, I found it difficult to read, but with your teaching I understood perfectly."

Praying for full churches in Burundi

In our study of Ephesians, one of the important lessons we are learning is that we grow best in the company of other believers. That’s what a listener in Burundi has found, too.

How to live a life that pleases God

How do you live a life that pleases God? That’s what a listener in Somalia wanted to know as he stepped aboard the Bible Bus with us.

Pray for the poor in Malawi

Famous for its friendly people and welcoming culture, it’s easy to see why Malawi is called “the warm heart of Africa.”

Finding joy in prayer

What does your prayer list look like? How many people do you remember in prayer, even once a week? As a World Prayer Team member, your prayer life is likely established, and your list is long.

Praying for Muslims in Qatar

Today as our journey through the Middle East continues, pray more Qataris hear God’s Word on THRU the BIBLE and come to a saving faith in Him.

“It’s so sweet to be saved.”

Welcome to Jordan. On previous prayer travels we’ve learned that very few in this Muslim-dominant country follow Jesus Christ, and those who do are often persecuted at work and home.

How to pray for the church in Azerbaijan

Today our World Prayer Team returns to Azerbaijan, where God is at work in the midst of the Muslim majority. As we pray for the Azeri Christians, here are a few things to keep in mind.

God’s Word is going out in Yemen

Life for most Yemenis is brutal. Once known as Arabia Felix, or the “Happy Land,” today Yemen is the poorest nation in the region and faces the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.