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26th April 1942: Living - and fighting - conditions on board the old carrier, launched in 1925, as she heads to the tropics to intercept the Japanese
25th April 1942: In the second of the 'Baedecker raids" the City of Bath, home to Roman baths and fine Georgian architecture, suffers serious damage
24th April 1942: Even as the Bataan Death March drew to a close many men were still to die in the appalling facilities provided by the Japanese
The Baedecker Blitz
23rd April 1942: RAF Bomber Command continues to develop area bombing - designed to destroy whole cities and shock Germany into ending the war
22 April 1942: Norwegian volunteers for the SS fight off a much larger force as the Soviets launch a suicidal attack south of Leningrad
21 April 1942: A true baptism of fire as newly arrived pilots are thrust into the action, outnumbered above Malta
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