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And am sure that this guy is to be followed ...Only 20 years old with such a drive and charisma , Style versatily and willingness to do well : I would not be surprised  at all that I spent last saturday with of of the greatest model the next decade has yet to discover ....    Here are some fast pics among Hundreds i shot last saturday ... More to come ]]> Mon,10 Nov 2014 06:20:32 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=688 SEXY PASTELS FROM THE WEB ]]> Fri,07 Nov 2014 16:03:26 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=686 CHARLOTTE & VINCENT ]]> Thu,06 Nov 2014 15:33:25 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=683 SEUNG-HWAN Creating a new take on portraits, South Korea artist Seung-Hwan Oh uses a combination of biology and art to produce the work in his series “Impermanence”. Best described on his website, Oh’s artistic process “exposes his practice to Science. As a microbiologist, he cultivates fungus that he applies to his film. Through this process, the microorganisms slowly devour the film. The artist proposes a depletion of an image. The intended result is what appears through disappearance”. Each piece takes on a life of it’s own through the scientific manipulation that is applied to it, which is apparent through the fluidity of the areas that the microorganisms affected the most. The resulting compositions are both hauntingly beautiful and conceptually original. Text by Canbra Hodsdon]]> Fri,10 Oct 2014 18:36:56 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=681 MOOD OF THE DAY When you don't have much to say ... You'd better shut up ... Hope those few images ( some from us , some others not ) summarize our current mood ... Nostalgic ... Attracted by the scary , repulsed by the obvious , mesmerized by the glowing ugly ... Overall not that bad   ]]> Wed,10 Sep 2014 15:04:21 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=680 TRAPPED Source : http://pornceptual.com/trapped/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews]]> Mon,26 May 2014 13:14:03 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=679 ABDUL MAJEED GORAYA Hijras pose in their office in Peshawar, Pakistan. All photos by Abdul Majeed Goraya "My father used to beat me and ask, ‘Why do you have to go around pretending to be a girl?’” Now at 35, she says her cheeks burn and fists tighten if anyone refers to her as a man. Khushboo, whose name means fragrance, classifies herself as a hijra, a South Asian gender designation that encompasses transgender and transexual people, as well as transvestites and eunuchs. She has a different definition for herself and the estimated hundreds of thousands of other hijras across the region. “Our souls are female and our bodies are male,” she says, dipping a rag into a red plastic pail filled with a chalky mixture of water and face powder. Surrounded by a group of several other hijras in a room they call their “office,” Khushboo smears the dripping rag over her face and adds, “I’ve known I was a hijra since I was a child.” She used to wear her sisters’ clothes. At 16, Khushboo slipped out of the house in one of their outfits and didn’t return home for years. Along with another hijra, she settled in Peshawar, a city in northwestern Pakistan one night’s drive from the costal city of Karachi where she’d grown up. Peshawar has long been home to cultural traditions that insist on strict gender segregation, and the city has come under increasing sway of an extremist view of Islam in recent years. These intolerant, conservative beliefs are made brutally clear through the bombings and shootings that are now near-weekly occurrences. Taliban suicide bombers killed 85 worshippers at a church there last September, and militants killed thirteen people at a cinema showing pornographic movies in February. Lesser attacks are momentaryblips on local news coverage featuring bloodied streets and blaring sirens. Khushboo points to battered doors and broken windows around her. She says young men—“college boys” she calls them—wreak havoc on her and fellow hijras who are preparing for a dance performance later that night. Sometimes the men recite scripture and beat the hijras to shame them out of their profession as dancers, and other times they force them to dance or even rape them, she tells me. Despite the extremism that has only further marred the city since her arrival nearly 20 years ago, Khushboo has an affinity for Peshawar because it’s where she had a sort of rebirth as her new self. Free from the abuse of her father and brothers, as well as the sense of dishonor she felt on behalf of her mother and sisters, Khushboo embraced a new life of openness—and was adopted into a new family. “In this field we have mothers. We have gurus. We have uncles and aunts,” she says, and then points to a girl who’s rolling a spliff in the corner of the room. “She’s my daughter. I’m a daughter of someone so she has a grandmother too. And,” Khushboo adds, “She also has a father.” That last bit comes so quickly that I almost miss it. I inquire further about the girl’s “papa” and Khushboo says, “Her father is married to someone else, but he loves me.” She then goes on to explain what their relationship entails—and it’s all very practical until it gets utterly tragic: “If I’m sick, he comes by and brings me medicine,” she says proudly. “If I don’t have money he drops some cash off. If I die, it’s this man who will dress me up as a man and take my body to his house to carry out the cemetery. He might not explain the full story and just say that I was killed in the market or that there was some kind of shooting, but he’s the one who will take care of the funeral.” I can’t help but think that this grim possibility is one that Khushboo has discussed with her “husband”—and one that he too has come to terms with. ... In Peshawar’s increasingly religiously-motivated milieu, the presence of hijras—be they dancers or sex workers—is frowned upon and politicians vie for favor by pushing them out of their homes and worksites. Seeing this, Malik Iqbal says he wanted to do something. “I sympathize with them because no one gives them any space,” he tells me. He rents out the office that Khusboo and her fellow hijras use to prepare for their dances. “I didn’t used to be on their side,” Iqbal says. “Now I help them. I say they’re humans too. We should have some empathy for that reason. Not just me, everyone should empathize with them as people.” But some believe Iqbal’s connection to hijras goes beyond a shared humanity. Though he refuses to speak about it, Iqbal was arrested in 2010 for attempting to marry a hijra called Rani. Such a union would be illegal under Pakistani law, which only recognizes marriages between men and women. He has repeatedly denied the charge and claimed that police were trying to extort money from hijras at an event that wasn’t a marriage but an innocent birthday party. Either way, the shock the story garnered reveals just how far removed everyday Pakistanis are from the hijra community. A big-grossing film called Bol, or Speak—released in 2011—may have helped some, but real connections like Iqbal's remain few. And not everyone in close proximity to hirjas is sympathetic. Noor Illahi, who owns a grain shop down the street from the hijras’ office, doesn’t have a problem with the hijras themselves or even their work, but thinks they should find some other place to go. “My work has suffered because of them. The other storeowners and I, we think they should be given some place off to the side. It should be separate.” He’s worked in his store for 15 years and says that sales have dropped fifty percent since the hijras set up shop next door a few years ago. “There are a lot of fights here now. They create quite a scene sometimes.” The raucousness has driven away his customers. Those who stop in the area are more interested in the hijras than the sacks of flour he has for sale. “I’m not personally offended by them. But look,” he says, pointing to a group of several white shalwar kameez-clad men loitering outside the hijra’s building. “These poor people have earned just three or four hundred rupees all day ($3-4) and they’ll come here and waste it all on them.” The men are all rickshaw drivers. One by one, they go on the record to deny being there to solicit sex. “We’re just here to chit chat with them,” one says while peering over his shoulder to see if any of the hijras have come out into the alley. “It’s a totally innocent relationship that we have with them.” Back up in the hijras’ office, the lights have gone out as a part of the rolling power outages that have frustrated Pakistanis for years. It might be another hour before they’re ready to leave for their performance. When they do, they’ll be cloaked in massive shawls and under the cover of night. Follow Beenish Ahmed on Twitter.]]> Sat,17 May 2014 13:31:28 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=678 YOUR HEART IS (ALMOST) FULL ‘Human Error’ is an on-going series by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer, in which she digitally inserts computer error messages over scanned polaroid films. The polaroids depict images of broken hearts and seclusion, while the error messages prompt the viewer for an action—like to “erase all feelings” from the heart or to “move on” from a failed relationship. Blurring the line between technology and reality, the series shows that mending a broken heart is often more complex, and that it takes more than a few simple mouse clicks to heal.   source : http://designtaxi.com/news/364977/Graphic-Designer-Inserts-Error-Messages-Into-Human-Experiences/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews]]> Thu,10 Apr 2014 18:31:22 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=677 MADAULA'S ART   We do not know much about Madaula .... He might be a single person ... Or a Collectif . Modern yet timeless celebration of beauty   All we we know is that their selective art display is always sticking and rare .    Tatsefull spanish artist(s) invole into photography and painting   more at : http://madaula.es/about/]]> Sun,30 Mar 2014 07:02:01 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=675 TRAVIS BEDEL Mixed media artist Travis Bedel creates stunning collages that merge anatomical imagery with illustrations from science guides and textbooks. You can see much more of his work over on Tumblr, and he has prints for sale on Society6 and Etsy.]]> Thu,20 Mar 2014 13:53:04 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=672 PASTEL PORN Soft Pink , gold , Human Patchwork .... Sexy Pastel . Light sky , faded tangerine . Raw yet none Agressive Full frontal shots  This is what we are aiming for . ]]> Fri,24 Jan 2014 08:49:55 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=671 GETTING OLDER .... Horror .... Stupefaction ... There is nothing I can do to fight this .... I just discovered my very first white pubic hair !!! along with the new year came something I have always been very afraid of ....  What to Do ?!  Nothing .... For the time being I can still use a tweeser .... Trimming is the natural option at all age ... As they use to say : trim the bush to make the tree looks taller ....  still getting white ... Might be perceived as getting wise .... But getting Floppy ?!?!?!     Time to channel my energy and to save what could be saved .... And follow this little work out routine I Just found online :   " What you need to do first is: 1. Quickly clench and release your PC (also known as your peeing muscle) for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times. 2. Tighten it again and hold for as long as you can. Aim for 2 minutes. That’s it. Do it whenever you have a chance. You can do it at work, while waiting for the train, and in-between sets at the gym. Get to it, it’s about time you tuned up that sloppy cock of yours. You are not getting any younger!"  Do it at your leisure, for best results practice with an erection]]> Fri,03 Jan 2014 11:07:03 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=670 RYAN MCGINLEY  McGinley moved to New York City to attend art school and soon befriended a gorgeous dominatrix/prostitute who lived upstairs from him. They hooked up a few times, but McGinley was hesitant to have sex with her. “She said, ‘If you don’t want to fuck me, you’re fucking gay,’ ” he remembers. “I was like Maybe. I don’t know. “That night, we ended up at this after-hours,” he says, “And there was this really cute guy, Harry. She talked to him and we ended up back at hers. She said ‘I’m going to kiss Harry and you’re going to kiss me and then you’re going to kiss Harry.’ I was so nervous my mouth was bone dry and I started making out with him and that was it. This made sense! I never hooked up with a girl again.”  ( from OUT Mag )  source : http://ryanmcginley.com]]> Fri,03 Jan 2014 06:10:27 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=669 ... WESLEY PEIRERA IN BALI ... ]]> Wed,25 Dec 2013 15:41:15 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=668 MARIAGE POUR TOUS ... MAIS PAS PARTOUT ! Nous sommes en couple depuis 14 ans , deux garçons ... Ne revendiquant rien de spécial ... Si ce n'est le droit à la différence dans l'indifférence . Nous nous sommes Pascés à l'ambassade de Jakarta il y a dix ans ou nous sommes expatriés . Déjà à l'époque le consul, au moment des félicitations d'usage ... Nous avait juste prévenu que si jamais nous nous " faisions gaulés avec de la Drogue à Bali "... Fallait pas pas compter sur l'ambassade pour nous ... Ça fait toujours plaisir . Amalgame et raccourcis ... L'Indonésie est le plus grand pays musulman du monde et autorise la polygamie ... Les gens y sont gentils et jamais nous n'avons eu a souffrir de la moindre homophobie . Le mariage j'étais plutôt contre ... Je trouve qu'il aurait fallu élargir le cadre de la famille civile et laïque , ouvrir le droit à une famille choisie , défendre la position de tuteur , de beau parents ... De fratrie par alliance ... Trop de divorces pour faire rêver avec un mariage civil et bancale .... Malgré tout ... Il y a quelques jours après de grandes discussions nous nous décidons a re-contacter l'ambassade de France pour nous y marier ... Sans fête ... Le plus discrètement du monde . L'ambassade étant une enclave de droit français en Indonésie ... Nous voyons dans ce mariage un moyen de célébrer la réussite de notre histoire ... De se protéger l'un , l'autre et notre patrimoine dans un cadre légal .... Faute de mieux . Réponse sans appel du département consulaire : Impossible !!! Refus de l'ambassade après avoir demandé la permission au gouvernement indonésien . Bravo pour la souveraineté de l'état .... L'égalité des droits ... !!! Nous ne souhaitons pas attirer l'attention sur Nous en particulier , mais juste reporter des faits qui mérite d'être relayer et de trouver un certain échos ... Le mariage pour tous ... Peut être ... Mais pas partout ...]]> Mon,16 Dec 2013 16:58:31 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=667 ... DAMIEN BLOTTIERE FOR CANDY MAG ... It has been a long time that we admire the very specific talent that Damien Blottiere puts in everything he connects with ... He can address any subject , any topic or mood : you'll always recognize the point of view of this French artist ... Beyond photography ... With a very distintice style he never repeats himself ... Yet you'll always be able to tell that he was the one behind the lens and the blade .This time he paired with Candy Mag for their 7th issue and one more time he nailed it .... While those pictures already invaded the @web , We can't wait to put our hand on the paper issue ...   http://damienblottiere.tumblr.com]]> Thu,12 Dec 2013 16:38:08 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=666 THIDDY FERRELLI SUN BURN .... Was a few years ago .... Thy Di was litteraly insisting for us to organise a test shoot with him ... wich was unsual and also flatering ...  On the Top of It Thy Di seemed ok for some Nude picture ... And that does not happen every day . Thy Di is is very tall 9.2 .... Very pale skin and clear blue eyes .... wich is very rare for a Brazilian Model .  On the D day we were all ready waiting for Him ..... a "Preppy Surbub" Fashion spread was going to be shot for a magazine ... Some more Conceptual pictures For a Summer idea od mine ... and the nude series .    But when Thy di finally arrive  , he was just back From a week end in Bali .... totaly sun Burn : Not only the skin was read , but also peeling of like a snake changing skin .... I also assume that he was in a lot of pain . the whole thing seems compromise .... but the Fagzine is tenacious .... XnotDead even more ....    So finaly .... after 2 years on surgical editing in order to remove all the dead skin .... we are finaly able to present this " Blur Morning " Shots Forget my bad grammar ;-( and enjoy the pictures   ]]> Thu,05 Dec 2013 14:39:45 GMT http://www.xnotdead.com/index.php?page=voir&id=665 PIECES OF A MODEL'ING LEGEND The world hasn’t met another Gemini quite like Anthony Borden Ward, better known as Tony Ward. Born June 10, 1963, Mr. Ward is nothing short of a 20th Century renaissance man, dabbling his feet in everything from modeling and photography to acting and writing. Making his debut in the 80's, appearing in Calvin Klein's underwear campaign shot by Herb Ritts, Tony then achieved notoriety in the early 90's for dating Madonna, appearing in her Justify My Love video and her controversial "Sex" book. Tony has since then embraced the titles of father, husband, top model, actor, artist, photographer, designer, painter, writer, producer, and director. With a never ending and quite impressive resume, Ward has worked alongside with photographers like Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Klein, Steven Meisel and Terry Richardson and for fashion designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Fendi, H & M and Hugo Boss. He landed his first starring role in 1996 in the movie Hustler   Source ]]> Wed,27 Nov 2013 11:40:38 GMT