Is Vapor Kings a Luxury Brand?

February 13, 2014

Is this luxury?  Some would say yes, but I don’t think it quite makes the cut.  I’ll let you read the review and decide.

VaporKings 300x132 Is Vapor Kings a Luxury Brand?

PG Based blend differentiates Vapor Kings from brands that use VG.

Vapor Kings 


Vapor Kings is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based electronic cigarettes brand. The brand is marked by abundant variety, affordability and easy access. Vapor Kings believes that electronic cigarette smokers will most definitely find the e-cig product they have been looking at one of their physical stores or on their official website.

What Is Available At Vapor Kings?

Vapor Kings offers an assortment of electronic cigarette products, and even offers various electronic cigarette coupon codes.  Users can buy different e-juices, atomizers, rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers, apparel, specialty atomizers, e-cig cases, e-cig adapters, super cigarettes, mini electronic cigarettes, e-cig starter kits, electronic cigars, mods, e-Pipes, tanks and a lot more. Moreover, Vapor Kings offers variety in all of its product categories and also offers products of a selected mix of other e-cig brands.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Vapor Kings offers Joye 510 starter kit and other e-cigs at affordable prices. The Joye 510 e-cig kit is priced at $45.95 and is a great option for those who want to get started on electronic cigarette smoking and want to do that at an affordable price. Vapor Kings also offers other mini, disposable and smart electronic cigarettes that are available in different designs and cost way less.

Electronic Juice

If you are an e-juice enthusiast, checking out Vapor Kings’ collection of electronic liquid is a must. Vapor Kings offers Primo Vapor e-liquid, Five Prawns Signature, Flavorz by Joe, Halo USA e-liquid, NicQuid e-liquid, DIY e-liquid supplies and Liqua Italian Flavored e-liquid. The choice and variety of flavors depends on what you are looking for. Some of the top and high trending flavors at Vapor Kings include Apple Jacked, Strawberry, Orange Dreamsickle and a few more (in Flavorz by Joe category).  All of the other categories have other unique blends available at affordable prices.

Vapor Volume

The vapor volume of the electronic cigarettes will depend on the product you are using. Since Vapor Kings offers e-liquid of different brands, users can determine which one they want to go for after checking out their ratings. The higher the quality of e-liquid, the more the vapor will be. Moreover, the vapor volume also depends on the battery or type of e-cig product being used. Mods generally transmit a higher vapor volume whereas standard e-cigs with 650 mAh-800 mAh batteries will give you 3-5 hours of uninterrupted e-cig smoking.

Users can buy products from Vapor King by either visiting the brand’s official website or by visiting one of its physical retail store.

Comparison to V2 Cigs

Always on the luxury tip, we’re always looking to impress!  V2 Cigs is by far the best brand out there.  Just trust me there, we’ll follow up with a review later.  If you really want to save money, use these V2 Coupons and you’ll be well on your way to saving money.


The Best of the Best E-Cigarette Brands

When you look at luxury items, you probably don’t think of an electronic cigarette.

BUT, many brands are putting serious R & D into their offering, and e-cigs are becoming something of luxury very rapidly.   Take the Fin e cig, which you’ll see on your television.  They’ve upped their game to new heights in recent months.

Electronic cigarettes are a new phenomenon which has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. Choosing the best electronic cigarette for oneself is as tricky as it is important. Below are the top electronic cigarette manufacturing brands:

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs are known for the quality of their product. Furthermore, there is a wide range of starter kits available in V2 Cigs, from basic to fully loaded starter kits. The standard kit price ranges from $55 to $60 and contains two Batteries, 10 Flavored Cartridges, Wall Adapter, a Smart Charger and Manual. The V2 Standard plus kit costs $100 and contains two Batteries, 10 Flavored Cartridges, Wall Adapter, a Smart Charger with portable Charging Case and Manual. Furthermore, the ultimate kit costs over $150 and contains all the basic accessories and three batteries, 25 flavored cartridges, a 2 amp Car Adapter, a portable Charging Case along with Metal Carry Case, a lanyard and a Power-Cig.  V2 cigs are also known to be the best because of the wide range of e-liquid flavors available. V2 customers advocate the durability and life of V2 batteries and rate the quality to be finest.

VaporZone Cig

VapingZone not only takes manufacturing electronic cigarettes seriously but also takes it to the next level by constantly developing and researching on ways to improve the smoker’s vaping experience. There is a wide range of starter kits to choose from. Among others the top selling ones are the Vaporzone Jet, Pulse and Rebel starter kits. These kits have prices ranging between $79 and $179. Furthermore, the most distinguishable quality about vaporzone is that the brand has 15 dessert, 15 fruit and 9 other e-liquid flavors available in different nicotine strengths. Vaporzone batteries are the low resistance and hence provide a better throat hit and dense vapors.

Blu Cig 

Blu as a brand has the highest media presence and therefore greater reach to prospective and regular customers. Blu Cig is characterized by the classy packing and hassle free usage. It is ideal for starter vaping experiences. The blu ecig cases come with social functionality which essentially means that every time you cross a Blu Cigs user or shop that has it, your case will vibrate and emit a small light. This is just one of the creative ways in which Blu as a brand engages ecig smokers. The Blu Cig kits range from $69 to $89. Rest assured, the ecig quality is impressive and up to the mark.

Hcg Dangers

March 25, 2014

5967912270 93a45c2e2b Hcg Dangers What are the dangers of taking the HCG drops. If you take the drops you can still have children. Today I learned that … I guess he's talking about homeopathic hCG drops that are advertised to help with weight loss? The problem is that the drops actually contain no actual HCG, because in the U.S., you have to have a prescription to buy HCG. If you received hCG, which would be stimulated to ovulate. HCG is usually used to trigger the development of follicles in the ovary, in preparation for the egg retrieval for in vitro fertilization. So I think actually if hCG was used, it would be likely to have children, probably mulitples. Of course, that's only if you get really hCG real. Bought without a prescription, without a doctor is more likely that it is not the real deal. In that case, you will not miraculously lose weight, and it's really low calorie diet you follow along with the drops that does the trick.

HCG Diet Trim

March 23, 2014

No, not going into starvation mode, because that's what the hcg is what not even say that my body is going into starvation mode because her im not going to eat much protein one vegetable on top of that I'm not fat over weight or you just choose to lose weight and no, I do not gaiin the weight back because iam going to training so please none of that im just wondering how much weight you lose that doing this will create. From what I can tell … I'm on HCG Platinum drops from GNC. They said that on average is 20 pounds per month. I am on day 15 and lost 10 pounds. Also had 2 days 3 days deception and hitting a plateau. You really have to be committed to lose any pounds with this diet. I've never been on a diet but this exaggerating difficult. You must follow the guidline food or not it will work. The first days I was dying of hunger and then I got used to it and was not hungry anymore. And I have creative in the kitchen.

Foods Lose Weight

March 18, 2014

I'm seventeen, female and about 5 "3 and a half. Ish. Used to be just a lil under weight just because that's the way I am, of course, because it only runs in my family, but I got sick and lost nearly 2 Put the stone weight again is very, very difficult. Do not know wether it's my metabolism or I'm not eating the right things. I eat things like potatoes, pasta, rice, fruits, cereals, wholemeal bread (can not eat potatoes white), chocolate and occasionally fast food I drink too much milk, but semi Will I gain weight if I keep trying Any advice Essentially – Good habits:..?. To gain weight, eat food with very high caloric value. Try to increase your food intake without consuming too much fat and sugar. Regular meals, especially breakfast, are important if you find it difficult to gain weight. Taking your time with meals and make sure you are relaxed is also important to ensure that your digestive system functions properly. Having a set schedule and avoid eating in the middle in order to increase the hunger for food. Eat more Eat five or more meals a day. Drink plenty of fluids that supply calories like juice, milk, milkshakes, and sports drinks. Eating grains and vegetables, such as rice, oats, pasta, potatoes, kumara, carrots and pumpkin with starch. Add seasonings, such as yogurt, sour cream, sauces and dressings to plain foods and salads. Eat bread with fatty spreads such as avocado, peanut butter and olive or canola oil margarine. Eating an extra 1000kJ over their daily needs can produce a weight gain of about 1 kg per week. Protein Protein is essential for the body to repair, so that the immune system to function and recovery from illness. If you are recovering from an illness, it is important to include adequate protein in your diet. Good vegetarian sources of protein include: Cereals, nuts and seeds, soy products (soy milk, tofu, tempeh, etc.) and legumes. Milk, yogurt, cheese and free range eggs are also excellent protein sources for non-vegans. You must ensure that you include a protein source at every meal. Try dense choose energy sources of protein that are relatively soft and do not contain the amount of fiber, such as soy or milk protein sources. Eating nuts daily. Small size cashew nuts, almonds and raisins have bundle of energy. What should you eat to gain weight? The following weight gain diet can supply those extra calories. Eat at least these group food. A) Milk Group: Milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream. B) Meat Group: Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans and peas, nuts. C) Group of vegetables: Fresh, frozen, canned vegetable juices. D) Position of fruit: Fresh, canned, dried, frozen fruits, juiced. E) Group grain cereals, breads, muffins, pastries, muffins, pancakes, grits, rice. Alcohol can also be taken in small sips, perhaps before meals as it can help improve appetite. Alcohol should be taken only after your doctor's permission. If you like greasy food and then try to add a little vegetable oil or margarine to your food, especially the mashed vegetables, salads and potatoes. Go for fried foods if you like to eat. Avoid caffeine and nicotine Caffeine and nicotine are good stimulants and help to increase the metabolism of our body. Avoid having these stimulants in excess quantity to help your body retain maximum nutritional value of what you eat. Eat Late Having snacks at bedtime may help to gain weight, as long as it does not interfere with sleep. For optimum nutritional value of the foods you have eaten you must relax after meals. If you frequently eat food only once or twice what slows weight gain because it makes you feel that your stomach is full. Go for smaller meals and snacks throughout the day, increasing food intake our body. Exercise While exercising should be done so that the muscles are stretched. You do not have to do too much, but must subject your body to get out of the normal stress each workout to build muscle and gain weight. Congenital factors may play an important role in the body. If our parents are thin means we are less likely to gain weight. Many non-nutritional factors may also contribute to low body weight, such as stress or nervous tension. Good nutrition, rest, relaxation and regular exercise helps to increase body mass. So be happy and eat healthy food, after all, "Health is Wealth".

Emily Schwartz, RD, Providence Park Hospital, was part of a series of live sessions on FOX 2 Morning Show on foods to avoid to lose weight.