Content Sharing is Caring

The next step of optimizing your YouTube video (or other external content) is sharing.

Not many people will go and seek out content, so it’s up to you to share it as much as you can with relevant parties to increase the views, likes, and engagement metrics. First and foremost, have confidence in your work that it will appeal to others.

As industry professionals who have experience with a variety of different content management systems (CMSs), we’re often asked which content management system we prefer. The present answer is WordPress. It has the power and flexibility to satisfy your unique business needs and is simpler to manage and maintain than its competitors. WordPress allows you to easily update your content because it does not require technical skills or an understanding of complex code.

Facebook has already defied the odds in the online realm as far as social media platforms go. Princeton University researchers had predicted in 2014 that Facebook would lose 80% of their followers by 2017, but the platform continues to grow and expand, engaging approximately 1 billion users daily. The innovative nature of Facebook has made it more and more user friendly, and therefore business friendly. The next year has even more in store to watch for on the business side with the following trends that will have the largest impact.

It’s important for business owners to understand that their website and email are two different business systems, which need to be managed independently. For most businesses, a website is primarily for marketing the business with perhaps some operational or sales elements. While email is almost exclusively operational allowing your team to communicate and do their jobs. Occasionally we come across businesses who use the email service supplied by their website host provider. This common practice should be avoided if possible. When you host your email on the same server as your website, you face the following potential problems:

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