Facebook has recently undergone some considerable changes. I’m sure you’ve noticed the different look to business pages along with a change on the back end of the page as well as page management. Facebook has now grown Facebook Business Manager to be mandatory for pages to utilize. This platform allows the management of Ad Accounts, pages, apps, and the people who work on them all in one place. This makes it easy to manage access to your business page(s) should employees or service providers change at any point.

Yardstick Services is now utilizing this platform to manage clients’ accounts to gain access without any other complications.

5 Tips for Copywriters To Effectively Engage Web Users

Do you have the writing chops to command your audience?

According to Nielsen Norman Group (evidence-based user experience research experts), your website visitor reads approximately 20% of content on an average page, spending about 25 seconds, including how to navigate around the layout.

So, what’s this mean to a copywriter? Simply put, you have precious seconds to communicate useful, interesting content or lose your reader/customer — for good.

Google can be an elaborate platform to work with, and if they have multiple people setting up different Google functions, it’s often that different email addresses are also used. While there is no official way to merge accounts, there are some options you have (on a per Google product basis) to transfer data to another Google user.

Although many people have personal Google accounts, setting up Google for your business takes slightly more consideration and planning.

The first step is to setup a marketing email address that you will utilize for all of your platforms. This is the key to having them all linked together and is the easiest for accessing. Use something simple such as yourcompanyname@gmail.com or marketing@yourcompany.com – something easy to remember that you will always be able to access.

Do your customers have a hard time finding you online? It’s best to make your social media presence as easy as possible to encourage engagement. Claiming URLs related to your brand is very important, even if you aren’t active on that platform yet — ultimately, you don’t want someone else to take your page.

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