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zappcon.com http://zappcon.com CENTRAL CALIFORNIA'S POP CULTURE PHENOMENON. Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:14:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.18 Where is ZAPPCON? http://zappcon.com/where-is-zappcon/ http://zappcon.com/where-is-zappcon/#respond Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:12:18 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3595 Dear Zappers,

We regret to inform our friends and fans that there will not be another ZAPPCON. As a board we decided to retire the convention.

We are incredibly grateful for the three years we brought the best quality convention to Fresno that we could manage. We are most grateful for everyone who worked alongside us in the community to help it happen. The creative artists, makers, and fans brought a bright spot of geekiness to the Valley and we hope that they continue to contribute to our culture here.

We will also continue to do our part. David continues to work hard in the event industry, Jennifer provides daily geek support at Crazy Squirrel Game Store, Sammy is expanding his film business Team Ro Productions and Sarah just co-authored her first Young Adult Sci-Fi novel, The Wanderer’s Curse. If you see us in the community, please say Hello.

Retiring ZAPPCON was a difficult decision; we’re all going to miss it.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

David, Jennifer, Sammy and Sarah.
ZAPPCON Board Members

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Return on the Hunt: Year 3 http://zappcon.com/return-on-the-hunt-year-3/ http://zappcon.com/return-on-the-hunt-year-3/#respond Wed, 13 Sep 2017 02:53:15 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3579 Greetings Super Sleuths,
Do you have what it takes to assemble the team, scavenge the city, and save the world?

Join us September 23rd for adventure!
ZappCon’s third annual Scavenger Hunt is being held at Tioga Sequioa Beer Garden on 745 Fulton, Fresno, CA 93721.

Our teams have surpassed the space of our previous and glorious host Crazy Squirrel Game Store, but never fear, you will still have a chance to visit our beloved sponsors Crazy Squirrel Game Store, Book Nook, and Tioga Sequioa Brewing Company on game day. 

Scavenger Hunt Details:
EARN bonus points by registering early, join the facebook event for updates.
REGISTER on Eventbrite            Bonus points are for teams of 3-4 only. All members must be pre-paid to get these points!
            40 BONUS POINTS Come in some sort of team uniform or costume.
MEET at Tioga Sequioa Beer Garden downtown at 12pm for check-in. 
BRING your team (or find one there) 3-4 players per team. $10 per person
This is an all ages event, participants however will need access to a vehicle to complete the challenges. 
RACE from 1pm-3pm with all your might, mind and strength
WIN AWARDS & SWAG and have a free drink with us (alcoholic and nonalcoholic, a food truck will be available for purchase, but no pizza this year)

We shall all bask in your amazing, amazingness. 

PS. Badges to ZAPPCON 2018 are among the prizes

Oh wait, what’s that? Yes. Yes. We’ve missed you too. <3

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A Letter to our Zappers http://zappcon.com/a-letter-to-our-zappers/ http://zappcon.com/a-letter-to-our-zappers/#comments Thu, 11 May 2017 14:22:49 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3563 Zapp Girl 2017
Greetings, Zappers!

We’ve had three great years of Fresno’s favorite fan-run convention and we’re busy focusing on the bringing another great one to town. However, we’ve decided that we’re going to need until 2018 to make it the biggest and best one yet.

We know, that’s sad news to a lot of you. There’s just four main people that spend all year organizing ZappCon. We want to make sure each and every one is the best nerdy entertainment you can find in the Valley. We came out of the gate swinging in 2014 and each year we bring in more great gaming, how-to panels, musical guests, cosplay awesomeness and the best vendors around.

For 2017, we’ll continue our community events that have become popular, including working with the Fresno County Library’s summer experiences, organizing gaming events, and working with other local businesses. We’re also putting together a great 1-day experience that will combine our extremely popular annual scavenger hunt and the best parts of ZappCon.

It takes a lot of time and money to put on a professional level convention. The four board members love putting this together and working with the community volunteers who’ve made the ZappCon the quality experience you’re used to having.

Look for ZappCon community events throughout this year to continue to gather with your favorite nerds in the Valley.

Then watch out for a bigger and better ZappCon in 2018. Look for cosplay done better than before. Watch for a video game experience that continues to grow. Get ready for even more great board gaming and role playing. And get ready to share your skills or learn new ones when it comes to making music, creating art or swinging a sword.

We love ya’, Central Valley. We’ll do right by ya’.

David, Jennifer, Sarah and Sammy
The ZappCon Board

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Adorable Peter Pan and Wendy Cosplay from SLCC http://zappcon.com/adorable-peter-pan-and-wendy-cosplay-from-slcc/ http://zappcon.com/adorable-peter-pan-and-wendy-cosplay-from-slcc/#respond Wed, 07 Sep 2016 05:10:44 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3307 Second star on the right, and straight on till morning!

Local cosplayers Mark and Julie Hales have fun coming up with creative cosplay. Peter Pan and Wendy are their latest costumes and they are overly adorable. Here they are at Salt Lake Comic Con. I can’t wait to see what they bring to ZappCon!
Peter Pan

Peter Pan 1

Peter Pan 2

Peter Pan 3
(Mr. Smee- Stepan Atanesyan and Captain Hook- Sarah Cunha)

Peter Pan 4

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Our 1st Pokemon Go Meet-Up http://zappcon.com/our-1st-pokemon-go-meet-up/ http://zappcon.com/our-1st-pokemon-go-meet-up/#respond Mon, 22 Aug 2016 18:50:51 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3244 Pokemon Meet-up 002

Pokemon Meet-up 005

Pokemon Meet-up 003

Pokemon Meet-up 014

Pokemon Meet-up 016

ZAPPCON, CASA de TAMALES and Tioga Sequioa Brewing Company hosted a Pokemon Go Meet-up last Friday in Downtown, Fresno. My family was a little late to the event because Sammy has a film gig and I had to pick him up. When we arrived, the construction on the Fulton Mall made it a bit of an adventure to get to CASA, but we made it and the place was packed! The first group of about 15 people took off with their Pokemon professor. I helped lead the second group, about 25 people, and some other smaller late comers joined us later at Tioga Sequoia. Over-all we had about 50 people! It was a great turn-out. Little Pokemon figurines, ZappCon dice and buttons where hidden at PokeStops along with tickets for bigger prizes back at Tioga Sequioa. You would have thought is was an Easter egg with the excitement of the kids (with the expected joy and moments of drama too). When the sun went down in was a bit muggy, but overall the haul of Pokemon- seriously with all the PokeStops and lures we were busy the whole time catching Pokemon. We sipped on rootbeer and the kids played foosball while all the prizes were doled out. It was a great evening. Thanks to all who came!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, we had too many Pokemon to catch.)


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ZappCon Year Three Poster http://zappcon.com/zappcon-year-three-poster/ http://zappcon.com/zappcon-year-three-poster/#respond Mon, 04 Jul 2016 19:39:54 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3169 zapp_posteroutlined
Thank you to the talented Zapper, Christopher Cayco, and three time artists’ alley member.

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Kratt SuperHero Carnival http://zappcon.com/kratt-superhero-carnival/ http://zappcon.com/kratt-superhero-carnival/#respond Tue, 10 May 2016 19:43:03 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3129 kratt carnival 043
The Kratt Elementary School Superhero Carnival started off with a WHAM last Friday!
kratt carnival 042

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. I wish I could claim credit for the awesome skyline, but someone else came up with the idea. We were just lucky to have the masks and to be next to it.

kratt carnival 039

Super Sammy!

kratt carnival 036

kratt carnival 034

kratt carnival 032

kratt carnival 031ZappCon ran a duck pond memory/matching game for prizes.

kratt carnival 030

Baby T5 slept a little while and dreamt of Transformers.

kratt carnival 028

The “flying over the city” concept was tricky for some kids to figure out, but it looked cute all the same.

kratt carnival 029


Where were you last Friday? Did you see David at Bitwise, or were you out seeing Captain America: Civil War?

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ZappCon Year 3: 48 Badge Sale Starts Now! http://zappcon.com/zappcon-year-3-48-badge-sale-starts-now/ http://zappcon.com/zappcon-year-3-48-badge-sale-starts-now/#respond Sat, 05 Mar 2016 08:00:57 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=3008 ZappCon badge sale $25

ZappCon’s 48 hour Sale begins at 8pm tonight. Get your two day badge for $25. Zapp is back to save the geeks.

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Godzilla El Nino Comes to Fresno http://zappcon.com/godzilla-el-nino-comes-to-fresno/ http://zappcon.com/godzilla-el-nino-comes-to-fresno/#respond Fri, 16 Oct 2015 04:46:42 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=2983 godzilla nino comes to fresno zappcon

Be prepared, Godzilla is coming- Godzilla NINO! Well maybe, possibly, it could happen. The last time The Doubleclicks came to Fresno, their arrival was followed by flash flooding serious enough that you can watch people kayaking in the streets in Clovis on Youtube.

One of Sammy’s nagging worries/nightmares has been that somehow ZappCon will get rained out. But not so! You intrepid heroes would never let that happen! So be prepared. It could get a little rainy. You may want to change into your cosplay once you’re at the con, but don’t let a few, or a whole lot of sprinkles hold you back from the fun and glory this weekend promises.

See you at the aftermath- peace!


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Special Thanks to Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound http://zappcon.com/special-thanks-to-sgt-brown-entertainment-and-sound/ http://zappcon.com/special-thanks-to-sgt-brown-entertainment-and-sound/#respond Thu, 15 Oct 2015 23:22:24 +0000 http://zappcon.com/?p=2975 Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound at ZappCon

Let me take a moment to mention Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound. DJ Sgt Brown joined with ZappCon our first year and came in full force willing to help in every way possible. We had a couple unforeseen and unavoidable events that affected our Geeky Karaoke and Game Show Quiz last year and instead of letting us cancel, Sgt Brown stepped in and made them happen-on the fly. Let me tell you his team is fairly amazing. They are willing and talented and the have joined forces with us again this year to make things bigger and better. We are so grateful for all the time, effort and energy they have put towards our rather big and ambitious venture. So put you hands together and will all give a slow clap with special thanks to Sgt Brown for making it all happen- and sound good!

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