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Z End Casts IT School was founded in 2014 as an innovative teaching structure with a modern approach to education through gamefication and student engagement.

No boring mumble and memorization, all skills are trained interactively and lead you to the result.

Crystel Walker, course author

Crystel Walker, course author

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Course Front-end Pro

The course is designed for an in-depth study of the JavaScript programming language and the React library, which is used to create complex Front-end applications.

The popular JavaScript language is used when creating web applications to add interactivity to web pages. Writing code in React is very similar to working in HTML, which makes it easy to start writing code, missing the syntax. One of the main features of React is freedom of action.

On the course you will get acquainted with the principles of OOP, DOM, REST API and get practical skills in creating applications using React-stack, which will allow you to apply for the position of Junior Front-end Developer.

creating web applications

Course Design Fundamentals

In today’s world, it’s impossible to imagine a website or application without beautiful and user-friendly design. It is the designer who creates the kind of interface one wants to use. The course teaches graphic editors, the basics of composition, color theory, and also teaches students to analyze the market and the target audience, which allows them to start their way in designing web interfaces.

user-friendly design

UI/UX Design course

When designing web and mobile applications, the designer’s main task is to make them not only aesthetically pleasing, but also user-friendly and effective for the customer’s business. The course explores adaptive design, working with the customer, creating UX artifacts, and students will learn market research, persona and user requirements compilation, which will allow them to design complex web interfaces.

Learn how to build and test prototypes

QA Automation course

The task of QA Automation is to ensure product quality by using software tools to create tests and verify the results of the execution. Automated testing can completely solve many of the tasks and even perform more complex tests that cannot be done manually. After completing the course, graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to be employed in a Junior QA Automation position.

quality by using software
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Most classes are practicum-oriented.

Brands We Work With

MiConv is a multifunctional file converter from one format to another. Convert your files online for free in 2 clicks.

Outsource front-end development projects to PSD2HTML. Professional web design services for small and medium digital marketing agencies.

For those of you who are looking for a career as an influencer you can Buy Instagram Followers with guaranteed results at from our sponsor BuzzVoice. This company is working with students from all over the world in helping them succeed on social media.

DeviQA – Leading automation testing services provider.

Clockwise Software is a startup development company. It provide software development services, MVP development, business consulting, and work with business owners.

UpTop is a Seattle UX agency which specializes in UX design, development, and usability research for all digital products including websites, business dashboards, mobile apps, and more.

Dissy is a powerful disk space visualizer that helps you quickly find files and folders that take up the most disk space and, if necessary, delete them from your computer. Dissy is a completely free solution for you that will analyze disk space.

Do you have a great idea for a new project? If so, you need to find the best website developers in Chicago – iTRate. Getting to know the leading experts in this field is the most essential point since they will be responsible for the whole process of creating the future application/solution. Making the right decisions at the initial stage will bring you outstanding results.

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Most classes are practicum-oriented.
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The main purpose of taking the course “Internet – marketing” was to get a general vision of the Internet promotion of his business and basic knowledge on the subject.

Yessenia Bahringer

I took a PM course. I was very satisfied with it. I want to thank Z End Casts IT School for the opportunity to get quality and up-to-date knowledge!

Lesly Wolf
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