Blogging and Blogs

What Is Blogging, Bloggoing style?

Blogging is a short term for weblog which is a term that describes web sites that contain an ongoing amount of information. Itís a frequently updated personal journal that has diary type entries and links to other articles that can be found on that site. These range from personal to political and beyond. Most of these blogs focus on just one subject such as mobile technology, web design and other such topics. These blogs contain the following information: a blog with articles listed from newest to oldest, an archive of older blogs, ways for people to leave comments on these blogs, links to other sites and feeds such as RSS and Atomic.

The main thing that you will find on a blog is content. This is the reason that blogs are created, to put information into the publicís hands. This can range from retail information, to news stories, to observations and reviews on a personal blog. There is a whole range of information that can be posted on one of these blogs. There is also user friendly software available that can help you to write your blogs, such as a standalone blog creator so that you can create your blogs, then post them later.

You also need to understand the difference between CMS and a blog. CMS is content management software, such as what some popular blog sites use to manage their content. These programs allow you to manage the blog in question, while handling the logistics that are needed to keep your blog up and running. You need to understand exactly what type of software that you have for these blogs and how to use the software in question. Some of the things that a blogger will need to know includes how to create archives for the blog in question.

You will also need to know how to manage feeds. These feeds allow special feed readers to access your site and have the content available to others though a subscription. This provides a good way for readers to be kept up to date on the latest information on your site. You also need to understand what a Blogroll is. A Blogroll is a list of sites that the owner of the blog finds interesting or even useful not only to them but that may be of use to their readers. These are also linked to other web sites of interest for the readers of the site.

Our last topic of discussion will be pretty permalinks. These are permanent links to your article or blog that have been sent through email. These links will automatically link the email to the blog post in question. Theses links are visible and can be clicked through to take the person in question to the post in question. These permanent links will be what other webloggers will refer to when referencing your blog or blog posts. Because many people will link to this particular link, this link should never change. They are permanent links, thus called permalinks.