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We are a boutique, author-centric publisher. We work closely and collaboratively with our authors from start to finish, to create the highest quality book that gets our authors the precise results they are looking for. Because of this, we only work with 8 business professionals a month who are serious about investing in their success by having their own book. To discuss the possibility of becoming a part of the Advantage family of published authors, please share more information with us below.

We will review this information and if we think we are a good fit and can help you, we will contact you to schedule a Discovery Call.

During the 45-minute phone call, we will discuss success metrics and ‘definition of success’, the current state of your content, your timeline and budget, your expectations, and any other questions that you may have. At the end of this call, we will mutually decide if a fit exists.

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Tell us a little about your book

Here’s what some of our authors have to say about Advantage

  • The most remarkable thing about Advantage isn’t the physical book, but their remarkable people. When they talk about the ‘Advantage Family,’ they really mean it. I have never worked with a publisher that invests so much time and effort into creating a positive ‘author experience.’ I know a winning team when I see one, and the Advantage team is a winner.

    Pat Williams
    Co-founder, Orlando Magic

  • Anytime I meet someone new and they find out that I have a published book, it changes the conversation. From a personal point of view, and a business point of view, having a book has been extremely positive.

    Keith Ayers
    President, Integro Leadership Institute, LLC

    Author Keith Ayers, Advantage Media Group Success Stories
  • I display and sell books at the back of the room anytime I  am speaking. I also autograph them…It produces a little extra income, but as much as anything else, it is part of enhancing the experience people get when they hear me speak.

    Steve Clark
    CEO, New School Selling

    Author Steve Clark, Advantage Media Group Success Stories
  • Your customers continue to talk about you. They’ll tell their best friend, their mom, their daughter to ‘read this book, and go get her products.’ It’s a trickle down or domino effect. The book starts that natural organic marketing that your customers do for you.

    Jennifer Nicole Lee
    Celebrity Fitness Model and Spokeswoman

    Author Jennifer Nicole Lee, Advantage Media Group Success Stories
  • We sell a lot of books in the back of the room after I have finished speaking. We also have a defined pre-purchase program that makes copies of my books available to every person who attends my presentations.

    Steve Gilliland
    CSP, CPAE & Hall of Fame Speaker

    Author Steve Gilliland, Advantage Media Group Success Stories

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