AGREEorDIE Necktie Giveaway 2

First, the winner of the first AGREEorDIE necktie giveaway is Nathan Adams with his excellent submissions. Thank you very much Nathan and everyone else who participated! Please do not be discouraged if you did not win! I got ever 150 photos submitted and choosing a single best was not easy. Doing this giveaway was so much fun, I plan on doing many more (starting now!) so stick around and you very well might win something.


Alright time for giveaway number two! This time I am giving out three prizes, all of them will be Combat Gentleman knit ties. The contest will end June 1st, and the rules will be the same, except this time you need to show me your best Krasny Hourglass knot. To reiterate:

  • Go to my Facebook page and like it
  • Find the contest post (it’s at the top)
  • Comment in a photo, and your handle
  • Share it with your friends (optional, but I appreciate it a lot)

Easy peasy right? Alright everyone let’s

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