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Aviation news for crews. Also cover breaking news about natural disasters and severe weather near major aviation hubs.

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    Today in 1909: the first powered flight in Canada was made by John A.D. McCurdy in "Silver Dart." This photo is from a few days later.

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    21 hours ago

    Amazing rollback maneuver and high skills 😍by

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    You can jot everything down on your taxi diagram, either with traditional pen & ink or by using the annotation features in most popular aviation apps. Get into the habit of drawing out the route you’re instructed to take right onto your taxi diagram. 📝

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    I think we might see eastbound transatlantic flights taking longer than westbound ones next week! The usual prevailing westerly winds in the jet stream are forecast to reverse and become easterlies, which happens very rarely. I will be keeping a close eye on this...

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    Feb 23

    Try landing a plane after being awake for up to 20 hours! We've seen pilot rosters of this type. This level of continued wakefulness is broadly equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.08. That would be similar to having a blood alcohol level of 4 times the legal limit for flying

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    RT : British Airways Boeing Boeing 777-200ER was damaged by a cargo loader at Buenos Aires Airport

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    RT : ICYMI: SpaceX's Prototype Internet Satellites Are Up and Running

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    ICYMI, says it started reviewing its policy on emotional-support animals even before a dog bit a girl this week on a plane in Phoenix.

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    22 hours ago
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    RT : Trade union claims conditions that Ryanair is attempting to impose on pilots in return for pay increases are ‘unacceptable’ - Independent:

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    18 hours ago

    United B739 at Green Bay on Feb 23rd 2018, overran runway on landing

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    1978 the first generation Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite, Navstar 1, launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

    Navstar 1
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    21 hours ago

    Did you know that the Factory is the largest manufacturing building in the world? Seeing is believing:

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    Notice: FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Butler, Missouri

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    Notice: FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Minot, North Dakota


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