Senate District 25 Map

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Hear Al Discuss the Issues

Al has recorded some Youtube videos to bring his message to you in his own words. Please watch the videos below, and share our message for a better Minnesota.

Education is a critical part of the Minnesota budget. Minnesota has traditionally been a leader in education in America. To provide a World Class education, Minnesota needs to focus on students – not special interests in education!

Minnesota faces a large budget deficit this cycle. Difficult decisions need to be made to balance our budget and return fiscal responsibility to the state. Al discusses the budget here:

Health Care is an issue on the minds of many Americans right now. The issue of health care encompasses many aspects. Here Al addresses the topic of Home and Nursing Care:

The great Northfield flood.

We waited at the Northfield Community Resource Center to go sandbag this afternoon. Buses brought us to the flooding area where we filled sandbags and formed lines to hand the sandbags to the areas to protect. The waters were angry as is flowed over the falls. Thanks to all who helped, especially the Carleton and St Olaf students who did the lions share of the work.

New Prague Dozinky Festival

The DeKruif Team had a great time today at Dozinky! Many thanks to the large group that turned out to support my campaign as I met up with some old friends and also some new. Thanks to Laura Brod for introducing me to several of her friends on the parade route.

St. Mary’s Block Party – LeCenter

My family and I attended the 5th Annual St. Mary’s Block Party in Le Center last evening. My wife Carol, son Jason and two grandchildren attended. I had a chance to visit with several people at the event along with Le Sueur County Sheriff Tom Doherty. My compliments to the chef, the food was delicious!

Doorknocking New Prague

I door knocked in New Prague again tonight, this time in my Jared Allen jersey. I met Lucinda another Vikings fan, and her son wanted to take a picture of me and his mom. I gave my first autograph tonight, ummm never been asked for that before. I’m having a great time door knocking, great conversation and very nice people. New Prague, I’m coming back tomorrow!

Webster Harvest Days Parade

We walked in the Webster Harvest Days Parade yesterday on what was a beautiful late summer day. Several parade watchers asked what I would do to improve Minnnesota’s job climate to bring jobs back to Mn.
I explained it is the business climate that has to be improved, we have to stop driving businesses out of our state and it will take a businessman to turn that around.

Minnesota State Fair

I will be working at the Republican Booth tomorrow, Friday from 9 to 1. Stop by and visit if you are there. See you at the Minnesota State Fair!

Le Sueur County Fair

I spent the last couple days at the Le Sueur County Fair. Several of my supporters were working the fair booth and helping hand out literature.
I took time to walk through the 4H barns and ran across Andrew Rynda with the Shinning Frontiers and Haley Domonoske with the Farmers Friends 4H Clubs. Andrew, showing his Bro…wn Swiss Cow and Haley showing her swine are both hoping for a state fair trip. Good luck to both of you!
These are my kind of hard working common sense folks. I had a great time at the fair today!

New Prague address

I had an opportunity to address the New Prague City Council last evening. It is enjoyable watching the planning and implementation of plans taking place in our local cities.
The New Prague Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a celebration called Dozinky Days Sept 17 & 18. I highly recommend attending the Classic Car Cr…uise Friday evening and the Parade Saturday. Check out the schedule of events at the link below.

Lonsdale Community Days

We had a great turnout of volunteers at the Lonsdale Community Days Parade. Over 30 volunteers showed up to support our cause and walk with the group. I very much appreciate those who believe in me and want me to represent them in St Paul. Annette Meeks, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor also walked with us today. Thanks to everyone.

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