A Message from the Directors

Creating the Atmosphere

The primary focus of MFM is to create an atmosphere in which people in ministry can relate to each other in authentic relationships.

"A New Breed" by Tom Hardiman

MFM Update by Tom Hardiman

MFM Update with Bobby Conner

What Is MFM? with Tom Hardiman


Resolve to See Victory

The Lord always leads us in His triumph. Christian heritage is filled with heroes of the faith like the Knights of the Cross, David and Joshua, and the New Testament apostles and prophets, who were few in number and without material resources, but changed the world like no conqueror ever has. We serve the same King who worked through them.

Devotion to Liberty

We are told in II Corinthians 3:17 that “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” We therefore resolve not to lead by compulsion, but by love for God and one another. Our unity is a unity of diversity, not conformity.

Never Retreat

...from the enemies of the cross.  Some of the greatest victories in Scripture were won as resolute men and women loved God so much that they stood for His truth in the face of overwhelming opposition. It is our resolve to stand for His truth at any cost.

An Atmosphere of Authentic Relationships

By developing these friendships

Strong and Equipped

We are also committed to strengthening and equipping you and your ministry through conferences, prophetic messages, and relevant teachings.

Worldwide Impact

MFM provides you with opportunities to engage with diverse ministries worldwide.

Transparency and Trust

We seek to create an atmosphere where leaders can be transparent among their peers and receive from each other.