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    1. 如大家與我一樣傾情澳洲及澳洲菜,請豎起耳朵聽好了:澳洲名廚 Luke Mangan 及其團隊已再度來港,由11月16日至26日期間,在香港港麗酒店設立Pop-Up餐廳 -- SALT grill on The Eighth,呈獻澳洲當造食材及鮮美海產。為此,甜魔媽媽一週內已經兩次到訪!




      與本年 三月五月 的推廣一樣,客席星級名廚逗留日子不多。但8樓的法國餐廳 Brasserie on The Eighth 也認真改頭換臉,成為了 SALT grill on The Eighth;經驗老到的廚師團隊也一連11天,伙拍 Chef Luke 團隊把南半球的飲食新趣呈現在賓客眼前。









      出事就是這杯 Gin-based 的雞尾酒,據說是 Chef Luke 在悉尼 MOJO 酒吧的創意 Cocktail,又香又甜令人情不自禁一飲而盡,到察覺臉頰開始發紅發熨,已經太遲了...




      其實我只喝了一杯 Cocktail,再追加的已經是不含酒精的 Mocktail 版本;同時又吃了不少 canapes,但之後離開出發到辣局晚餐時,又搭過站又high到傻,給友人笑了好久啦....






      正所謂,從那裡跌/醉倒,就要從那裡起來;加上當晚所見其他的食材非常吸引,經過一輪比較(Chef Luke 期間限定的六道菜/八道菜嘗味晚餐分別$998/$1,288;期限三道菜/四道菜午餐則$488/$518),決定再約友人前來午餐!






      由於餐廳給包裝一新,昨日中午到訪時,驚見不少食客驚訝提問:餐廳改了名?以這11天來說,是的,不過餐廳原有的菜單仍有供應,包括廣受歡迎的半自助午餐 ($378起),當然我們就朝期限商務午餐而來~




      三道菜的午餐 ($488) 包括頭盤、主菜及甜品各一,很建議多付$30升級成四道菜午餐 ($518),就可以享有兩款頭盤,其中一個頭盤就是自助沙律吧!沙律吧中,除了顧名思義各式沙律及蔬菜,又有不少海鮮、火腿,餐湯甚至是熱食選擇,其中煙三文魚、栗子忌廉湯都是心水推介!也千萬別錯過 Chef Luke 專程帶來的 Cold Pressed extra virgin olive oil,配麵包極香!




      這次非常精明,先打好了底,再來迎接醉人 Cocktail 的挑戰,果然沒有再出事,嘻嘻~




      接著再細味 Salt grill, Tokyo 的名菜 Pork Belly, star anise, cauliflower, shaved squid, green mango, lime,鬆化富東洋風味的豬腩固然好吃,甚至想來一碗白飯,但那魷魚及青芒才是神來之筆,令整件事頓變清新!




      充滿澳洲風味的 Kingfish sashimi, ginger, shallots, Persian feta 也是驚喜之作:以澳洲深海域花腹鰺魚作主角,配搭紫薑、乾蔥汁及白酒醋,並綴以輕芝士,魚的純粹鮮味非常突出!




      來到主菜環節,共有四款選擇,我們四人剛好全點下來了!首先是 Salt grill, Jakatar 的名菜 Duck Breast, maple, lavender, almond purée, broad beans, pickled turnips, onion rings,烤灸楓糖醬醃鴨胸香甜鮮嫩,配菜及醬汁運用也出色,那抹杏仁蓉尤其令人傾心!




      接著是 Tasmanian Salmon, scallop ravoili, lemon purée, sea herbs,還未能到訪這塵世美仙境,唯有先飽嚐這純淨水域下出品的塔斯曼尼亞三文魚;除了魚煎得皮脆肉嫩,面層的帶子雲吞也很好吃,魚籽及醬汁也非常有效提鮮~




      不介意多付$250,接下來這款 Salt grill, Singapore 名菜 Wagyu Sirloin, Jerusalem artichokes, black garlic, pickled shallots, Madeira 實在是全餐美味之最;除了和牛西冷本身肉嫩肉香,耶路撒冷朝鮮薊、黑蒜、乾蔥及砵酒汁調成又香又甜的迷人醬汁,也令菜式變得活色生香!




      澳紐馳名生產牛羊,所以 Grilled Lamb Chops, thyme jus, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes 也是主菜選擇之一。羊架份量很足,配上大量蔬菜感覺健康,但實在珠玉在前了~




      甜品環節有兩款選擇,大家不約而同選了來自 glass brasserie, Sydney 的 Liquoice Parfait,這款甘草蘋果甜點,色澤或較單一,吃來口感及果味卻非常繽紛豐富,大家都很喜歡的!




      午餐最後還有咖啡或茶,加上 Chef Luke 精心準備的 Petit Fours,當中濃濃酒香的 Congac 朱古力條最為醉人!都說這週與澳洲有緣,吃完 Chef Luke 這頓 Aussie 午餐,在昨晚的聖誕派對上,甜魔媽媽又中了悉尼香格里拉的住宿禮劵,不久後又要再飛了!^o^




      大家不用太羨慕,因為 SALT grill on the Eighth 現正舉行優惠放送,凡前來惠顧並參與小遊戲(要估菜式的來源餐廳,這篇有超多 Tips!!),就有機會贏取維珍澳洲航空雙人來回香港及墨爾本經濟客位,以及 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melbourne 免費住宿!祝大家幸運!





      SALT grill on the Eighth

      日期:2017年11月16日 - 11月26日


      電話:2521 3838

      酒店 Facebook:Conrad Hong Kong


      ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~

    2. secret-theatre-project-mayhem-150x150.jp

      The Secret Theatre Project is back in Hong Kong for its third year, this time with the theme of Project Mayhem. To put it simply, Secret Theatre Project is an immersive show that relies on audience engagement. The secret part comes from not knowing the venue’s location or all that much about the premise of the show. Sure, they give you the title of “Project Mayhem” and a bit of a teaser trailer, but you really have to just buy a ticket and cross your fingers that you’ll enjoy it. This year, the Secret Theatre Project has teamed up with Butcher’s Club to put on a three-course dinner before the show.

      The Food


      I’m a big fan of Butcher’s Club (if you haven’t already been, you should check out their private kitchen – it’s amazing), so it’s no surprise that I loved the dinner. The three-course dinner consisted of Australian Black Mussels in the most delicious creamy garlic sauce to start. For our main, we each had a generous portion of their 45-day dry-aged Australian Black Angus Ribeye with bowls of salad and my all-time favorite thick-cut fries. To wrap up, we tucked into the most decadent chocolate cake. The meal also comes with a bottle of wine to share between two people. The only complaint I have about dinner is that we felt a bit rushed in the end, as we had to finish up quickly to start the show.

      The Show

      I obviously can’t say too much about the actual show, considering it’s meant to be a secret and all, but I will say that throughout most of the two hours I participated in the production I was confused. I really wanted to love the show (I’m a huge fan of theatre, especially musicals), but I constantly found myself asking friends questions about what was going on or looking at my watch painfully counting down the minutes until I could leave.

      The first half of the show, there was heavy audience involvement – at one point we were doing push-ups and skipping rope, which I hated every second of. However, the second half of the show was when the actors took center stage. Although the acting was quite good, the story line completely lost me until the last 30 minutes or so. I understand that “Project Mayhem” was meant to be chaotic, but it was done in an incredibly unorganized way that left many of us feeling confused and disinterested.


      Like I said earlier, I wanted to love Secret Theatre Project and I was so excited to go, but ultimately I left feeling disappointed. Thankfully, the dinner was delicious, albeit rushed at the end, which helped to make up for the lack of clarity that followed our meal. Though I wouldn’t necessarily discourage anyone from going (some people might actually enjoy being immersed in disorder and chaos for two hours), if Secret Theatre Project offered refunds based on dissatisfaction, I would have asked for one.

      Dinner & Show – HK$1,600
      Show – HK$850 

      To purchase tickets, go here

      View the full article

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    • This is my first time to visit Lai Chi Kok. I would like to use a word to describe this area, fusion. This place are very modern, you can see the modern side of the Hong Kong, such a nice place. This time, I have chosen a Japan restaurant called Sushi Geikan, this restaurant is quite different to others as I have visited because the environment is very special, they have used drawings to decorate. One more special thing would be the famous dishes here, running noodles, Hong Kong does not have many place can taste this kind of dishes. Nice one!!
    • Hey Thao. This plan is quite good.   There are many special walls that were painted in Soho district in Central.  It is good to take photos there. Will you plan to go to the bar for drinks on Day 4 at night? I suggest a Bar call "Bar pacific". The price of food and drink is relatively reasonable in HK. And there provide darts. The atmosphere was so good there. It has many branches in HK like in Shatin, TaiPo, Hung Hom, etc. I suggest you can go to Hung Hom Bar Pacific that night cause it is near to Tsim Sha Tsui. Lastly, i would recommend you to eat "DimSum" which is a traditional food in Hong Kong. And you can find a lot of DimSum restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui too. One of restaurant I would recommend is called "Social Place". I hope you enjoy your trip to Hong Kong.
    • Just discovered Open Rice has nominated Social Place for Best Restaurant award 2017 right before the deadline and casted my vote! Even though it’s over, and I can’t tell my friends to vote for them now, I still have to tell everyone about their amazing food. First off, I have to recommend their FANCY dim sum! The cute truffle mushroom bun that looks just like real mushrooms with truffle and mushroom filling, tasted awesome. The turnip cake was crisp outside, soft inside. The creative rose bun, which was shaped like a rose actually has rose fragrance! The tofu with egg just melted in my mouth, and the “fun pei” is a must try. Mmmm~ Other dishes that you cannot miss are: the black vinegar chicken, the roasted baby pigeon and the drunken chicken. They also have happy hour serving beer and wine at half priced which is a huge plus. I am definitely gonna be a regular. Highly support this awesome restaurant  
    • Hi Shirousa Thank you very much for your advice ??????
    • Hi Thao, welcome to this forum and to Hong Kong! Your itinerary is actually quite well planned and just a bit suggestion/advice to you are that TVB City is not opened to public, so you may not be able to get in without a permit; another thing is on Day 4, in case you don't have much spots to visit in Wan Chai,  you may consider visit Nan Lian Garden near Diamond Hill MTR station (http://www.nanliangarden.org/home.php?eng) after your visit to Kowloon Walled City and before Wan Chai. Just shut if you have more questions