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H1B extension can be denied without RFE now

USCIS posted a another policy change (on July 13, 2018) that gives more power to its consultants regarding their discretion to deny an application, petition, or request without first issuing a Request for Evidence (RFE) or Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID).

They can now deny the H1B extension straightaway if any of the required document is not submitted or the evidence of record fails to establish eligibility with application.

Before this rule change, USCIS rarely denied the H1B extension or transfer without first issuing RFEs or NOIDs even though they had limited powers to do it.

Last week of June, USCIS changed its policy to allow issuing NTA (Deportation Order) if H1B application is denied.

Imagine your H1B extension application getting denied after your i94 has already expired. You are eligible for NTA (Notice to Appear – Deportation order) as per the earlier policy change.
And now, with this policy change, you can’t even expect to be issued an RFE, which any H1B worker would have expected till today.

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This new rule will take effect from September 11, 2018 and applies to all applications, petitions, and requests including new H1B petition, extension, transfer and other types of visa.

Can missing H1B client letter cause denial without RFE?

Yes, it can.

A very real life example if non-inclusion of ‘Client Letter’ in H1B extension, Transfer and Amendment application.
A high number of RFE’s issued on H1B applications ask for submitting ‘SOW (Statement Of Work)‘ and ‘End Client Letters‘.

Now, if you do not submit these important documents with your application, USCIS can straightway deny the petition without ever issuing any RFE since, these documents were required to prove your application eligibility in first place.

Can H1B wage Level 1 cause rejection without RFE?

Yes, it can.

We have seen recently that USCIS was issuing RFE’s for H1B Computer science Wage level 1 applications that are normally paid by software consulting companies to its workers working at client site.

These applications are now under threat as they can be denied without issuing RFE’s.

Can lack of Specialty Occupation cause H1B denial without RFE?

Yes, it can.

USCIS has been issuing a lot of additional evidence requests to prove ‘Specialty Occupation‘ and why the job profile mentioned in the H1B application can’t be performed by a college graduate.

Before this change, a CSE bachelor degree holder working as .net developer would have received and RFE to prove the job’s expertise.
The H1B may be denied finally but now, your application is bound to be denied without ever issuing RFE.

Read USCIS’s official guidelines on H1B’s eligibility requirement.

USCIS claims not issuing RFE will reduce application processing times

USCIS claims that they have changed this policy to avoid spending time on frivolous or merit less applications including H1B (extensions and transfers), F1, Green Card and others, that are currently issued RFE and NOID.

By rejecting the applications without issuing RFE (Request for Evidence), USCIS will save important time that can be used to work on other legitimate visa applications.

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H1B can be denied without RFE after USCIS policy change
H1B can be denied without RFE after USCIS policy change

DACA applications cannot be denied without RFE or NOID!

The DACA applications are not affected by this new policy as courts in California and New York have given preliminary injunctions.
Seems like Trump administration is after legal immigration.

USCIS is trying to choke the life of skilled workers in USA by hook or crook.

Only time can tell if these measures are really going to help weed out the crap or just make every skilled worker’s time difficult.

Source: USCIS policy memorandum (PDF, 113 KB)

This article originally published at Shared here for wider audience reach.

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H1B Extension Denial Can lead to Deportation – USCIS changes policy Sun, 08 Jul 2018 02:57:15 +0000 USCIS policy change allows deportation order after visa denial including H1B extension or transfer. 240 day i94 expiry rule is going to hurt many if visa is denied.

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H1B Visa Extension or Transfer Denial can lead to forceful deportation

This is big news and a big change announced by USCIS in its policy on June 28, 2018.
It allows USCIS consultants to initiate 'Deportation Proceedings' for anyone who's visa change of status, extension or transfer has been DENIED.

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This is a big blow to most of the skilled worker community like H1B, F1 and other temporary visa holders when they are already struggling with DHS's decision to withdraw the H4 EAD work authorization.

As per the new order, USCIS agent has been given the power to issue an NTA for a person who’s visa petition has resulted in a denial like an H1B transfer/extension.

What is Notice to Appear (NTA)?

NTA = "Notice To Appear" (NTA)
The purpose of the Notice to Appear is to place an individual into deportation proceedings.

ICE is the primary authority to issue such NTA before the immigration courts.
CBP and USCIS also have the authorities to go for such NTA in very limited cases of immigration violations like criminal offenses.

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USCIS gets authority to issue NTA after H1B visa denial

Now, the visa denial has been added as criteria to go for NTA by USCIS directly without going through ICE.

USCIS can issue NTA (deportation proceedings) for Non-immigrants who’s application for a visa extension or change of status, a green card, or citizenship application is denied and they are deemed to present unlawfully in US.
Your unlawful presence starts the day your visa is denied by USCIS in case your i94 has already expired.

In Trump administration, mere denial of your petition for visa extension puts you on the same fast-track forceful deportation by US government as being charged with a crime, or doing something DHS considers to be criminal (even if never arrested or charged).

USCIS policy change Allow Deportation after visa denial
USCIS policy change Allow Deportation after visa denial

Source: USCIS guidance for issuing NTA for deportation.

Whats if I receive NTA after my H1B extension has been denied?

Earlier, if the H1B extension was denied, an H1b worker could have left USA on its own.

But, now, if the NTA is issued by USCIS for you, you have the obligation to stay in US and appear in immigration court proceedings.
Or at-least hire a lawyer and appear in court on your behalf if you decide to leave the US.

NTA issued and you depart US and fail to appear in immigration court?

A simple H1B visa extension can lead to NTA and you may have left US without any issue. But, if NTA is issued and you have left USA, you will most probably fail to appear for your deportation case proceedings.

This failure to appear, in turn, will lead to issuance of forceful deportation order against you.
Failure to appear also carries a 5 year ban on re-entry to US!

This ‘deportation order‘ will certainly be a cause of concern for all future US visa applications.

Staying in US after H1B visa denial is counted as ‘Unlawful Presence’

This is a tricky situation and going to result in a big mess for any H1B worker or for that matter any visa holder.

As an example, you are working on H1B visa after your i94 expiry and H1B extension has been filed before i94 expiry. You are legally allowed by USCIS to work and stay in US up-to 240 days.
Now, if your H1B extension is denied, your status in US is counted as ‘Unlawful presence‘.

This is a real life scenario as H1B extensions filed in regular processing take more than 8 months easily to reach a decision.

The best option in this case is to leave US immediately on visa denial. That’s what every H1B worker has been doing over the years to stay on the right side of immigration law.

If NTA is issued after this denial (since you started gathering unlawful presence as of the date of denial by USCIS), the H1B holder ‘may’ decide to stay in US and contest his case in immigration court which may take years to reach a decision.

Remember that ‘All the time’ that you in US after your visa denial, you are adding ‘Unlawful presence’ automatically.

This has two consequences:

  1. You WIN immigration court NTA case: Your status in US after your visa denial to the date of case win will be restored as legal.
  2. You LOSE immigration court NTA case: Your status is ‘Unlawful Present’ and it carries a 10 year ban.

Do you see the potential problem here?
Since, Trump administration is not able to change the laws to curb legal immigration, they are trying their best to scare the individual person by throwing un-necessary court cases at them.

Who do you think will have the time and resources to fight the immigration cases if they came to US to work legally?
An NTA can potentially ruin their future chances to ever come back to US legally again and work.

Can NTA be issued for my H1B extension?

Yes, it can NOW be issued for any H1B extension denial. Nobody is an exception here.

Can H1B worker work after extension denial while fighting NTA case in court?

NO, you cannot. Once your work authorization is denied, you cannot work in US.

Isn’t this ridiculous?
Your simple H1B extension denial has the potential of turning your career upside down and stamp you with ‘illegal’ non-immigrant from ‘legal skilled worker’ in a matter of days!

All your hard work will be flushed down the drain with issuance of NTA by USCIS.

USCIS makes filing H1B in premium mandatory indirectly by NTA policy change

Issuing NTA makes an H1B worker the biggest target and indirectly forces every H1B extension or transfer application to be filed in ‘Premium processing’.

If you want to avoid any potential NTA for your case, you will certainly want to get your extension approval before your i94 expires.
And if you want to make sure you get a result quickly, you have to pay for premium processing.

Life is going to be even more difficult, restricted and expensive for skilled workers after this new policy.

Visa holder has to prove his/her legal status if NTA is issued

Once in deportation proceedings (NTA) after visa denial, the visa holder must prove his lawful status in US.

H1B denial can lead to deportation
H1B denial can lead to deportation

Recently,USCIS changed policy for F, M and J visa holders and barred STEP OPT candidates to work at third party locations with respect to unlawful presence in the country.

Have anything to add to story or a question to ask, then please write them in comments.

Read the full USCCIS policy change (PDF) in detail here. USCIS policy

Article originally published at TruVisa:
Republished here for wider audience.

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Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment Wed, 04 Jul 2018 13:27:36 +0000 Sample experience letter for Australia 189, 190, 489 visa with Job role and responsibilities. Letter from colleague is acceptable with notarization.

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Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

This is to certify that Mr. Ram GUPTA was full time employed with ABC Ltd. from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2013. He reported to our office in Gurgaon, India from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2012 and to Tampa, Florida from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013.

While leaving our organization, he/ she was designated as a Lead Engineer.

During his/her employment with ABC Ltd., he/she was responsible for the following:

  1. Architecture and design for the Business process development team.
  2. Subject matter expert within the Business process environment for Oracle, SQL server and Dot-net.
  3. Technical leadership for solving complex programming tasks.
  4. Responsible for project life-cycle, incl. analysis, design, development, implementation, support and enhancement.
  5. Designed and maintained coding standards to enhance application development and maintenance.

He/She utilized skills including:

  1. Oracle
  2. SQL server and .Net.

We wish him/her all the best for his/her future endeavors.

For ABC Ltd.,


Sample Experience Letter for Australia in DOC format

This same letter is available in Doc format here. You can copy and paste from here and use it for your purpose.

Sample Skill-certificate/ technical-experience letter as an evidence of prior work experience from your previous/current employer.
You need it at the time of filing the 189 visa employment assessment.

In Australia, assessment company needs this employer provided detailed experience cum tech verification letter with responsibilities and duties for 189, 190, 489 visa, to evaluate the basis of your SkillSelect points.

These days, they are not accepting co-worker written experience letters as legitimate. You should try to get it from your manager or human resources (HR) department from previous employer.

Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment
Sample Experience Letter for Australia 189 Visa Assessment

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Include full period of employment in Skill Letter

Include full period of employment even if part of it was outside USA or any other country.

For example, If you worked for 2 years in India and then worked in USA for 1 year for same company. Include the full employment period by specifically mentioning the tenure in India and the USA separately.

Skill Letter – Include ONLY relevant work experience / technologies

Write ONLY the work experience or technologies that are relevant to the visa or skill that you are applying to.

65% of your daily job related duties should match the job code that you are applying for.

Employer may issue skill experience letter only once

Not sure about your specific company, but most of them just issue it once in the lifetime on their letter head.

So, just be very careful with the verbiage contents of the letter. You might not be able to change it later.

Hence, it is advisable to address the letter as ‘WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN‘ rather than specifically to any one specific. This would help you use the letter at multiple places.

Skill Letter Head need full company address and contact numbers

The official employer letter head that you use to print these letters should clearly show the company’s address (could be any in case of multiple offices) and reachable contact numbers.

Your assessment company (like ACS) might contact them over phone or by paper letter to verify your claims. If the letter head does not inherently has the address and contact numbers, then you should add them.

Skill experience letter for Australia from Colleague

This experience letter can be printed either on employer’s letter head or a plain piece of paper.
If it is on plain piece of paper, it should be notarized.

If the colleague has left the previous employer too, this should be clearly mentioned in the letter that the current person is NOT working with the previous employer.

See Also: File ACS assessment for Australia Skills points 189 Visa

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Australia SkillSelect EOI for 189, 190, 489 visa – Sample Tue, 03 Jul 2018 02:30:41 +0000 Sample Australia SkillSelect EOI step by step procedure. Expression of Interest can be modified anytime after submission. Points are updated for next draw.

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What is Australia SkillSelect EOI

An expression of interest (EOI) is a method of showing your interest in applying for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia.

It is an online application form by Australian government.
The online system is commonly known as SkillSelect .
You select the visa type and submit your family, education, employment details and wait for the invitation to apply for visa.

SkillSelect analyzes your eligibility to meet the points test for certain visas. Once you submit your application (EOI), it is available to be picked up in visa lottery.
Your profile is also shared with employers and state and territory government agencies if you would like to be considered for a sponsored skilled visa.

Create SkillSelect online profile here.

Sample Australia SkillSelect EOI – Step by Step Process

Use this sample step by step Australia Expression Of Interest to fill your application.

If you have questions, you can either ask in comments below or join the discussion on TruVisa with other candidates looking to migrate to Australia.

Australia SkillSelect EOI points Calculator

Here is the Points calculator. It provides suggestions to improve your score based on your inputs:

Before you file your SkillSelect EOI, you should get your education and employment assessed by relevant authority based on your job.
ACS assessment process is available here.

Sample Australia SkillSelect EOI
Sample Australia SkillSelect EOI

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HR 6136 Bill to Remove Country based Green Card Caps Thu, 21 Jun 2018 16:13:49 +0000 HR 6136 aims to remove country based green card caps which are capped at 7% per country today. Merit based visa system will help H1B workers to get faster green card.

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Update June 27, 2018

The bill could not pass voting. There is no hope of any immigration law change to benefit long waiting queuses. So Sad.

Update June 21, 2018

H.R. 6136: Failed to get enough support backers and House leaders decided to delay voting to a future date. No date is final yet.
HR 6136 aims to remove country based green card caps which are capped at 7% per country today.

If the bill is approved, Indian EB2 queue may see a movement.

HR 6136 Border Security and Immigration Reform Act aims to achieve following objectives from the point of view of Green card immigration system.

HR 6136: Remove Green Card Country Limits

The bill aims to end the Green card visa lottery, protect the nuclear family while reducing chain migration, reduce overall immigration numbers over the long term, and begins a shift to a merit-based system.

It also shifts to a first-in-line visa system by eliminating the per-country cap on employment-based green cards and by increasing the cap on family-sponsored green cards from 7 to 15%.

Related: HR 4760 Bill increase legal skilled H1B EB1, EB2 and EB3 green cards

The Merit based system will help people with skills, education and work experience like Engineers, doctors etc and may help H1B workers from Indian and China get Green Cards faster.

On the other hand, there is a huge backlog of people waiting in the employment based (EB2) category and estimated time to get Green card for an Indian in worst case is whopping 151 years.

Related: H4 EAD News 2018 DHS – USCIS plan removal by June 2018

If this law comes into affect and the country limit, which is currently set at 7%, is removed, the Indian H1B worker is still estimated to have waiting time of at-least 15-20 years due to the 300k+ current Indian in queue.

HR 6136 bill to remove country based green card limits
HR 6136 bill to remove country based green card limits

End Green Card Diversity Lottery

The bill has provision to end the annual Green card visa lottery system that gives away 50,000 annual permanent residency permits to people from low immigration countries.
The green cards saved from this diversity lottery system will be added to the pool for people waiting in the employment based green card queues from all country.

The ending of this lottery in addition to removing country based limits will help certainly other skilled work force waiting for years.

Legislative Solution for DACA

The legislation allows the DACA population – children who came to the U.S. as minors and grew up here – an opportunity to earn a legal status. If these individuals meet certain requirements they will be eligible for a 6-year renewable legal status, allowing them to work here and travel abroad.

Once they receive that status, they can use existing paths available to attempt to earn green cards, including through a new merit-based program that allows them (and others brought to the U.S. while children by their parents on H-1B and other visas) to earn green cards based on achieving educational degrees, English proficiency, vocational training and skills, work experience, and military service.

The bill also requires the border wall to be funded before new visas are available under the new merit-based program.

Source: Bob GoodLatte Congress member

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HR 4760 Bill increase legal skilled H1B EB1, EB2 and EB3 green cards Thu, 21 Jun 2018 15:47:15 +0000 HR 4760 bill to remove family chain migration thereby increasing green card quota for skilled legal immigration by 45%. EB1, EB2 and EB3 category to benefit.

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Update June 21, 2018

H.R. 4760 conservative bill: Rejected by 193-231 votes.

Earlier today:
HR 4760 bill is scheduled for voting today. Hope for the best. It if is approved, the extremely HIGH EB2 India backlogs will get a little push!

HR 4760 – Green card quota Increase – By 45%

A new Green card bill has been introduced by Trump Administration in house to enable Green card quota increase.

The SAF (Securing America's Future – HR-4760) bill proposes to increase EB immigrant visa annual quota (EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Skilled Worker Only) from about 120,000 a year to about 175,000 – an increase of 45% green cards.

45% increase in skilled category Green card numbers has the potential of decreasing the highly jammed Indian and Chinese H1B Green Card queues.

It certainly could be big benefit for H1B workers, especially from India if it sees light of day.
The current predictions for EB2 India H1B green card wait is whopping 70 years!

h1b green card increase by 45-percent
h1b green card increase by 45-percent

Stop Diversity green card lottery and Family Chain Migration

The bill aims at completely stopping the Diversity green card lottery and Chain Migration, to provide extra Green cards to H1B skilled category specifically EB1, EB2, EB 3, by reducing the over-all green card usage by these categories by about 25% (Approximately 260,000 GC per year).

hr 4760 - Increase green card for h1b bill 2018
hr 4760 – Increase green card for h1b bill 2018

This could be a perfect example of 'One's loss is other's gain'.

If this bill is passed, will eliminate green card programs for relatives (other than spouses and minor children under age 21).

Only Visit Visa for Parents and Relatives – No Green Card

Families would be able to bring parents to USA on a temporary visa that could be renewed. This has been specifically done to make sure parents remain a visitor and government does not have to bear the cost of their healthcare and other things.

No benefit for H4-EAD

There is nothing about H4-EAD in this bill that can safeguard the interests of H1B worker's spouse, which DHS is aiming to take away in 2018.

Source: SAF (Securing America's Future) Act, H.R. 4760

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i94 Extension Laredo TX US Mexico Border – Bridge 1 experience Mon, 04 Jun 2018 19:45:47 +0000 i94 extension laredo TX can be done by crossing border and walking on bridge 1 (gateway to America) or without crossing border at CBP office. Immigration officer will decide how to do it. $6 fees for new paper i94. $1 fees for using bridge 1. New passport, old passport with US visa stamp, approved i797 required.

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Your last i94 entry to US was stamped to match your passport expiry. Once you renew your passport, you can visit Laredo TX, US Mexico border to get new i94 with validity matching your i797 approval.

Documents for i94 extension Laredo TX, US Mexico Border

  1. Original Approved i797.
    Example: If you are on H4 or H1B visa, your OWN approved i797 original document.
  2. Your Old (expired) and New passport.
    Example: the passport with your US visa stamp should also be carried in original.
  3. Your US address proof
    Could be any utility bill, your driving license, state ID, EAD card, Lease agreement.

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i94 extension Laredo TX Border crossing required or Not at Bridge 1?

The i94 correction is at the discretion of the immigration officer you see on the window.

He may ask you to cross the border (by walk or drive – your choice) to get the i94 corrected.
The other officer may just issue the new i94 right at CBP office window without asking you to cross border.

So, its your luck. Both options are okay and can be done at Laredo, TX border easily.

In my case, the officer ASKED to cross the border on 1 June 2018 using Bridge 1 (Pedestrian Bridge over River Rio). Step by step process and detail mentioned below.

Bridge 2 is for cars coming into US from Mexico. You can use it too but I would not recommend.

STEP 1: Go to CBP office. Try you luck with immigration officer by asking correction of i94 based on renewed passport. If officer fixes your i94 to match your i797 date with new passport, you are lucky and you are done.

STEP 2. If you are asked to cross border and re-enter US, then use Bridge 1 (Called Gateway to America) to walk. Details given below with pictures.

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Laredo TX border Car Parking

1. Parking closest to CBP office – Valero gas station

Walk inside the store and go to the cashier and get a parking tag. Put the tag on your windshield.

Parking cost at this time: $5 per hour. Just buy for 1 hour. If you take more time, you can pay later for extra time. They do not tow your car 🙂 Don't worry. Exact address for Valero Gas Station is:

619 Farragut Street, Laredo, TX

This gas station is right across the street from CBP office. Just park, cross the street and you see yourself walking in the CBP office lot. Total walk time is just 2 minutes.

Laredo tx Valero gas station closest parking to CBP office
Laredo tx Valero gas station closest parking to CBP office
i94 correction CBP office laredo tx is visible from Valero Gas Station
i94 correction CBP office laredo tx is visible from Valero Gas Station
Walk to CBP office at Laredo TX for i94 extension
Walk to CBP office at Laredo TX for i94 extension

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2. Free parking at Pedestrian Bridge 1 – Laredo Outlets Mall

You can park car at FREE 3 hour parking behind Outlets mall building.

Laredo TX outlet mall border free parking
Laredo TX outlet mall border free parking

Walking from CBP office to Laredo Walking Bridge 1

Walk to bridge 1 from CBP office
Walk to bridge 1 from CBP office

Bridge 1 is about 10 blocks walk from Gas station (or CBP office) walking on Hindalgo St.
If you are first trying your luck at CBP office for i94 extension, you can choose to park free either at mall or Valero gas station (paid).

Walking from CBP office to Bridge 1 is not recommend with kid. Its a long walk. Better drive and park at free mall parking. The market that you walk through on Hindalgo street looks deserted.

NOBODY on the street knows ENGLISH.

So, Just follow this image sign to help your self to reach Bridge 1.
No signs except the one on a red signal (shown in image) is visible for reaching Bridge 1.

Crossing Bridge 1 by walking at Laredo TX
Crossing Bridge 1 by walking at Laredo TX

Cross Laredo Bridge 1 mid-way to enter US i94 line

Cross bridge 1 mid-way at Laredo to join US i94 line
Cross bridge 1 mid-way at Laredo to join US i94 line
Laredo bridge1 crossing half way on bridge
Laredo bridge1 crossing half way on bridge

This is me after crossing the bridge midway (some people call it as 'Jumping the line mid-way). This is allowed.
There is no separate signal button / light to allow for crossing the street safely like you see on US streets generally. Just look for cars and then cross when you feel it is safe.

It is allowed to cross like this as I confirmed from the US police officers posted on the other side of street, before crossing.

After this point, you should enter the 'General Queue'.
Do not enter the 'SENTRI' line since you do not have a SENTRI card.

Queue is smaller on weekdays (Mon – Friday) and you can get through the process within 15 minutes.
It takes a lot longer on weekends. I have heard timing from 2-3 hours as the line is longer.

Once you reach the immigration officer, you will be questioned same as you would have seen at PoE.

You have to pay $6 in cash per person here if you have not paid already online to get renewed i94.

Laredo, TX Port of Entry Address – i94 correction / Extension

The exact address for CBP office is

300 San Dario Avenue, Laredo, TX

If you are taking Uber or Lyft, you can set the Gas station address as your destination as this CBP office address might not come up in Google address search.

i94 extension fees – $6 – Cash or Online

1. CASH payment

Look for PERMITS sign on the building entrance or door.
Once you are in, you can make the payment and wait for your name to be called.

The waiting lines may be long at CASH payment counter.

2. ONLINE payment

So, it is advisable that you make the payment online at CBP website with 'Land' border' entrance option.
This payment is valid for 7 days meaning that you can pay online and visit the border for i94 days anytime during those 7 days.
There are no refunds if you miss the 7 day deadline.
Payment receipt printout is required.

i94 extension interview questions

The immigration interview would be same as you would have faced (by immigration officer) while entering US at any port of entry (PoE) by Air or sea. They consider it same as your re-entry to US.

i94 extension approval

Once the officer is satisfied, he will take your finger prints and a picture. This is exactly same as what happens at port of entry.

You are given a paper I-94 i.e. your new updated i94 is printed on paper and given to you.
THIS IS REQUIRED as you would be asked to show it while you are travelling back from Laredo, TX back into US.
There is a vehicle inspection site on I35 North (interstate i-35N) around 25 miles from Laredo, TX.

Here, all vehicles are stopped and your immigration papers are checked. You would need you new i94 here.

Your passport is stamped with new dates as applicable per your approved I797 validity.

i94 extension at Laredo, TX Processing time

The whole process can take anywhere between 15 min to 1 hour. So be prepared.

No appointment is required. Neither do they have any option of appointments. It's a walk in facility.

Once i94 is issued, it is updated immediately at CBP website too.

New i94 record is attached to OLD passport number?

This is fine. When CBP extends the i94 based on your renewed passport, they usually attach it to the same OLD and expired passport number.
So, if you search online on their website, you will be able to pull your new and updated i94 based on your OLD PASSPORT number.

Also, both "Most Recent Entry" date and "Admit Until" on I-94 are updated.

There is no need to worry here.

Laredo TX CBP i94 update opening hours

The i94 correction / extensions are done 24x7x365.

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Australia 189 / 190 visa Invitation Documents and Steps Wed, 23 May 2018 00:51:41 +0000 Australia skillselect PR invitation steps and documents required for 189/ 190 Visa application. Police clearance certificates, Medical test report, education, work experience assessment required. Marriage and birth certificate needed for dependents. Fees 3600 AUD for Adult and AUD 900 for child less than 18.

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Australia Skillselect PR Invitation 189 Document Checklist

If you have submitted SkillSelect EOI (Expression of Interest) with good skillselect points and have got the invitation to apply for visa, you have 60 days to gather all your documents and submit.

Documents for Australia 189 visa Invitation – Primary Applicant

A. Pre-apply or wait for invitation

You can apply for these documents even before getting invitation as they take time.

A.1. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).
All countries that you have lived in past 10 years for more than 12 months (collectively, even if you made multiple trips), need to have a PCC.

Step by step process to apply for USA FBI clearance certificate is available here.
Indian PCC with Indian Embassy process is available here.

A.2. English test report
Tips on scoring 79+ in PTE in first attempt with a week of preparation.

A.3. Education and Employment Verification Report
Many of you might use ACS (Australian Computer society) for your evaluation.

A.4. Medical Test Report
List of approved physicians is available here.

After you get the invitation, you can generate the HAP ID from Australia ImmiAccount website.
Go to View Health Asessment -> Organize Health Examination -> Print Referral Letter

Use this referral letter (unique HAP ID is printed on it). You need to generate separate HAP ID and hence referral letters for each one of applicant (your spouse and dependent kid).

You can get your medical tests done even before getting an invitation but I would not recommend it.

B. Documents available with you

B.1. Passport – first and last page – color copy
B.2. Birth Certificate
If you do not have birth certificate, then you should get it. In case of India, you can use 10th standard certificate/mark-sheet.

B.3. Skill Letter from post 10 years employment
Use the one you submitted as educational qualification proof with ACS or relevant accessing authority.

B.4. Skill assessment letter
Competent Australian authority or ACS as the case may be.

B.5. Income tax Proofs
If you are in USA, you can submit W2 or your tax returns. If you are in India, you can submit form 16 or ITRs.

B.6. Passport size Photo (1)

B.7. Marriage Certificate
Only if you are married off course 🙂

B.8. Qualifying Degree – Mark-sheets, Transcript & Degree certificate
Use the one you submitted as educational qualification proof with ACS or relevant accessing authority.

B.9. Form 80

Sample Form 80 for Australia 189 Visa

B.10. Form 1221
The information in form 1221 is 99% same as you would have filled in Form 80.
This form may or may not be requested in your 189 skillselect invitation. Hence, fill it only if requested by Case Officer (CO).

Some people upload it without even being asked by CO, just to make sure no time is lost between CO requesting it and then you upload and CO takes time to verify.
It is your choice.

As per the official Australian guidance here, Form 80 is not mandatory either if you are applying from outside Australia.
But, as a matter of saving time, you should be ready with it if CO asks for it.

Australia 189-190 visa invitation documents
Australia 189-190 visa invitation documents

Documents required for Dependent applicants

Additional Applicant over 18

  1. Passport – first and last page color scan
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Education documents – Graduation/ post graduate certificate and mark sheet.
  4. Proof of functional English – Mark Sheets and certificate showing English as a subject studied.
  5. PCC – from all countries where this person have stayed more than 12 months in past 10 years
  6. Form 80
  7. Form 1221
  8. Photo – passport size

Additional Applicant under 18

  1. Passport – first and last page color scan
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Photo – passport size

Australia PR 189 visa Fees

Adult (18+ years) : 3600 AUD
Child (Less than 18 years): 900 AUD

You can pay via your international visa / Mastercard / American Express debit or credit card.
Some people like to pay with travel Forex card though to save currency conversion fees and foreign transaction charges charged by credit/card card banking company.

Australia PR 189 visa skillselect status after invitation

Once your EOI is selected in the lottery (draw), the status in skillselect will change to INVITED.
A new button APPLY VISA will appear on the skillSelect page.

You need to click ‘Apply Visa’ to go to Australia ImmiAccount website.
You are required to create an account here and fill your details. You will be paying the visa fees on this website itself.

Scanned documents PDF upload size

Each document size PDF file after scanning should be less than 5 MB.
Each applicant can upload 60 separate documents i.e. 60 for you, 60 for spouse, 60 for child.

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File ACS assessment for Australia Skills points 189 Visa Mon, 21 May 2018 18:17:20 +0000 ACS Australia Assessment is required for software engineering related skill based PR. Fees is AUD $500 with processing time of 6-7 weeks for applications filed in April 2018. Notarized Passport copy, Degree, Mark sheets, Subject names and work experience letters (Sample letter provided) required.

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ACS Australia Skill Assessment

If you are looking at applying for Australia's PR with skills based points system visa (known as 189 visa), you would need to apply for ACS's assessment, if your education and work experience is related to science and technology.

Related: How to score 79+ PTE Academic in a week

ACS Australia Skill Assessment Fees

At the time or writing, the fees for Skills based test is AUD $ 500.
This converts to approximately USD $ 284 with conversion rate of 1AUD = 0.77 USD.

Documents required for ACS Australia Assessment

  1. Birth Certificate or Passport – Applicant details page only, not full passport
  2. Degree or Award Certificate – Over and above Senior secondary i.e. above 12th standard
    • Title of Degree or Award
    • Name of University or Awarding Institution
    • Date the Degree or Award was completed – the qualification will be assessed as NOT suitable if there is no documented evidence that the degree has been completed and awarded.
  3. Mark Sheets or Mark sheet Transcript
    • Should have Unit or Subject Names and Grades or Marks Achieved
  4. Work experience letters

How to file ACS Australia Assessment
How to file ACS Australia Assessment

Work Experience letter Format

Use this sample skill letter. It has all the information that ACS needs to validate your work experience with respect to the Australia ANZSCO job code that you choose.

The start date and end date for the job has to be clearly mentioned.
If you just mention the MONTH like JUNE 2017 to MAR 2018, ACS will assume it to be the LAST day of that month for calculating your total work experience.

Letter head is mandatory.

ACS Australia Online Application Filling

1. Notarize All Documents

Get all documents photocopied and then NOTARIZED.

Sample Notary stamp and content to be placed on EACH page that needs notarization.

Sample notary stamp for ACS Australia documents
Sample notary stamp for ACS Australia documents

Notarization requirements

  1. Should be marked as 'CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF ORIGINAL'. – Either you can write this by hand or use a rubber stamp (as shown in above image).
  2. Should have Notary signature.
  3. Should have Notary official stamp.
  4. Should have Notary date of signing. Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
    If using any other date format, then write date with month in English letters like 4 Apr, 2018.

2. Scan All Notarized Documents in PDF format

  1. Multiple PDF files are allowed.
    A separate PDF file should be created for each qualification type and for each Employment reference.
    You will have 1 PDF for your passport.
    Then, second one for your Master's/Bachelor's degree + Mark sheets (all years)
    Then, third one for your Employment 1 reference letter.
    Then, fourth one for your Employment 2 reference letter and so on.
  2. Max 8 documents can be evaluated for 1 application fees.
    This essentially means 8 PDF files excluding the passport PDF.

  3. Each PDF can be max of 3 MB in size.
    Use CamScanner or ADOBE Scan mobile apps to easily scan your documents. Both are available FREE to use.

  4. File name should clearly state the content of file.
    PDF 1 can be named 'Passport.pdf'.
    PDF 2 with Masters degree and mark sheet can be named 'Education 1 – Master of Computer Application.pdf'
    PDF 3 with Employment 1 can be named as 'Employment 1 – ABC technologies ltd'.

ACS Assessment Not Able to Delete Uploaded files

This is a common problem with ACS's system. They do NOT allow to delete the files (if you wrongly uploaded them) even though they have a 'Delete' button available.
This is perfectly fine and you can ignore the wrong files. Just upload the correct files against each section and you should be fine, as per official ACS response.

Some people suggest to create a new ACS online account and then re-start the process.
If you try to create another account with another email, they do NOT allow you to do so.
They do match your passport number to check any pre-existing applications.

ACS Assessment Awaiting Documents Email

If ACS needs any more documents from you, they will send you an email and move the application status to ‘Awaiting Documents’.

If you have not received an email from them and still the status shows ‘Awaiting documents’, check this link for resolution:
ACS assessment status waiting for documents – no email received.

ACS Revalidation

You can apply for re validation but I would not recommend it until you are sure of some mistake.
The fees is AUD $300 for re-validation and they just re-do the same process that they did earlier.
You can ask for the reason of low score though and they will explain on what criteria they chose.

ACS Current Employment End Date

End date has to be mentioned for the current and active employment too. Just choose the end date as the date when you are submitting the application.
Once you are past the education and employment entry page, you will receive an email to create your PASSWORD.

Follow that link. It will ask you to enter your email and send send you a new link to reset your password.
Once you create a new password, you are logged in to ACS for completing your application.

ACS Application "In Progress" or "with Assessor"

Once you submit your application, it is normal for it to stay at "In Progress" step for about 10-15 days.

ACS Australia application in progress
ACS Australia application in progress

Once the preliminary verification of your documents are done, the next status would show up as "with Assessor".
Assessor is the person who will judge your educational and work experience and give the results.

Officially ACS says that it takes about 10-12 weeks to get the ACS assessment report.

Sample ACS Assessment Report 261312 (Developer Programmer) ANZSCO Code

This sample report was received on May 21, 2018. It was filed on Apr 4, 2018. So, it took about 6 weeks to get the report. The time frame varies based on your submitted documents and their truthfulness.

ACS may send the document to the employer for verification if they feel something has been tampered with. This will eat up lot of extra time based on how soon the employer responds.

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USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time: 80+ days Wed, 16 May 2018 01:18:07 +0000 USCIS RFE Response Review Processing time is 80+ days in 2018 for regular processing applications. Premium processing gets RFE reviewed in 15 days. You get 60 days to respond to RFE. USCIS tries to respond to RFE with maximum of 84 days but can take up-to a year too. USCIS timer starts after RFE response submission.

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USCIS RFE Response Review Processing Time

15 Days to virtually no time limit. Average is 60 days to process RFE response.

USCIS Request for Evidence review – RFE processing times vary widely with each case individually.

H1B RFE and L1 visa RFE are most common but, can be made in any visa application type.

  1. USCIS’s official guideline says that they will respond to RFE within 60 days after your RFE response submission.
    60 day clock starts on the day USCIS receives your RFE response.

  2. How long USCIS takes to respond to RFE varies widely on case-to-case basis along with USCIS work load. But, as a general guideline, USCIS tries to respond within 60 days to your RFE.
  3. Once USCIS receives your RFE response, the status that they show online is 'RFE Response Review' or 'Request for Evidence Response Review'.

RFE response time in 2018

RFE Response time is more than 60 days in 2018, on average due to the high backlog and increased number of RFE being issued by USCIS after Trump’s orders.

If you filed your application in regular processing and get a Request for Evidence, you can expect to get USCIS response in about 80 days after your RFE response submission.

This is just an average these days, your case may hang around with USCIS for more than 80 days too. There is only way you can expedite the response i.e. by upgrading your application to Premium.

USCIS RFE Response time with Premium processing

  1. If you filed your visa petition using premium processing, your case will be worked on by USCIS within 15 calendar days.

  2. This 15 calendar days limit also applies to RFE responses as well. The USCIS clock starts as and when they receive your RFE response.

  3. If you initially filed your application using standard method (no premium), you can upgrade it to premium at any time during your application is in pending any final result.
    Once the upgrade to premium application is received by USCIS, your case will be responded within 15 days.

USCIS RFE response review processing time
USCIS RFE response review processing time

Fastest and Slowest RFE review response?

  1. Fastest RFE response is undoubtedly achieved using Premium processing. – 15 days.

  2. Average is about 30 days.

  3. Slowest has no limits. We know of people who have waited for even a year for RFE review response.

USCIS RFE again on RFE Response time

  1. It is possible to get RFE again on RFE response that you submitted.
    Whenever you receive a new RFE, you get 60 days to respond back.

  2. The USCIS resets its OWN clock to start counting 60 days (15 days in case of Premium processing) as and when you submit RFE response.

USCIS: We stopped the 15-day premium processing clock for your case

This is the case status shown on your case if USCIS has issued an RFE request. The clock is re-started when you submit your RFE response.

USCIS RFE response review – Exceptions to 15 Days premium rule

If your case has been sent for 'Security Check', you are out-of-luck seriously. There are no TIME LIMITS followed in this case even if your application has 'premium' processing paid for.

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