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    Jun 22

    Quite possibly the best pair of T-Shirts i have ever seen

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    Jun 24

    In this week's episode, we have Nordstrom's e-commerce leadership and talk Omnichannel, mobile, big data/ML, and of course...Amazon!

  3. Jun 24

    “Wal-Mart to Vendors: Get Off Amazon’s Cloud”

  4. Jun 23
  5. Jun 22

    “Over time, leaders lose mental capacities—most notably for reading other people—that were essential to their rise.”

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    Jun 16

    The Whole Foods deal, worth $13.7 billion, will be Amazon's biggest transaction ever

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    Jun 16

    Bezos: Alexa buy berries from Whole Foods Alexa: buying Whole Foods

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    Jun 15
  9. Retweeted
    Jun 15

    Times says Bezos tweet came after the paper repeatedly asked him questions about his past levels of philanthropy

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    Jun 10

    Amazon is building a $200m super-automated FC in Utah with only 130 people, but lots of robots...

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    Jun 12
  12. Retweeted
    Jun 12
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    Mar 30
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    Jun 6

    2Day at , unveiled in . DL the PDF here: - over 200 Amazon offerings on one chart!

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    Jun 6

    63% of clicks on Amazon are on top 3 items of a search result. Talk about tough competition.

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    Jun 6

    Excited to get started on the Amazon and Me workshop. How to download slides: and we'll be using

  17. Jun 6
  18. Jun 6


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    Jun 1

    Google confirms Chrome ad blocker coming 'in early 2018' by

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