JavaScript Charts & Maps

Programming libraries and tools for all your data visualization needs

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100% responsive

The charts automatically adapt to available space by re-arranging, sizing and toggling their elements and controls.

Extremely Customizable

Colors, styles, layout, animations, functionality, events – almost every aspect of the libraries can be customized with config or custom code.

Superior Support

We go out of our way to provide the best support experience to our users. We got your back!


It’s not just a promise. We did make our software truly accessible by following Section 508, W3C and community-established techniques.

Our products

JavaScript Charts

Easily add charting capabilities to your websites and applications. Compatible with all modern and most legacy browsers (yes even IE7), JavaScript Charts allows creating flexible Pie, Column, Line, and number of other chart types.


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Our products

JavaScript Stock Chart

Does everything JavaScript Charts V3 does and much more: multiple panels, automatic data point grouping, multiple data set and data comparison. Irreplaceable when creating interactive visualization for financial or just about any other date/time-based data.


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Our products

JavaScript Maps

A drop-in solution for all your mapping needs. Create awesome looking maps, routes, drill-downs on world or country level.


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