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animateclay shared 2 photos in the Zombie Pirate Tales album 8 hours 5 minutes ago

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Xiakeyra replied to the topic 'September 20th to October 25th, 2017 Challenge Topic: Halloween!' in the forum. 21 hours 13 minutes ago

Thanks :-) I have to admit that these popular topics are a lot of fun and easier to find ideas of what to do. There have been really cool and original topics, like the Industrial one, I liked the originality of that challenge but I couldn't think of any animation to make about that.



there was a discussion about possibly changing the topic, but the challenge has been promoted over social media and it seems like it would be to late to change it.

You have a good point about the similarity of the topics, perhaps the next winner might consider that when choosing a topic.

I hope you enter a submission. Your animations have the the best submission in my opinion. I love'd the alien one, and your zombie submission looked fantastic as well.


johnken424 replied to the topic 'How do you store your puppets?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Ok, I did a huge cleaning of today. Removed my older puppets that were falling apart and decided to clean up my clay drawers. Put each clay in its own Ziplock bags in the drawers so colors don't mix and put in the mixed clay in a separate baggy. Then I decided I wanted to have my puppets displayed so I put them in Ziplock bags and just put them on the shelf. This hopefully will inspire me to create more claymation seeing them out.


s_gerald commented on this video 2 days ago

Thank you and what can I say I like my showers of clay blood


A Hamster eats a bit too much.

Xiakeyra replied to the topic 'How do you store your puppets?' in the forum. 3 days ago

I sometimes keep them in kitchen plasticware and kitchen plastic wrap. It is important to make the puppet as isolated from air and temperature as possible and also isolated from other puppets too. Nohetheless, if you store too many of them you could run out of room to keep them sooner or later. Sometimes it is better to collect the ones you like more and throw the other away.
I store like three or four puppets only and I destroy the rest and reuse the clay.
I prefer to make new puppets thank relying on old ones.


johnken424 created a new topic ' How do you store your puppets?' in the forum. 3 days ago

As I make more clay puppets, I'm running out of space in my drawer. I don't want to disassemble them as I might want to use them for the future. What is the most efficient way of storing these puppets so they don't collect dust and to avoid them mashing together in drawers.