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Im curious how do you get clients for stop motion animation?

animateclay Have you considered working with ad agencies in your city? Maybe helping local companies advertise using clay animation would be something they'd... Show more 14 hours 37 minutes ago
Tamarame I went to a thing yesterday and it was about buisness and they where a bunch of small buisnesses in 1 building. It was so inspiring. Next year i... Show more 8 hours 9 minutes ago
Tamarame added a video. 3 days ago

Im very happy how my deer turned out!

If i was Santa Claus | Animation (Ft....

Its fun to have a beard, haha. NEW animations on MONDAY! ► SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date with my content. --...

animateclay replied to the topic 'December 6th to January the 1tth 2017 topic: Board Games!' in the forum. 4 days ago

Oops, yes - sorry for the typo. It is in fact the 10th that it will end :)


Tamarame replied to the topic 'December 6th to January the 1tth 2017 topic: Board Games!' in the forum. 4 days ago

Exited to see what people make for this one!
Does it mean that the challenge last till January 10th?


animateclay created a new topic ' December 6th to January the 1tth 2017 topic: Board Games!' in the forum. 4 days ago

Alright, it's time to reveal our new 5 week challenge's board games. OK you probably already figured that out from the title of our post. Tamarame came up with this one soon after winning the last challenge which was about feathers.

I am adding one additional week to our challenge, so in essence everyone has 6 weeks to complete this challenge. Why? My guess is with Christmas and New Years it will be hard to find enough time to get this challenge done. Especially with families getting together, time spent shopping and of course - watching fireworks and going to parties.

As usual the rules can be found at the top of our page. If anyone has any questions just ask right here as a reply and we'll answer them.

Good luck everyone!


Xiakeyra added a video. 5 days ago

English subtitles available.
Everything about my Xiyos clay creatures. Outdoors clay animations

El Libro de los Xiyos: Dónde viven los Xiyos?...

stop motion clay animation, nature, fantastic creatures and cute clay creations! English subtitles available! Descubre el maravilloso mundo de los...

What time is the live show and days?

animateclay Hi Dirty, it is every Wednesday at 8PM Central GMT-6 2 days ago
animateclay replied to the topic 'November 1st to December 6th 2017 topic: Feather!' in the forum. 7 days ago

Very nice job! Both of you did really good work - we watched your two entries on our live show last night to judge the winner. And the winner was.....(drum roll)......Tamarame! So congrats on a really well made (and educational) short animation about feathers.

Gerald, you did a nice job too. The use of the brads as joints in your characters was very ingenious.

I will send you a private message to Tamarame and see what she would like for the next 5 week challenge topic. Thanks again you two.