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Pete Ashby

Director, Society of Leadership Fellows

United Kingdom
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  • My No. 1 book on leadership...

    On New Year’s Eve (relatively early on in the celebrations) a friend asked what my favourite book was in 2015. Later on in the evening I might have passed, but as it was I could answer within a split...

  • Assessing your performance as...

    I think it’s time for a bit of a confession. I hesitate to say this because I fear there’s a good chance of it coming out the wrong way. If any of the CEOs/ Exec Directors that I provide coaching...

  • Scrapping team decisions -...

    For so many leadership teams, there is a tendency for important decisions to be “team decisions”. Many Chief Executives believe that the more decisions the team takes, the more productive they are...

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    Welcome to new Leadership Fellow Vy Pettit, Marketing, iPRO...

    220 at 20th February 2018 St George’s House, Windsor Castle We are delighted to set out below...

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    Welcome to new Leadership Fellow Clare Lyons-Collins MBA,...

    220 at 20th February 2018 St George’s House, Windsor Castle We are delighted to set out below...

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    How does it feel to be 92?

    Recently we received this email from the niece of one of our residents at Field House in Shepton...

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    A Business Christmas Carol

    Stooge sat in his cold dark office. Today was going to be a tough day. Its was 6 am, he was at work...


Pete Ashby is a member of the leadership team of St George's House, Windsor Castle. Within the team he is responsible for the Society of Leadership Fellows, that comprises 250 leaders drawn from all sectors and industries across the UK and a number of other countries too, who occasionally come together at the House in groups of 15 to 20 to explore key leadership challenges through high trust conversations. Through his own private consultancy, Pete supports leadership teams with trust-building and conflict resolution and also provides 1-2-1 coaching for a range of CEOs.


  • Director, Society of Leadership Fellows

    St George's House, Windsor Castle
    – Present (2 years)

    Appointed by St George's House to establish the Society of Leadership Fellows as an integral part of the House. We are delighted that by March 2018 we reached our full complement of 250 Leadership Fellows who bring between them an exceptional range of gifts as leaders. The first video on the left below sets out our overall approach towards our Leadership Conversations, and the second video profiles our Conversation that took place in February 2017 on "From Good to Exceptional". The third one is part of a series of leadership videos that Pete has put on YouTube, designed to be of support to CEOs and Executive Directors.

  • Fellow

    St. George's House, Windsor Castle
    – Present (31 years)

    Pete was first appointed as a Fellow of St. George's House in 1987 and since then he has led nearly 200 overnight events in the Vicars' Hall. The videos below introduce two of the themes of our series of Leadership Conversations that we are developing for Leadership Fellows at the House: the first, on the left, is on leaders as facilitators and the second is on "Breaking Bad', that is all leaders letting go of bad habits that get in the way of them achieving their true leadership potential.

  • Director

    – Present (14 years)

    Focus on supporting leadership teams with improving business performance through higher trust working. Previously known as 2WayTrust until 2012, after which time the company was rebranded as asaLeader, in recognition of the wide range of coaching and mentoring support that Pete was then offering - and continues to offer - for top Executives and Boards to support them in their wider development as leaders.

  • Director

    New World Order Forum
    (2 years)London, United Kingdom

    Led international consultations in Windsor Castle on behalf of the Asia-Europe Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and a range of cross-governmental bodies to assess the implications of the 9/11 atrocities on the emerging world order. Strong focus on global trust-building, and the series culminated with a speaking tour across South-East Asia on "Creating a new politics of trust".

  • Founding Director

    Open Agenda
    (6 years)

    Developed the Open Agenda groundrules widely used by many organisations for creative ideas-building events based on "no hidden agendas" and "no pre-determined outcomes". Extensive facilitation of events covering a wide range of government policies and leadership development. Worked with the Soul of Europe to support conflict resolution work in Bosnia

  • Founding Director

    Full Employment UK
    (8 years)London, United Kingdom

    Established jointly with Frank Field MP and a cross party group to champion full employment. Used in-depth focus groups with low-paid workers as well as unemployed adults to develop ideas for improved skills development and access to employment opportunities. These then provided the basis for lobbying Ministers and senior officials

  • Founding Director

    Action on Long-term Unemployment
    (2 years)London, United Kingdom

    Founding Director, testing out ideas for public policy development with randomly recruited groups of long-term unemployed people. First time focus groups of long-term unemployed people had been used in the UK to assess the impact of government policies and develop fresh ideas. Controversial ideas such as "claim and save" schemes for the very long-term unemployed and workfare came out of these groups

  • Head of Policy Analysis

    National Council for Voluntary Organisations
    (2 years)

    Wrote and published "Social Security After Beveridge, What Next?" and "The Long-Term Unemployed: Action for a Forgotten Million"

  • Policy Analyst

    Trades Union Congress
    (6 years)

    Education Dept until 1980 and then the Employment and Industrial Relations Department until 1984. Responsible for helping to set up and then promote a national network of over 100 TUC unemployed workers centres

  • Deputy President

    National Union of Students
    (3 years)London, United Kingdom

    Vice-President (Services) then Deputy President for two years, with lead responsibility for all areas of UK education policy


  • Latymer Upper School

    BA Hons, Warwick University, Politics, 2.1BA Hons, Warwick University, Politics, 2.1

    Activities and Societies: Sabbatical Union President, 1973-74


  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Policy
  • Strategy
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Policy Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Facilitation
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  • Virtues and Vices of Exceptional Leaders

    In Virtues and Vices, Pete Ashby takes us on an intriguing journey of discovery. He contends that if we are to aspire to become exceptional leaders - in whatever sphere we are in - we need to be careful. We need to be able to keep our behaviours in check, to ensure that we don't falter and allow our vices to invade our virtuous space. Pete illustrates how it is so easy to set your sights on being a virtuous leader but not be aware of the fact that you are slipping and letting some of your vices show through. Exceptional leaders can easily sway from a virtue to a vice and back again, rather quickly, without even knowing it.

    Additional challenges are faced by leaders who behave in this way. The people with whom they surround themselves are not sure how to deal with this fluctuating behaviour and will often not challenge the leader, due to preconceived notions or due to the way that the leader has allowed a hierarchical structure to develop. Pete further contends that the people who work most closely with you may simply "dance" around you, telling you what they think you want to hear.

    Strong leaders do not simply guess what impact they are having on others, they draw people out carefully and often informally, so that they get the face to face feedback that is in itself vital for the ongoing strength of the organisation.

    Intriguing thoughts. This e-book is certain to make business leaders everywhere pause in their tracks and reassess their own behaviours.



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