The ASTRO Edition Headsets & MixAmp Pro

02 Oct

The next generation of ASTRO products are live! We wanted to take a moment to talk about these products in more detail. We've divided this series into two parts, one covering ASTRO Edition headsets that will pair with your PlayStation 4, PC and more, and one covering Xbox One Edition headsets designed specifically for the...

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A38 Launch Event With Seventh Letter!

19 Sep

After a long process of testing, gathering feedback and making adjustments, the A38 headset is finally ready. The A38 is incredibly comfortable, delivers clean sound, features Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling technologies, and is easy to pair with your phone, tablet or laptop. It also features our unique speaker tag system which allows users to personalize the...

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The A38 Has Arrived!

16 Sep

It's time to Unplugin. The ASTRO A38 Bluetooth Headset has launched! The A38 headset is the latest model in the ASTRO family. It pairs expert active-noise cancelling technology with the convenience of wireless APTX low latency Bluetooth and AAC high-fidelity Bluetooth playback. NFC paring adds quick connectivity to your smart phone, tablet, or any other...

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The Next Generation

11 Sep

We contributed to the PAX Prime 2014 excitement the best way we knew how: by announcing the next generation in ASTRO Gaming. We've given the headsets you know a tune up, tailoring each to your console of choice. We'll be going over each headset in more detail later on, but here is the new line...

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A Seattlite’s Walking Guide to Pax Prime

27 Aug

Beyond PAX? Madness! Hello, ASTRO Family, If you're attending PAX Prime this year and are not a native to the area, you might be a little at a loss of what surrounds the Convention Center. As a former resident of Seattle, I want to pass on my wisdom* (*Random and often useless knowledge) about the...

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ASTRO at Pax Prime 2014

22 Aug

Fantastic Things and Where to Find Them!   Pax Prime is next week, PAX PRIME IS NEXT WEEK! And we're just the tiniest bit excited about it. Sneak previews about upcoming games, panels with some of our favorite developers--and of course, some friendly competition on the digital battlefield. We understand there's a lot to see...

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#PAXSTRO Photo Scavenger Hunt

21 Aug

PRIME TIME!   If you are joining the ASTRO Family at PAX Prime this year, be sure to check out our photo scavenger hunt for a chance to win an Xbox One prize bundle! There will be tons of activities to enjoy every day, and we want to see you having fun. Get your cameras ready, and...

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The ASTRO Report

15 Aug

ASTRO News Flash!   Hello, ASTRO Family, you're looking fantastic on this fine Friday. We're aiming to enjoy a beautiful day here at the San Francisco office, and, of course, kick back around 1pm to enjoy some in-house Plants vs Zombies. However, we thought it might be nice to give you some insight on what...

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Gamescom 2014

13 Aug

FPS FTW!   Think you've seen it all? If you've never been to Gamescom, you ain't seen nothing yet. The world's largest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, Gamescom lets you take the latest and greatest games for a test drive while celebrating the community. Gamescon attendees are treated to "breathtaking indoor and outdoor...

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Happy Hour Livestream

12 Aug

Starting August 15th, the wrecking crew is going to be holding a weekly Happy Hour livestream from the ASTRO office. Join us every Friday at 1pm as we start the weekend off right with some good old-fashioned battle royal in-house with our favorite games. We'll also be throwing down the gauntlet to our partners, friends, ...

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