The T-shirt, which first hit the national consciousness during World War 11, has become the Big Mac of the international clothing industry. All over the world, billions of T’s, garnished with a babble of words and images, are donned by men, women and children of every stratum of society. In the United States alone, more than one billion were sold in 1990.

T’s have become such a familiar part of the visual landscape that little thought is given to the extraordinary stroll they have made down the fickle runways of fashion. Their significance goes beyond the level of mere couture-high or low. They are, in fact, an anthropologist’s dream source for studying ongoing political, sexual, social and even verbal fashions. Unlike the graffiti at Pompeii, today’s graffiti may wash away or get covered by layers of paint. Meanwhile, it is the T-shirt that will offer attentive future observers an extended, if quirky, index to the manners and mores of the late 20th century.

For the millions of men and women who have served ever since in every theater of operations, but particularly in the tropics, T-shirts have been treasured gear. T’s always look neat, and they wash easily. You can use them to polish belt buckles or shoes, or if necessary, press them into service as pillows or bandages. Most male escapees from the singlet have never worn anything so useful or comfortable. Thus it was that the T-shirt became the postwar undershirt-often, in warmer climates, the only shirt. It was an egalitarian item of costume, too, donned every day by men in every walk of life. Veterans (and their sons) simply felt naked without one.

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