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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, Gamecock and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
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  1. 9 hours ago

    Never be afraid to challenge the status quo.

  2. Apr 24

    Last year at we had about 200k subscribers. Implemented what we learned at the conference, and now we have 613k subscribers. Can't wait to see what I'll learn this year. Hoping to see familiar faces:

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    Apr 18
    Replying to

    Read this earlier with a nice cup of coffee. I have tried other beard companies, but I have to say, Beardbrand is above and beyond my favorite. The oils, balms and products just work for me. Plain and simple. Life long fan here.

  4. Apr 18

    The superfans will understand what this shirt is about. 😎

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    Apr 17

    I’ve been a customer for 4 years now. I’ve always been satisfied with their products and have learned so much from their content. I’m not getting my beard products from anybody else. Beard On! brothers

  6. Apr 17
  7. Apr 17

    Kids, remember to stay off drugs.

  8. Apr 16

    So it turns out that I'm really consistent when it comes to picking out my wife's birthday card. The left was from last year and the right from this year.

  9. Apr 15

    I gotta say; I'm pretty proud of this pie chart. Don't want to be too dependent on one channel for traffic to .

  10. Apr 14
  11. Apr 11

    Glad you enjoyed the experience. We try to leave a few surprises with the unboxing experience.

  12. Apr 11

    I kinda just lost all desire to use Instagram. I know has been using it less and less. I may hang up my cleats on that platform like I did Facebook.

  13. Apr 9

    Thinking of picking up the Fēnix 5s. Anyone own one and are you happy with it? If you're listening Garmin, I think it'd look pretty nice on my videos. ::wink wink, nudge nudge::

  14. Apr 8
  15. Apr 7

    Perfect weekend activity of lounging and watching and chat about style.

  16. Apr 5

    From : "Facebook has monitored their mouse movements, nearby devices, messenger histories, and proximity to cell towers all along." I get a lot of stuff happens there, but you can free yourself from it if you want. I haven't used it since 2015.

  17. Apr 4

    And this is a good example of social media. Appreciate the response and look forward to seeing improvement on the website side of things.

  18. Apr 4

    So is a perfect example of bad ecommerce. 1) Constant pop-ups asking for email address (even after you give it to them) 2) Sometimes if you click on the wrong color, you'll lose the other color options 3) You can't even contact support (see attached image)

  19. Apr 3

    Just grabbed my ticket. See you in a few weeks!

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    Apr 1

    “How do I build trust?” “How can I be more authentic?” “How do I convince people I care?” Simple, you tell the truth, share who you are, and help people. Not everything is a game. Not everything needs to be “hacked.” Just be a human being.


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