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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, Gamecock and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
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  1. I think basic business should be understood by all. There is no reason to be ignorant of what revenue, gross margin & net profit means and then get angry based on a misunderstanding of those numbers.

  2. Jan 17
  3. Jan 16
  4. Jan 15

    Today's video by is a message that I've been telling for years. The joy from buying things is short lived. Here's the video:

  5. Jan 15

    Had a great time chatting with . Check out the podcast here:

  6. Jan 15

    There's still a lot of work to bring people of different backgrounds together, and I'm thankful for all the people who have been on this fight for equal opportunities. Thanks to MLK and the many others who are doing (and have done) the right thing.

  7. Jan 11

    It's not a new concept, but focusing on what you can control is a key part of finding happiness. This insight is from Epictetus.

  8. Jan 8

    Crazy that the game isn't on broadcast tv. Guess I'll just have to read about it. I cut my cable years ago. Maybe in the future it'll be on .

  9. Jan 8

    It blows my mind that the concept of "letting others be themselves" is terrible idea to many people.

  10. Jan 8

    I need to see a movie where James Franco plays in a movie.

  11. Jan 7

    Hey , what's up with the domain ? Is it a fraud website or associated with y'all?

  12. Jan 5
  13. Jan 3

    Sometimes I think that maybe a couple of the views (of the 60 million+ views on the YouTube channel) are from people like , , , and other notable beardsmen.

  14. Jan 2

    I'm about to hop on a YouTube live stream. Going to be a fun one as we share some of the stats behind our channel and show off the Beardbrand team.

  15. Jan 2

    is the only official store by us. If you see a different URL or domain, let us know. These fakes & hacks are starting to annoy me. I see a ton of it coming from Turkey. So international customers, be extra careful.

  16. Retweeted
    Jan 1

    Now seems like a good time to remind the world that YouTubers like the Paul brothers DO NOT represent the entire community. That is all.

  17. Jan 1

    Congrats to for the come-from-behind victory. Way to wrap up the season and here's to an incredible 2018! Go Cocks!

  18. 30 Dec 2017

    Ok, I gotta admit; the worst thing about long holidays/trips is not having access to my full personal collection of products.

  19. 30 Dec 2017

    I've been getting a lot of questions about the difference in our balms. Today's video I cover the differences and how you should use the Utility Balm and Styling Balm:

  20. 29 Dec 2017

    It sucks to have a broken foot when flying, but getting bumped up to One definitely makes it better. It's my first time flying this class level.


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