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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
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    Jun 13

    Boom! Just upgraded my Reddit profile. Check it out and follow if you're a Redditor.

  2. Jun 26

    We can guess that this is why Facebook will make you hate social media.

  3. Jun 20
  4. Retweeted
    Jun 20

    Super cool way to engage & recommend products to customers via and :

  5. Jun 19

    I'm enjoying watching and battle it out tonight. They are both putting on a show.

  6. Jun 19

    Hey and - y'all helped the Beardbrand subreddit look top notch: cc

  7. Jun 19
  8. Jun 18

    Happy Father's day! Here's me with my old man when I was in college years ago.

  9. Jun 15

    Man, things must have gotten pretty round at the Twitter headquarters. Took me about 30 seconds to find the "tweet" button.

  10. Jun 10

    So my touchbar on my Macbook Pro crashed and now I can't change the volume. Seriously it's is one of the worst ideas for high end computer.

  11. Jun 9
  12. Jun 8

    My girl has always loved my beard. 😃

  13. Retweeted
    May 8
  14. Jun 4

    Throw back to my trip to Barcelona a couple years ago. With and photo by @stevenjohnbrooks

  15. Jun 2

    Alright, sneak peaks for a "What type of Beardsman" quiz. Take it & let me know of any bugs:

  16. Jun 2

    Oh man I'm so excited to have back in town!

  17. May 30

    The best response to the entire situation.

  18. May 29

    That guy in black sunglasses is me in 2002. The person directly in front of me is Jason D Mann. He lost his life 9…

  19. May 24
  20. May 22

    Just signed up for to do some cool marketing & data collection projects. Thanks for the software !

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