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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
Joined August 2008

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  1. Feb 20

    Did you watch StyleCon 2017 blog?

  2. Feb 19

    My three lessons of fatherhood.

  3. Feb 18

    You've lost your confidence and I'm here to help you get it back.

  4. Feb 18

    Want More Jobs? Ban Power Tools | Mark J. Perry via

  5. Feb 17
  6. Feb 14

    I'm not quite sure when I'll ever get a view like this again. was amazing!

  7. Feb 12

    I got to film my most recent haircut at . Check it out:

  8. Feb 12

    Spent today at the forum. Cheers from Rome.

  9. Feb 11

    Well, it's taking more than 3 hours to upload a 5 minute video. I might not be able to get any vlogs up during my Rome trip. :-\

  10. Feb 9
  11. Feb 8

    New VLOG is up! >> Don't Compare Yourself to Others (With my Dad) | Ep 30

  12. Feb 7

    Rocking the side part today. Always changing it up.

  13. Feb 6

    We got a new (Jeff Buoncristiano) video coming tomorrow morning. Make sure your YouTube notifications are turned on!

  14. Feb 5

    Eric Bandholz leading the Grooming Panel at in Atlanta.

  15. Feb 5

    Such a great super bowl right now. Go Falcons!

  16. Feb 5

    Does anyone know why Jet Li is tied in with the ? Makes no sense to me. 🤔

  17. Feb 2

    Invest in your self.

  18. Feb 2

    Back on the 🛩 heading to men's style con in Atlanta. Hope to see some of y'all there!

  19. Jan 31

    You Won't Believe What I Think About Clickbait | Ep 27

  20. Jan 31

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