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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, Gamecock and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
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    Jan 30

    In a world where everyone is looking for perfection, they've stopped searching for what's realistic. So many channels/barbers only show their best work & cut out the mistakes. We've always wanted to be real - the good & the bad. It's a healthier & happier mindset.

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    Feb 19

    We have just published the first interview of our new section! We wanted to go big so we decided to interview . He is the founder of , an e-commerce dedicated to the urban beardsman, which is grossing over $100K/month!

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  3. Feb 17

    Everyone's so busy trying to be normal, that they've forgotten they're actually unique.

  4. Feb 16

    I love making incremental improvements. Today we rolled out a new navigation menu for . It's more simple and more visual. Take a look and let me know if you think it's better or worse.

  5. Feb 16

    You can always tell a customer because they look cool as fuck. Just had a stylish beardsman drop by the office. Always love saying hello to our fans and customers!

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    Feb 15
  7. Retweeted
    Feb 15
    Replying to

    Your lack of cartoonish masculinity is one of the things that makes your brand so appealing.

  8. Feb 13

    So I talk about writing a book to a co-worker and then I get this text about 2 hours later. Wtf? Really tired of this unauthorized spying of my conversations. How can I block this shit?

  9. Feb 12

    Did you know that if you break the beard into 4 primary sections: Sideburns Goatee Mustache Neckbeard And add three variables for length: Short Medium Long That there are 495 different beard styles! We've talked about the best 21 styles here:

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    Feb 9

    I may or may not have gotten really excited to spot some products at my local .

  11. Feb 9

    Imaginary Friend: Eric, there's nothing you can do to make seem creepy. Me: Watch me! Makes This:

  12. Feb 9

    Did you know that my first published article about beards was on August 25th, 2011? Read it here if you're interested into my experiences from nearly 7 years ago:

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    See, this is why I keep touting you guys. It works!

  14. Feb 6

    Just got done filming at . 💈

  15. Feb 6

    10 more minutes until our live stream on YouTube.

  16. Feb 6

    Today will be a special day. Going to pass 500k subscribers on the YouTube channel!

  17. Feb 5

    If you ever see me on a Volster commercial, let me know. They just rolled by on Sixth St as I'm walking to work.

  18. Feb 4

    How I imagine Philadelphia right now.

  19. Feb 4

    Incredible game!

  20. Feb 4

    So pushing a receiver before the ball gets there isn't pass interference?

  21. Feb 4

    So Alexa doesn't work? That's what I got out of that commercial.


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