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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, Gamecock and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
Joined August 2008


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  1. 2 hours ago

    Woo, the t-shirts are in all our fulfillment centers. Gonna go live on the website pretty soon.

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    19 hours ago

    3 Simple steps to grow your beard FASTER!

  3. Oct 22

    I did a guest spot over at and shared my top three beard tips. Check it out and be sure to subscribe:

  4. Oct 20

    Just booked my room for my Japan trip. Can't wait!

  5. Oct 16
  6. Oct 14

    Man the ending of the Carolina game had me going. Great win today. Go Cocks!

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    We're still looking for someone to help us with Semplice support. WordPress, HTML/CSS & Semplice experience required. ✌🏼 DM if interested.

  8. Oct 7
  9. Oct 4

    Any analytical people out there? We're also hiring for that!

  10. Oct 2
  11. Oct 2
  12. Oct 2
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    Oct 1

    NEW VIDEO! How to hire the BEST people to work with?

  14. Oct 1
  15. Sep 23

    We miss you .

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    Sep 23

    When you see your buddy got a bad beard trim

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    I'd always choose an internship based on the opportunities & potential learning experience rather than it's financial incentives.

  18. Sep 19

    I'm always amazed to those who have the balls to wear flip flops on 6th Street in . It's called Dirty Sixth for a reason.

  19. Sep 18

    Does anyone else keep browser tabs open like they do with unread emails? Trying to get to "zero-tabs" is one of my goals.

  20. Sep 18

    About to hop on a live podcast with Stev Bonhage. Catch it here:

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