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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, Gamecock and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
Joined August 2008


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    Jun 13

    Boom! Just upgraded my Reddit profile. Check it out and follow if you're a Redditor.

  2. Hey do you still have control of your account here:

  3. Jul 20

    Shit, it's hot in Austin.

  4. Jul 19

    Wooooooooo my came in today.

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    Jul 18

    When your barber asks how you want to trim your neckline:

  6. Jul 17

    I'm starting rowing again after about 3 years. My hands are soft, my body isn't in great shape & I'm waking up at 4:30am. Wish me luck.

  7. Jul 16

    Pretty sweet line of clothes. Would be interested in checking it out!

  8. Jul 16

    Alright I think I'm going to go minimalist with my wardrobe. Building a plan now. Any suggestions?

  9. Jul 14

    Another little known fact about me is that I will occasionally go off on rants like I did in today's video:

  10. Jul 14

    Little know fact about me. I was an extra in this Credit Union commercial a few years ago:

  11. Jul 12

    Your Beard Sucks -

  12. Retweeted
    Jul 12

    . has some helpful tips for dealing with a shitty beard, and just bad beard days in general.

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    Jul 11

    New Interview with about how to grow fast on YouTube and come up with good video ideas! 📹💥💯

  14. Jul 10

    Having our quarterly strategy meeting in Chicago. Got some exciting things planned for the future (both long & shorter term).

  15. Retweeted
    Jul 9

    Discovered products and...

  16. Jul 8

    This video gives me goosebumps. Can't wait for football season.

  17. Jul 8

    Damn, is just a lost company with no core values or empathy. Blows my mind why people choose to fly with them after so many issues.

  18. Jul 8

    So I'm getting the itch to redesign the homepage. Anyone have strategy, recommendations or best practices for 2017 and beyond?

  19. Jul 7

    Sadly we are still fighting bigotry against beardsmen. This time, most of it is coming from within. Read essay:

  20. Jul 7

    Never would I have imagined having a video with 1 million views. Well today that happened to this video!

  21. Jul 6

    I love it when shoots the shit with the barbers.

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