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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
Joined August 2008


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    May 2
  2. May 24
  3. May 22

    Just signed up for to do some cool marketing & data collection projects. Thanks for the software !

  4. May 19

    Here's the coffee table I made with DIY Pete. Check out the build process.

  5. May 14

    Girls on 6th St in Austin, TX give their thoughts on beards. Via

  6. May 12

    Nice to be back home in Austin.

  7. May 11

    I'm lucky that I've been able to hang out with these two awesome this week. Check them out.

  8. May 7

    I've got a beard hack included in today's video of 7 Beard Hacks you gotta know.

  9. May 6

    Thanks man! We definitely have a bunch of work to do which is both exciting and frustrating.

  10. May 6

    Speaking of transparency, here's the 2017 master plan.

  11. May 6

    Excited to add these icons to our products to help with transparency.

  12. May 5

    Have you caught my latest video up on YouTube? I'm talking about Beard Oil:

  13. May 1

    I was lucky to sit down & talk with Raphael of about beard care & men's grooming. Check the interview:

  14. Apr 28

    Nice man! Glad the products are working for you and thank you so much for your business!

  15. Apr 23

    Today's video >> Why Your Beard Stopped Growing via

  16. Apr 23

    Just pre-ordered this and can't wait for it to come in. I'm a big fan of traveling the world and experiencing new things.

  17. Apr 23

    I'm doing a top 7 beard hacks video, and have come up with 6. Need help for the last one. Send me your top beard hacks & get in video.

  18. Apr 22

    Why is it that we get 52 Sun Days a year but only one Earth Day?

  19. Apr 20

    Thanks for the text message spam. 😠

  20. Apr 19
    Replying to

    It has been decided! Magnums for the win!

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