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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
Beigetreten August 2008

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  1. Do you have a hybrid beard style?

  2. On September 1st I'll be launching a new business. Lots of hard work up to this point, and it's going to be exciting!

  3. Only a few more days until football season kicks off. Looking to see what can do for my !

  4. It's been a long time since I've skated. Just picked this board up after a decade of not #…

  5. God, 's support is 100% incompetent. Trying to take down a fake profile is damn right impossible.

  6. I got verified on . Neat.

  7. People have always wondered if I'm a hipster. We'll, now I've answered the questions.

  8. Testing out a @roqueandsoul leather biker jacket. What do y'all think?

  9. Awesome week in UK. I was able to record 8 videos with .

  10. Mr. @ericbandholz enjoying the views of the English south coast.

  11. I'm going to do a Q&A video for Beardbrand. Y'all have any good questions for me & Carlos?

  12. The man in the middle is the master behind our cuts. Follow now!

  13. This is the life. Pour over iced , beautiful weather and a .co watch.

  14. Coffee is probably my favorite drink and our podcast today we talked about it.

  15. I'm on my third of four planes for my trip to UK. I'll get there eventually , I s…

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