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I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, YouTuber, world traveler, and designer. Founder of .

Austin, TX
Joined August 2008

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    Our first balm will be launching next week! You're in for a treat with this one. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter.

  2. Forever the best beard products out there.

  3. Facebook has always been and will continue to be a company you can trust. /s Overestimated key metrics for 2 years

  4. This week I was able to spend some time with . If you love you…

  5. Dude I met today you guys should totally do a collab.

  6. Man, I'm not quite sure I'm on board with 90's style coming back.

  7. Interesting - jewelry for your beard. What do y'all think? Will it take off?

  8. Today and are coming at you with five awesome tips on how to like a boss

  9. Ugh, ordered 3 piece meals and ended up with 2 piece meals. Already home and too lazy to fix it. You won this time .

  10. Oh ya, got my Macbook pro back! It's as good as new and hopefully good for another few years of service.

  11. Just picked up some new raw denim. Straight cut to properly cover my new .

  12. I shit you not, this is the best bag I've ever owned. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  13. Eric just received a big Beardbrand comb, Tea Tree Beard Wash which are great but the Temple Smoke Beard Oil is just sublime Man!

  14. My and has only been styled with products. Testing new stuff and …

  15. Gotta say, that green SSL bar sure is sexy.

  16. It's a beautiful September day in . The is soaking up some rays.

  17. What's the best online music player that doesn't require flash?

  18. Yahoo fantasy's selling point: being up. ESPN should add that feature.

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