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CONTEST: In the Beginning Blog Tour!

Families and the Governmental Body
I want to thank Bella for having me on her blog today for my “In The Beginning” blog tour.
For those of you who have stuck with the tour this long? Thank you!
For those of you just joining me? Welcome!

In the Sons of Adam series there will be a lot of words used that will be new to the readers and terms and titles that won’t be common to most other paranormal romances. For example, a group of wolves is called a pack, the leader of a pack is an alpha, that is common. But where a group of lions is a pride, the leader of a pride is called a king. In order to help you all with some of the terms you will see throughout the series (before the release of the Sons of Adam Real Holy Bible which I’m going to actually finish and release free sometime soon), I’m going to share with you all the governmental body of the paranormal community as well as the familial structure and titles used throughout the series to make yourselves aware. And after you finish reading them all, tell me, in the comments, what position you think you would have held:

Governmental Body:
Pack Head Leader (Wolf Shifters): Alpha
Pack Second: Beta
Pack Enforcers: Gammas
Pack Elders: Epsilon
Pack Assassins: Deltas
Pack Hunters: Sigmas
Pack Peacemakers/Ambassadors: Omegas
Coven Head Leader (Vampires): Master
Coven Second: General
Coven Enforcers: Soldiers
Coven Elders: Pashas
Coven Assassins: Ilmaytor
Coven Servants: Clovers
Coven Blood Donors: Wvayones
Sect Head Leader (Witches): Emperor
Sect Second: General
Sect Enforcers: Soldiers
Sect Elders: Elders
Sect Assassins: Snipers
Sect Hunters: Privates
Sect Ambassadors: Ambassador
Pride (Lions): King
Pride Second: Prince
Pride Enforcer: Guard
Pride Elders: Advisors
Pride Assassins: Panthers
Pride Hunters: Hunters
Pride Ambassadors: Cheshires
Clutch (Elves): Imperial Highness
Clutch Second: Majesty
Clutch Enforcers: Lathius
Clutch Elders: Vassals
Clutch Assassins: Knights
Clutch Hunters: Serfs
Clutch Ambassadors: Nobles
Glom (Shifters): President
Glom Second: Vice-President
Glom Enforcers: Soldiers
Glom Elders: Congress
Glom Assassins: Ninjas
Glom Hunters: Farmers
Glom Ambassadors: Missionaries

Familial Structure:
In shifter families there is a mother and a father as same-sex pairings were forbidden after the Great Destruction where the ancestors of the shifter races were killed. However, before they were forbidden in same-sex matings, the father who carried and gave birth to the children were called Lomvre (Lohm-vure) and the inseminating father was called Ohmchi (Ohm-chee). Loosely translated: Bearer and Father.
The children addressed the birthing father as: Ema
The inseminating father was addressed as: Abba
Uncles are addressed as: Dod
Aunts are addressed as: Doda
Grandfather is addressed as: Sav
Grandmother is addressed as: Savah
Every family has a leader, a teacher, to help them in the early years of being a family. This is especially useful when there are two men who are mated and one is pregnant or giving birth. This teacher, or Rabbi, schools the family not only on how to be a strong family unit but also on the true history of the world. The Rabbi teaches the family about keeping their shifter nature secret from the Sons of Adam, or humans, and it is the Rabbi that performs the ceremony to dedicate the child or children to the Supreme Being and stays with the family until the first child has their first shift at the age of two. It is at this time that the Rabbi moves on to another family but returns to each family they have assisted, should there be any more children, to dedicate them and then again to help the child through their first shift.
The practice of having a Rabbi live with the family has been lost over the years yet still Rabbis are trained and educated and anxiously await the opportunity to once again return to their former glory.

The Beginning is now available for order and download from Rooster & Pig Publishing:, ARe:, Bookstrand:, and Amazon:

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Yummy Romance: Make You Blush by Macy Beckett

Need something hot and quick? Like some dirty, flirty fun? I have what you need. Oh yes. Keep reading ;)

On the surface, Joy McMasterson has everything—a steady career, a trendy French Quarter townhouse, and high-society parents who fill her schedule with a rotation of trust fund hotties. But despite her good fortune, Joy is suffocating beneath the pressure of her father’s political campaign. Every detail of her life is scripted, from her sensible Tiffany hoops to the men she’s permitted to date.

To assert control over her love life, Joy visits The Sweet Spot bakery—home to Allie Mauvais, third-generation voodoo priestess and renowned matchmaker. Armed with love potion and a newly-found nerve, Joy walks out of the bakery and into Ryan Gibson’s tattoo shop. One look at the gorgeous owner and she knows two things: they have enough chemistry to steam the ink off his skin, and he’s not the kind of guy she can take home to her parents. But if Joy wants to escape her father’s shadow, maybe Ryan is exactly who she needs… 

Here's where you can find the newest goody from my girl, Macy.

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She has several books that I love!

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The Romance Reviews turn 3! Underage but still awesome!

A great site is having a birthday and I'm helping celebrate!
If you haven't been by TRR in a while, go on and check it out at
And stay tuned for all the great favorites that I'll be talking about here!

Clue for my question:

My shift is over at four, and it’s nearly that time when I hear his voice all the way in the back. Running through the small kitchen and into the deck where the coffee bar is, I slip on a wet spot under the blender machines and nearly bite it. Ella gives me a wary look like I’ve lost my mind, but when she turns back to Clinton and realizes I came running for him in particular, she calls me over with a devious smirk. “Markus, dear, can you help this nice man with his coffee? It’s time for my break,” she says, not even trying to be subtle. Clinton looks confused as I walk toward him, giving Ella a dirty look when she passes me. 

“Hi.” I am so smooth. I realize he’s nearly soaked through from the early evening downpour, so I reach down and hand him a bar towel. “You’re soaked.” I am smooth and observant. He does look delicious with the droplets of water trickling from his curly mop down his strong jawline. 

“Thank you.” He takes the towel and brushes it over his hair, causing it to stick up in thick curls all over. I try hard not to drool. “I was just ordering another coffee when the little one ran off.” He chuckles, and I smile like a dope and think to myself that he looks younger when he laughs. 

“Right, she does that.” I look over my shoulder to see Ella trying to look busy with a magazine. “Time for a refill. Do you have your cup from this morning?” I ask, hoping to hell he has it, and he’s seen it, and he’s ready to move in. No, not really. Well, kind of. I try to sound light, but my heart is a little sad that he didn’t care my name was on his cup. 

He shakes his head in the negative and reaches into his pocket for change. “Sorry, no. With all the rain when I left…” He looks almost bashful, and I want to grab his hand as he’s wiping them off on the towel. “I slipped and dropped it on my way to class.” 

“Oh, that sucks. Are you okay?” I ask, suddenly concerned he may have hurt himself. He nods, looking fairly embarrassed. He tries to hand me money, but I wave him off. “No worries, I know you were here earlier.” Not that I was staring…or drooling. “And it’s not like you won’t be here tomorrow.” I almost sound pathetic. Almost. He looks down at my hands on the counter, and I realize I’m just standing in front of him. 

“Yeah, hot coffee. Coming up.” I turn and grab a new cup, but I’m so twisted up inside that I fumble it and have to pick it up, then throw it away and grab another one off the stack. I chance a look at Ella, who’s grinning massively and drops her gaze back to her fashion rag. 

“Have a seat, Clinton, and I’ll bring it out to you.” I don’t need Ella spouting off with him right there. 

He dips his head, then says a quick, “Thank you.” He takes a seat near the fire again, and I go back to getting his coffee to-go. 

“Oh. My. God.” Ella’s voice is low but enough for me to jump and look around. 


“For a smart kid, you are so dumb. That boy was checking you out!” She slaps me and takes the towel from me, then slaps me with it and hands it back to me. 

“He was not.” I look from her to Clinton, who is reading now, and back to her. 

“He very much was. Ask Val.” Ella points behind me, and I look across the room to where Valerie is sipping her tea by the window and giving me a not-so-subtle thumbs-up. Ella and Valerie are always trying to find me someone to date, which can be flattering, but sometimes very awkward when their gaydar is off. Both of them have been badgering me to ask Clinton out for as long as he’s been coming in here, but I’ve always deflected them. 

“Are you sure?” I try again. “I think he might be… I’m just not totally sure he’s gay or single. He’s so quiet…and what if he’s seeing someone?” 

“Oh, sweet boy. No, he’s interested.” She pats my head. “He plays for your team. No one checks out another man’s ass like that unless he’s a star player.” She bounces with thumbs up. “Go ask him out.” 

“No, I can’t do that. He’s so shy. I don’t want to scare him off.” 

“Stop making excuses. Some other hot guy will come along and snap him up.” Her words startle me. “Try the number trick on his cup.” 

“Tried. He lost the cup in the rain.” 

“Ah, okay.” She sits back down and taps her chin. “Then just go ask him about classes. He’s reading a book on World War I. You’re a nerd… Why don’t you ask him about it?” 

“I’m premed.” 

Ella smiles and hops off her stool, making her ponytail sway behind her. “Yes. Like I said, you’re a nerd. Go talk to him.” She shoves me a little. Even though I outweigh her, she’s still able to move me. “I’m closing tonight, so you go talk to him and see if he wants to get dinner or something, or offer him a ride to class, take him to the library…something.” She gives me a pointed, no-nonsense look. “He walks through the neighborhood to wherever he lives, so he probably lives nearby like you do.” 

My gears are spinning in my head, and a little ray of hope opens up. Maybe I could ask him out…or to dinner…something. 

Copyright © Bella Leone

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Alienated by Melissa Landers, my Book Writing Yoda!

Need a sexy, sassy, fun read that has just enough heft to keep you intrigued during a snowstorm? Look no further than Alienated. Snowbunnies, rejoice! I bring you good tidings of hot aliens and snarky girls!

My dear friend Melissa Landers has something for you in Alienated!

It's been a long time since I've read a YA book that held my attention like Alienated. Melissa Landers knows how to create a world that makes sense even though it's rather far fetched- Cara is hosting the first alien exchange student, Aelyx. Science fiction yes, but it makes you want to BE in that world where you could host your own hot alien.

Twists and turns inside and outside of Cara's world kept me interested and the tongue twisting names and Aelyx's alien world kept me guessing.
It's not all science fiction/ alien nation-meets-Earth. Deep inside it's your every day, soon-to-be an adult, but just a child, angsty, delicious goodness that we can all related to if we've made it out of high school. You don't have to be an alien to be a "fish out of water". And both Cara and Aelyx show this in such a great way thanks to Landers' perfect ability to show adorable, awkward, beauty, pain, and a touch of sarcasm within one story.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes sass in their YA, those romance folks that enjoy a little snark and fun along with the yummy kisses, and anyone who enjoys a good twist that'll make you want more. It stands on it's own as a great novel, but I am very happy there will be a sequel.
Go on, go get it. You know you want to :D

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing a book is haaaaaaaaaaard.

I am working. I swear. Little Lion Man turned one this week! And he is walking (see slamming his face into everything) and he adores rearranging my cabinets and trying to eat the cat.
Never stops moving!
I've been very busy chasing his drunk fratboy lookin' self around our home for hours at a time. But I am working! It's naptime, so I am hitting out this blog post and then I'm hitting the docs.

It's been rough few months since I was sick and in ICU, LLM was also pretty sick off and on and teething, even Mr. Leone had a flu bug and he never gets sick! We also lost our beloved Cowardly Lion Puppy last week. She was a beautiful 13 years old and well... cancer sucks. She's up in puppy heaven though and keeping an eye on LLM, I'm sure.
Yesterday it was 9 degrees here and the "feels like" temperature was -2. Yeah, I don't do algebra weather. This crap is not okay.
Thankfully, the warm weather is supposedly on the way and I cannot wait for some sunshine to clean out the ick and warm my brain back up.
We're working on Downpour 2 and Hockey Boys. No really.
So far we have a fantastic plot and a good 20K words in Downpour 2, just stalled out on timing. I have my places needed to go, but not knowing how to get there with such a frosted brain.
Hockey boys is done, but a hot mess. Gotta clean that stuff up before the ice melts!
Frozen baby is frozen.
Now I just need to stop watching Mad Men and The Chew and get to some writing.
If you see me on Facebook or Twitter talking about how hot Joan is or how adorable LLM is being, feel free to agree, but then tell me to get my ass back to work!
Please, and thank you.


P.S. My dear friend, Platonic Life Partner, and beta client, Season Vining's maiden book released this week. Go check out Beautiful Addictions. It's gorgeous! I adored working with her on this engrossing and engaging story. It's always a pleasure to work with so much talent in such a little body :D Go read it!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nostalgia a la Drabbles.

Drabbles from 2011. I'm feeling nostalgic to the days of yore when I had all the time to sit and write.

Do enjoy!

My wrists stung as he tightened the cord around them, not giving me any room. "Such a pretty pet." His words were soft, his breath hot against my neck as he leaned forward. "Do you like being tied up, completely dark, and at my mercy?" His fingers moved up my arms and along my neck to adjust the blindfold.
"Yes, sir." My sigh was automatic as I felt his hand drift along my breast as he walked around me, surveying his property.


"I thought I'd find you here." I didn't even turn at the sound of his voice. I knew he'd be standing tall, leaning just a bit on his long torso. His sleeves would be rolled up and his hair a mess, looking as though he'd just rolled out of bed. He always looked the same when he came to visit, as he did the day he said good-bye two years ago. "Are you still ignoring me?"
"I couldn't ignore you if I tried. And I have." My irritation was not in the least veiled as I turned my camera to check the settings before returning to the elegant white being drifting passed in the water. 
He sighed heavily and sat beside me, his shoulder brushing mine. "I'll always come back, you know that."
"That's what I'm afraid of."


The moonlight casts an ethereal glow along our bodies that tilt and shift along the water's edge. As his body moves along, within, before mine, I feel every particle of my being surge to life. Hands, legs, hearts pushing and moving. A blanket of water along our bed, together we lie beneath the moon infusing ourselves. His body feeds mine and I take everything I can as I give all I have under the harvest moon drifting into the water we share.


A biting cold drifts up my leg. My muscles contract but I try to keep still. His hand, chilled by his glass lands softly on my knee and I can feel his hand squeeze, then release, but it never leaves my leg. The edge of his tumbler caresses my leg again, inching higher this time, my spine straightening involuntarily at the sting. Every fiber of my body is taught and coiled trying to remain beside him unmoving. After several minutes of icy torture, his hands leave me abruptly and I can feel my body sway and seek his out.
"Good evening!" a voice carries over the din of the restaurant, breaking the spell I'm under.
"So good to see you. What brings you out?" He stands, leaving me at the table to greet his friend. They speak a moment, his friend's eyes move across me then back to him as they whisper and then turn toward me where I wait patiently at the table.
"Tom, meet my wife. Say 'hello', my pet."


"Are you okay?" he asked me as I felt his hand drift along my waste.
"I will be." Sighing I turned to look into the copse of trees surrounding us in our spot.
"It won't be like this forever, Cam." I drifted my eyes along the trees and up to the bright sky. "Someday, we'll be away from here. Away from them." 
I was done talking about all the reasons I was hiding in the trees. Leaning up, I tangled my hand in his hair and pulled his face to mine.

I hope you enjoyed! Leave me some feedback! <3 B

Thursday, November 7, 2013


YAY! I'm actually writing! I finished with my first round of edits on my "hockey boys" story and now I'm rereading and adding to the sequel to Downpour. Right now it is entitled Whiteout.
From Wikimedia.

Here's a lil tidbit: 
John Henry Carpenter’s life as he knew it is gone, but Tyson Montgomery's life could give him a new one. As long as Ty doesn’t kill John first.

How's that work for y'all?

Here's a look at my characters:

Lt. Cpl. Tyson Montgomery (You guys remember him?)
Shemar Moore

Capt. John Henry Carpenter
Kellan Lutz

Markus and Clint (Yes, they're back!)
Unknown model, would love to know!
Chase Crawford

Nurse Eve
Alexandria Deberry

Sgt. Aaron Yorke
Donald Faison

Cpl. Chad Nelson
Ross Lynch

Capt. Angelina Duarte
America Ferrera

So we shall see how quickly I can get this done and off to you all! Pray :D

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Money Can't Buy Happiness...but Cupcakes Can Bring It!

My husband is in the military and this week has been difficult and stressful. So, as a way to say thank you, I decided to make cupcakes for the kids at his office who were deemed "essential." Sadly I couldn't make them for those sent home. Too many sent home and so quickly. But I did make some cupcakes and I thought I'd share how I did it.
Super easy!

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

I thought this up the other day at the grocery.

Strawberry cake mix
Lemon icing (or your fave cream cheese icing and some good Limoncello!)
Strawberry mousse mix
Lemon juice and zest.
Pinked sugar (I just put two drops of red food coloring gel into a bag with a cup of sugar and then shake, shake, shake until pink!)
Cupcake decorating and baking tools as you like.

Preheat oven according to your cake mix.
Mix together your ingredients for your cake and pop it into cupcake tins.
Set the cupcakes to back and turn your attention to the mousse.
Mmmm... mousse. Whip that together, I added the zest and juice of half of a good sized lemon and a dash of Limoncello. Let that freeze for 15 mins and get those cupcakes out of the oven!
When those cupcakes are cooled, use an icing tip to insert mousse into your cupcakes and then you can ice. I make lemon flavored icing with Limoncello, totally your choice. They sell cans of lemon icing.
I use a star tip and use a looooooot of icing. When they're fully iced then I add pinked sugar and you can add pearls or candies. I bet lemon drop candies or lemon margarita sugar would be good too!

And then you get to eat or share!!!! Enjoy friends. Share some love with those military folks who need it :) MUAH!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making New Friends: DC Metro M/M Romance Group

Little Lion Man and I took a trip to Alexandria, VA today to make new friends and see some great "old" friends from GRL 2011! Can anyone tell me why it's referred to as Crystal City? It should be named Conundrum City. What an weird, wonderful, wacky place!

Things we saw on our trip to Virginia: 
Beautiful old buildings. And some ugly ones. Lots of 1970s!
Guy strapping a dead deer to his car roof. No joke. Is this a Virginia thing? Stealing roadkill?
Romance writers friends. SO MANY FRIENDS!
I'm the one with a baby on her head. :)
Picture by Andrew Q Gordon!

Freddie's Fabulous Beach Buffet!
Another from Andy, what a great building!

My publisher from ZLoose Id, Treva <3
A Basic Training Grunt Ken Doll!
The Washington Monument ensconced in condom-like blue scaffolding!
A pancetta and mozzarella donut sandwich (ZOMG! SO GOOOOOOOOD!)
A dog in a carrier exactly like Little Lion Man's 0_0
And Marine One flying over the freeway. 

Little Lion Man had a great time visiting the ladies and gents and getting passed around :)
LLM sweet-talkin' JJ. She's gonna eat him up with that fork!

Virginia is fascinating and I consider this a busy, well-rounded day!

So what did you or will you do this weekend?