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If you acquired a stand alone RSS reader, you need to copy and paste the appropriate URL in your reader. Click on the link below, copy the link from the address bar, and paste it in your RSS reader. Most of the readers will allow you to subscribe to any of the RSS feeds.

Subscribe to any or all of the available feeds and get MetroLyrics content updated daily.

Help and Support

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds gives you news and content to read at your convenience. Using the RSS reader of your choice you can read MetroLyrics news directly from your browser or computer desktop.

How to use RSS feeds?

In order to read our daily updated RSS feeds, you will first need to acquire an RSS Reader. Many of the readers are available free of charge. You can get stand alone reader, or one of the readers that integrates in your web browser.

An alternate to using a dedicated reader is to use web based reader available at several web sites, including My Yahoo!'s personal page for registered users.

Advanced RSS feeds

Webmasters and owners of the web-sites and blogs can use MetroLyrics RSS feeds to provide dynamically updated content on their web sites.

How do I get an RSS reader?

More information on RSS is available from growing body of knowledge at many resources including the Internet. We would recommend this three step guide from CNET reviews.

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