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Phone sex, phone boning, phone fetish freaks
Posted on 02.01.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 10:44 pm

Call and get off like nobody else can make you get off. Niteflirt is a great site to join. There is such a variety of the types of girls, and calls you can get. Join niteflirt because I said so. Then call me, you loser!


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Craving a mans touch
Posted on 02.01.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 9:29 pm

I’ve got a confession… I’ve been going a little crazy craving to feel daddy’s big hands all over me. It’s been a hot minute since we got together and now it looks like with everything I got going on it’s going to be next to impossible to hook up for any kind of hot tryst of any sort. I keep having flashbacks of our last time together, he made me so wet. Just the two of us on the bed, in the flourescent light of the tv, some R&B coming out of it, and us just touching and licking. I was even agreed to let him get the butt for the first time ever.  Hehehe, it was too cute though. I was making too much noise so he was afraid of hurting me, so it ended up that we only got the tip in hehe. Oh well, he can’t say I didn’t let him try. It’s not my fault it hurt hahaha! Better luck next time.

I’ve noticed something with him that I don’t fantasize about with anyone else LOL. I kind of want him to get really rough with me. It’s this weird primal thing I got for him, I don’t know who, what, when, why, or how I got it for him, but I just do. It makes me think back to stupid little fantasies we used to entertain that involved him sneaking in my back door lol. Damn it, I can feel that tingle now and I’m going to have to play with my pussy.  He told me last week he came to read up on here to see what I was writing about the dirty things we have been getting into, haha and he said it made him perky hahaha! Perky is good big daddy. I’m feeling it right now and it’s time for me to go because I need to get off.

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Free BBW Photos - Big Butt Nicole stuffing her hand down her panties
Posted on 02.01.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 5:26 am

I love playing in my pussy. I can’t help it. When I start feeling that tingling the first thing I’m inclined to do is slip a finger in between those lips and rub my clit until it gets nice and hard. There is nothing like the feeling of dipping a finger deep into my pussy and feeling how hot and wet it gets, then sliding that finger all over my pussy lips up and over my clit.  Doing it while someone is sitting there watching is even hotter.

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New schedule cramping my style
Posted on 02.01.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 5:12 am

Well I thought I would be able to shoot today, seems that I am not going to really be able to.  I got home and and just about crashed by 8:30. It’s 3:30a.m. now, by the time I get ready and set everything up to take photos it’s going to be at least 5:00a.m. Be done shooting everything by 7:00a.m. and then that leaves me with no time to prep my photos and get them up on the site because I then have to start getting ready for work again.

I’m so so soooo glad this is not a permanent job because I know it would completely mess with everything I got going. I’m not exactly prepared to lose everything I have built over 4.5 years so when the season is over I will be happy. I put into this more hours, tears, and sweat than I would ever put into a job or two.  All I can say is I’m a little disappointed that I’m not going to have the free time to do what I wanted to do today.

Daddy called me tonight and we were talking about some stuff. Things that he has on his plate, things I got on my plate as well as more stuff I want to bring onto my plate. We think so much alike in this department it’s a little scary. The thing I admire about him is he doesn’t just talk about it, he does it.  That’s the kind of person I want to collaborate with. Find ways to work with each other and bring business to each other from our own respective realms. I see potential for cross over into each others areas. I got some very solid business advice long time ago. It’s nothing original or secret, but it all made sense and I was young at the time so it impressed me haha! It was about a very prominent weschester family who had notable wealth, obviously. The family had their hands in everything. Every sibling, every child all had a different kind of business they ran or occupation so that everything they would ever need was self contained and referral business was all kept within the family.

The only thing is, I don’t know if I want to stay in New England.  My goal was to always go back to NY and do things down there. Seems like daddy is planted here so that would make it difficult to hook up on things.  Well anyways, most of the stuff we are connected with at the moment is website and graphics, so that can be done from anywhere. I’m so done with this place.  I know I have to stay for a little while longer but the minute I can get out I’m gone. So all of that makes me hesitate to even suggest we get into something business wise. Man who the fuck knows these days with me, I’m just so antsy to get away from everything.  My feelings and perceptions change every 5 minutes. Ok, gotta bounce cause I have to read.

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Sizing things up, figuring them out
Posted on 01.31.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 6:47 am

It would appear that I am pretty much going to dive right in with both feet with my new job. They are just about hitting peak time and need the extra body there and this is what I learned to do so it’s time to just do it. I’ve got to figure out my shooting schedule in the next coming weeks and get some content down. I have some wickedly cute stuff that I am going to shoot in so tomorrow I have to get a shoot done for the site this week. Right now I’m still tossing ideas around as to what I want to shoot in first and all that good junk.


I think I am also throwing an idea around about doing this bi-weekly thing for myself.  Something I just need to do for me. So, I guess I will see how that goes. Right now I’m watching another favorite movie of mine, “Shopgirl”.  I really feel that Steve Martin has a grasp on relationships and this movie managed to put it across in a way that is different and real. It’s really a shame men don’t watch movies like this as they typically speak to women more.  I guess I can rest assured that I know at least one man on the planet gets it lol.

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Free BBW Photos - Big Butt Nicole in Tight Ass Jeans
Posted on 01.31.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 4:24 am

I like being outdoors and especially like being a bit daring. I think it’s really hot that you can catch a glimpse of my lacy boyshorts peeking out from the top of my jeans. Seeing my back where it narrows and then widens again out to my hips and big fat ass.  Don’t you wish you could just throw me over the table and fuck me right here? I wonder how quickly you could have my jeans off and be up inside of me hehehe…


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Some of the things I love
Posted on 01.29.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 11:37 pm

I’ve always had a thing for pretty asian things. I have asian decor, chinese and japanese and silly little chinese figurines here and there throughout the house. I have my cute little Maneki Nekos (lucky cats) that I collect. Even Nadia was picked because she was a Calico, the traditional colors of a lucky cat. Some might even remember once upon a time my dumb little screen name, Geisha Girl. It was a silly little thing I said once a very long time ago to Daddy, and then when I needed to come up with a name, that was what I used. I still use it but it kind of is just by chance that I still use it on some places. People ask me why, well it’s just a name, and they are just something that I like and think are fascinating. My favorite possession is my geisha bamboo curtain. Everyone who has ever come into my house thinks it’s the coolest thing. I am also into foreign films a little bit so I have seen a few asian films. But when Last Samurai came out, I think I developed a serious crush. A crush on Ken Watanabe as Katsumoto.


But then, it wasn’t until Memoirs of a Geisha came out that I really fell in love lol. Wow, I love that movie. I had heard about the book for years but then once the movie came out I didn’t want to ruin it so I just held off buying the book. I dunno what it is, he is just a striking man. For a man of 48 he looks damn good and it takes a lot to turn my attention to a gentleman that is older than me. Well I think it’s good to have a crush lol and now you all know what kind of a dork I am HAHAHA! LOL oooh I write about him in my diary lololol. “Dear Diary, I have a crush on…” LOSER!!! I think I need to watch it again. I downloaded Vongo and it’s pretty cool. It’s nice that I can watch something while I’m working and don’t have any of my blockbuster dvds. Well, as for that, time to get back to work, I have slacked long enough. Later taters.

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OMG they are obsessed!
Posted on 01.29.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 1:53 pm

This morning I decided since I have to wait for the service man to come and fix the furnace that I could use the time wisely and get on cam. Ordinarily I get guys who beg to worship my ass and look at my face. I actually get that quite a lot lol the problem is they can’t see both at the same time lol. Well one thing is for sure, they damn well know what they like :-). So of course I have to find it amusing that this morning I had a couple of clients who came to see me several times in a row.  Hehehe, this 76 dirty old man came in three times to have a wank and begged me to allow him to lick my ass. LOL what a dirty perv hahaha and at 76 still getting hard over and over for me, telling me he can’t get my fabulous ass out of his mind.

Then, in the midst of his shows I get another one who ended up coming back 6 times. LOL man you are going to hurt yourself like that! That’s a bit obsessive about my ass. I mean, come on I know how to tease them lol but they lose their damn minds hahahahahaha! I know, I know, I can’t help being a cocky lil brat today. Hahah, gotta love me! It’s just crazy though how dudes get over me. Ohhhhh, speaking of dudes getting crazy over me LOLOL I almost forgot about my “ordeal” Saturday night.

First, drunkenstein stumbles my way and starts cornering me in my spot telling me he’s coming from New Haven and how does he go?  Me being the stank ass snot that I am is like how the fuck would I know, I’m not from CT. LOLOL! OMGGGGGGGG his breath reaked!! Get your stanking breath up on out of my face and stop crowding me you ugly sasquatch. He’s like come on don’t be like that.  LOL and again I’m like No you can just walk away cause you are seriously cornering me and I don’t appreciate it at all. Finally, he walks away.  Then later on in the evening, I’m sitting in a loveseat and this corny looking cracker (yes I’m white,but i’m not a cracker lol) comes and sits his stupid ass down next to me. Are you fucking kidding me? This is why dudes like this get embarassed ALL THE TIME! It’s one thing to have confidence and it’s another thing when you see the chick that you are trying to approach has a big FUCK OFF sign on her forehead. LOL I got up out of my seat and just walked away from him in front of about 7-8 people lmao!! I went outside and called Tori to laugh at this stupid ass.

Wouldn’t you know that while I’m out there this fucking idiot has the stupidity to come and look for me?  Oohhh no, lol now he’s got Nikk yelling at his ass to step the fuck back, you see i’m on the phone. He’s like I don’t want to scare you, lol i’m like the stop approaching me. I don’t like to be crowded and you are stalking me, lolol. WTFFF with all these crazy people coming up to me??? LOL Tori was peeing her pants listening to me lol she thought I was going to get into a brawl lmao! Why can’t you just take rejection with some dignity?  I’ve said this a million times, I am a shallow bitch lolol I will not give you the time of day if you look wack, it’s that simple and I will embarass your ass in the process.  Let this be a lesson to ya HAHAHAHA!

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What the fuck was I thinking sex
Posted on 01.29.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 4:12 am

I’m sitting here thinking, trying to keep myself entertained.  My mind is wandering to different things and I start thinking about the people who I’ve had sex with that make me cringe to even think about. When I stop to think on each one I really sit here thinking what the fuck was going through my head for me to even let this happen? I think in every case each of these toads managed to work some b/s on me into even giving them a chance or they must have caught me at a time when I just didn’t give a damn and had lowered my standards drastically.  These are the people that I am embarassed that I was ever in a room naked with. LOLOL my god it’s soo unbelievably shallow but it’s soo true.  And in every case, they were just bad too. So it’s not even like there was any consolation! But I guess everyone has some people like that hidden in their closet.  I guess you do what you gotta do.  I guess everybody slums every now and then and takes whatever is thrown at them.  *Shivers at that thought*.

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Free BBW photos -Big Butt Nicole Black Opaque Tights
Posted on 01.29.07 by Big Butt Nicole @ 12:52 am

When I was younger, my favorite outfit to wear was my brown and black plaid schoolgirl skirt and a tight, black ribbed sweater and mary janes. So in the winter time I would have to wear black opaque tights under my skirt to keep my legs warm. I used to work in White Plains back then and I used to have so much fun when I was on my lunch break and I would walk down Main St. or Martine Ave. and had lots of guys hanging out of their windows whistling at me as they drove by lol.  LOL even my best friend at the time, Joe would give me compliments about how I dressed. I guess it was the promise that if I walked too fast or if a strong wind caught my skirt then they all would be able to catch a glimpse of all that junk.  And you can believe Nik wasn’t wearing full back panties either HAHAHA!  Even when I left that job and started working down the block in another office, I had another cutey chasing up my skirt lolol!  No matter where I go or where I have worked oddly enough I have always attracted the hottest guys who work there.  They all want a piece of me lol, Lucky me :-)!  What can I say, I’m just magnanimous like that ahahahaha!

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