Sunday, January 21, 2018

Clan & Hammer - Runecaster - Work in Progress Preview (SWCL)

It looks like there's some interest in seeing the Runecaster Class. Be warned, this is a "work in progress". Its not complete. There is much that is needed to be done, but here's where we are at the moment:

Dwarven Runecaster

Armor: Leather & Shield

Weapons: Hammer, Pick


One Body Rune every odd level starting at 1st level – Each usable once per day – 10 minutes per level

Protection - +2 AC 10 minutes per level

Skin of Rock - Immune to normal, none magical missile weapons

Burning Gauntlets - +1 Hit 1d6 Fire Damage if wielding no weapon – can set papers, kindling on fire

Darksight – see in total darkness as well as twilight

Detect Treasure – Detect precious metals / gems / jewelry of 100 GP value within 50’ – direction – distance

Light as a Feather – fall at a rate of 1 foot per second

Chameleon – Hide 4 in 6 in plain sight if not moving


One Item Rune every even level, starting at 2nd level – Each known item rune can be in effect on only one item at a time. Am item may have more than one active rune. Duration is one day per level

Slaying - +2 damage against creature type (giants, goblinoids, dragons)

Protection - +1 AC

Lighten the Load – weights 1/10th the normal weight (max effect 100#s original weight)

Lock – As per Lock spell

Light - as per Light spell. Must be used on an object.


Runes are carved on pieces of stone. The carving fades after use unless a saving throw is made (adjust by any Wisdom Bonus). If save is made, rune can be reused again the same day. Only 1 rune per level of the Runecaster can be active. Runecaster can prepare multiples of the same rune, but at no time can the total number of runes prepared exceed their level. No more than one rune of the same type can be active at the same time.

Summon Golem







As you can see, far from complete but I've got the rest sketched out.  I'll try and preview the Brewmaster next.

Hmmm, I'm going to need title art and a decent dwarven runecaster - any stock art one can point me to? ;)

Clan & Hammer Question - What Class do You Wish to See Previewed First (and other SWCL News)

I've been in a creative glut the past two months or so. Lingering cold symptoms off and on during those two months hasn't helped much. What did help? Actually playing Swords & Wizardry Continual Light as a player yesterday. Its about time. Batteries Recharged!

Anyhow, the game plan right now is to put one of the following classes planned for Clan & Hammer (the work in progress Dwarven themed SWCL game) into releasable form in the next week or so:

Rune-Caster - dwarven runes and wards are their specialty
Brewmeister - while there are no dwarven clerics (by the book) in SWL / SWCL, there is still a need for community, healing and spirituality
Troubleshooter - it takes a thief to catch a thief
Axe-Thain - a warrior with a singular focus and high sense of honor
Teutatle - a religious warrior on a holy mission to protect the dwarven race
Skald - stories and songs of dwarven heroics are the bedrock that dwarven society is built upon

Figure they will be in a format similar to that of last year's Elementalist class. Which one(s) strike your fancy?

Now, some Torchlight news. Things have been on hold recently with some interesting events behind the scenes that will be revealed sooner than later. It doesn't mean we can't start releasing some teasers to highlight the type of content one might find within.

Torchlight Teaser #1 will be +James Spahn 's excellent article expanding upon Torchbearers. With a high enough Charisma your torchbearer may do more than simply hold your torch.

Torchlight Teaser #2 will be the above linked Elementalist class, slightly tweaked from the original.

Expect them to release as PWYW on RPGNow in the next few weeks

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Manhattan Mini Con III - We played Swords & Wizardry Continual Light

This afternoon Rach and I played in a session of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light run by +Denis McCarthy at the Manhattan Mini Con III. Its the first time I've actually played (not run) SWL / SWCL.

I had a blast. It was great to see Rach really getting into her character and grasping the rules. Ranger was a good choice for her. She likes to hit things - in game ;)

It was great to see faces I hadn't seen in a bit (Miguel & Noah), put a face to a person I've gotten to know online (Denis) and meet a new face (damn but we need name tags - doh)

We played in Denis' soon to be released for SWL / SWCL Beneath the Fallen Tower scenario. We barely scratched the surface in the session of play but Denis let us peek behind the screen afterwards. There is a whole lot of adventuring for a party in this package. I'm going to guess at least 2 to 3 sessions, but with the hooks and setting bits you could build a whole campaign around it. Denis should have a hit here.

I really don't want to give away any spoilers. It was a quest to find a missing son (not a child - though we found a child - but not child sized) with enough hooks and shiny parts we could have caused trouble for many levels. Heck, I even played a combat mage (15s in Strength and Dexterity)

Oh, and as I told Rach over dinner tonight. Its recharged my batteries. Woot!

Kickstarter - ITHERVERSE Fantasy Turn-Based Game / D&D 5e RPG Play-By-Post (Let me Count the Ways)

Alright, what could be wrong with the ITHERVERSE Fantasy Turn-Based Game / D&D 5e RPG Play-By-Post Kickstarter besides the horrid title? Let me count the ways...

1 - The Kickstarter page is a word for word transcription of the 7 minute video. Best part of the video? The first 4 seconds of audio.

2 - This is apparently going to be a subscription service. 15 bucks gets you into the "Closed" Beta, but after the Beta, you'll have to pay.

3 - How much with the service be? Doesn't say. But first level will be free, so never level up and you can play forever. If you wanted to.

4 - This quote irks me, as I don't think it refers to many - if any - table top RPGs: "Does your current game hold you back, limiting your creative use of the environment, such as swinging from chandeliers, parkoring out of danger and being heroic? Well, not here. Just like any other epic story-telling RPG, you are integral to making up your story and your character attempting anything you can think of. "

5 - Yeah. PVP. So, its really being targeted at MMORPGers. Therefore the subscription. Oh, and billing it as "the fantasy turn-based-game". Which is pretty much ALL TTRPGs.

6 - Can't you already do this for free? Aren't there forums dedicated to Play by Post?

7 - Prior failure -

8 - Backed all of 4 projects - all early 2017 - 3 of 4 failed to fund.

9 - "Look, I already own ITHERVERSE.com! I need to USE it!"

10 - "The risks are minimal" Damn skippy they are. I doubt this will fund either...

Some folks think the Kickstarter cash cow hasn't been beaten to death. It has. Sure, the new KS is only asking for 1k, but the fact remains that nothing new is being offered.

Goodman Games 2018 Mystery Grab Bag - $25 and $50

2017 was the first holiday season in years where I didn't grab one of the mystery grab bags offered by the various OSR publishers. I pretty much hda what I needed. Or so I thought...

Then Goodman Games had to announce their 2018 Grab Bag. Damn it! I nearly escaped! heh

25 bucks gets you a 1" deep box of random goodness. 50 bucks gets you 3" deep - about 8 pounds. Cost is 9 bucks to ship the 50 pound box to New York. Don't ask how I know ;)

Product Description
Grab bags are back! Once every couple years we give fans the chance to get a giant box of Goodman goodness at a great price. The catch? We pick what goes in the box! 
This offer is only available to customers in the USA. Sorry international folks, but shipping this many pounds of books overseas is cost-prohibitive! 

This year we are offering two sizes, the 1” deep box and the huge 3” deep tab-lock boxes. The 1” box is $25 and the 3” box is $50. We will stuff the box full of books and send it your way. Each small grab bag holds approximately 2.5 pounds of books, and each large grab bag holds approximately 8 pounds of books. Which books will you get? We guarantee no duplicates in the box, and that all contents are in English. Otherwise, it can be anything from any of our product lines: Dungeon Crawl Classics, Age of Cthulhu, Xcrawl, Judges Guild, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, systems neutral, maybe even older 3E or 4E titles. Only the gods themselves know for sure! 
There is a new grab bag feature this year: 
We may include a T-shirt as well! When you place your order, tell us your T-shirt size in the comments field. If the stars align, you may get a T-shirt in your size along with the rest of the grab bag contents.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Talislanta Arrived at RPGNow - Free PDFs - Low Cost HC - No F'n Elves!

Thanks go out to The Taverners. I received multiple notifications that some Talislantian goodness had arrived at RPGNow.

There are six titles available. All Talislantian are free in PDF and reasonably priced in Hardcover (I'm guessing at or near cost)

Now all we need is Skyrealms of Jorune to go free and both weird settings of my teenage years (and well remembered for their ads in Dragon Magazine) would be complete....

That's an affiliate link above. Feel free to just grab the free PDFs. I am, and I'll probably grab the PODs later...

Troll Lords Sale at RPGNow - 30% off (Stacks with Current RPGNow Sale where Applicable)

Troll Lords is having a 3 days sale on their PDFs at RPGNow - 30% off everything, and if its already on sale with the current New Year, New Game promotion at RPGNow it comes out to be just over a 50% discount.

Even better for the bargain hunters, Troll Lords has a series of titles that are normally marked down to $1.99 - it includes some classic C&C adventures. They come out to be $1.39 on sale.

Those are affiliate links above. Keep the lights on and the beers cold at The Tavern ;)